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What are the Ways to Recover your Gmail Account?

Gmail is an important part of everyone’s lives these days. Everyone’s gmail account is linked to a number of social media platforms and other apps including banking and other important websites. It is important to have the access of your gmail to have your life sorted.

At times there are some issues which restrict you from login in to your gmail account. This situation is not a really good place to be. Here in this blog you’ll get the information on the errors that people face while logging in their gmail account and ways to overcome it. You’ll also learn how to keep your gmail account secured as there’s a lot of confidential information, bank details etc. that is to be protected. Connect with the google customer service phone number 24/7 to get help on your account access.

Errors that usually occur while logging in Gmail

  • Password is incorrect- Incorrect password can be a major error and you can resolve it when you reset the password.
  • Email ID is incorrect- Incorrect email can be a major issue in logging in.
  • Password and email is correct but account is not logging in.
  • Trouble in the two step verification- Verification error occurs when wrong password is entered.
  • Cannot reset password- It can occur due to recovery email and phone number not linked with the account.
  • Unidentified Errors also create issue while logging in.

Ways to get access to your account?

  • Try using a different browser.

A different browser might not show the same error. Opera is a browser safe and less prone to errors.

  • Switch to a third party website. A third party website might help login the gmail with ease.
  • Clear the browser history. Clear the history of your browser before logging in to your account.
  • Try again, it might be due to down servers of gmail.
  • Reset the password.

Reset your password to login to your account without errors.

  • Add phone number in case email is incorrect.

Adding phone number is a safer side option to keep your account secure and login with ease.

How to secure your gmail credentials?

Link a phone number to your gmail for securing your account.

You can add you phone number in case you forgot your email id and you can get the link to access it. Password can also be reset using phone number.

Add a recovery email id.

If the phone number is not linked to your gmail id make sure to add a recovery mail so a link can be sent to the recovery mail id and access can be done.

Set two step verification so no one else can access to your account.

This helps in securing the account. A passcode is sent to the phone number which is mandatory to login to the account. This makes the account more secure and no one can access it with the passcode.  

Do not use simple passwords.

 Email id wit simple passwords are more prone to get hacked. Try not to keep a simple password.

Call on the google customer service phone number to get in touch with the agents and learn how to keep your account secure.

Get help from Customer Service

You can get in to touch with the google customer service phone number 24/7 to get solutions for your as account access.

The agents at the google customer service phone number will help you get access to your gmail account by guiding you ways to get it back and secure it.

Connect with experts at the phone number or chat round the clock. They will guide you about all the information needed to get your account access.

Information is also provided for the reasons that create issues so you can beware of the reasons that might hamper the access to it later.

Helpful agents at the google customer service phone number 24/7 work in shifts to make it convenient for people to connect with the executives and get their issues resolved.

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