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How to Reach Ring Customer Service: Phone, Email, and Chat Support

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Best Ways to Contact Ring Customer Service

There are multiple methods to contact Ring Customer Service to resolve your issues regarding your product or any problem you are facing with your subscribed plans. You can check out all these and select anyone according to your convenience.

Seek Help Via Calling the Ring Support Team:

If you are expecting for quick solution to your issues or any query then you do not need to wait. Calling is the best option for you. Follow these simple steps to find out the Ring Customer Service Phone number:

  • Visit the Ring website.
  • Scroll down till the last.
  • Then check out the support section in the middle of the page.
  • Select the “Contact Us” option and you will reach the customer care page.
  • There you need to select the “call us” option and you will get access to all the phone numbers based on different countries.
  • Now, Find your Country and call Ring Customer Service.
CountryRing ‘Customer Service’ Phone number
United States+1 800 656 1918     
Australia61 2 82949169 or 1 300 205 983         
Canada+1 855-300-7289    
Colombia01 800 5184804
France+33 805 08 04 54
Germany00 800 87 00 97 81
Italy+39 800 909 723
Malaysia+60 1-800-81-8772
Newzealand64 9887 9871
Norway00 800 87 00 97 81
Qatar+974 800101236
Russia00 800 87 00 9781
Saudi Arabia800 814 7867
Singapore001 800 8700 9781 Or 008 800 8700 9781
South Africa0800 993 700
Switzerland00 800 87 00 97 81
United arab emirates80001 84084
United Kingdom01727 26 3045 Or +44 0808196 5767
Liechtenstein0800 110 094
Argentina0800 222 0656
Austria00 800 87 00 97 81
Belgium+32 800 79 838
Bulgaria+800 2100363
Chile180 091 4252
Cyprus00 800 87 00 97 81
Denmark00 800 87  00 97 81
Estonia00 800 87 00 97 81
Finland00 800 87 00 97 81
Greece00 800 87 00 97 81
Hungry00 800 87  00 97 87
Iceland00 800 87 00 97 81
Luxembourg+352 800 26 449
Mexico01800 158 3754
Nigeria234 708 0601 189
Panama00800 203 0124
Portugal00 800 87 00 97 81
Poland00 800 87 00 97 81
Slovakia00 800 87 00 97 81
Spain+34 900 998 404
Sweden00 800 87 00 97 81*
Worldwide+1 310 929 7085
The above table shows the different countries and their customer service contact details.

Quick Live Chat – Helpful in Resolving Basic Queries

Although calling is the best option to contact customer care sometimes it may not suit you for any reason, then you can also go with the option of live chat.

  • To receive assistance from the live person simply visit the “Contact Us” option on the official page.
  • You will see on the left of the page the first option “Chat with Us”. When you click on it, you will see a chat box on the right side of the page.
  • You can message your all concerns to the virtual assistant. Ring Customer Service is available for live chat from 5 AM to 9 PM MST (US) and thus you can talk to them anytime during working hours.

They also provide some assistance in the form of questions from their sides so you do not need to type it specifically sometimes.

  • Learn about the ring protection plans
  • You want to track your order
  • In addition, account verification code-related queries
  • Ring app-related queries
  • Also related to the Payment methods

Join Community – It Will Keep you Updated

However, with live chat and phone calls, you will get all the assistance needed. Yet if you want to get more information and read on topics about the latest Ring news, and events, then you can join the Ring Community. It will also keep you aware of the Ring’s announcements. As well as participate in the contest and ask any community-related questions here 24/7. In addition, if you are confused about any product and want to discuss it, you can simply communicate with your fellows in the community.

  • First, go to the Support Center “Contact us.”
  • Click on “Join Community.”
  • If you are new to the site Sign in first.
  • But if you have already connected your ID, just log in.

There you will see many of the topics about different concerns, news, and announcements. You can read them without login but can not reply or vote there. You can select any of the topics regarding your concern and read.

Connect Through Social Media

If you are not getting a satisfactory response from Ring Customer Service via phone number, live chat, or via joining the community then social media is another effective method to connect with the team and get your concern resolved.

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Service that Ring Company Provides to its Clients

If you are worried about your home safety and security then you can shift your tension to the Ring and sit back peacefully. It is a smart security company that manufactures smart home devices like video doorbells, home security cameras as well and alarm systems. Now you can easily feel at home while wandering outside by using its video camera on your mobile phone as well.

Ring company has a very dedicated team to serve their customers because it serves across the world. So if you are facing any problem with your product and services, Ring Customer Service is at your doorstep. You will get assistance for:

  • Video Doorbells
  • Ring peephole Cam which is a door-view cam
  • Security Cameras like indoor cam, battery/solar cam, wired, floodlight cam wired plus, etc.
  • Installation and repair assistance

Ring Protect Plan: Get Quicker and Smarter Service

Although, you can simply purchase products and services from the company and enjoy your safety yet can get more benefits through some unique subscription plans. The company offers a Ring Protect Plan under which you can subscribe to some special plans that unlock features and benefits for ring devices and special security to your house.

●     Ring Protect Basic plan

This activates video recording and storage for one ring doorbell and camera and also 10% off select ring product purchasing on Ring.com and Amazon.com (US only).

●     Ring Protect Plus

The plan will provide you with all the benefits of the basic plan and an extended warranty for all ring devices.

●     Ring Protect Pro

Ring Protect Pro plan includes all the benefits from plus simultaneously it activates special features for Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro such as professional monitoring and 24/7 backup Internet with Extra Data.

●     Ring Protect Go

This plan generally focuses on your car’s safety. This plan works for your Car Cam to keep your car safe with features that work over LTE connectivity when your car is on the road.

You can select any of the subscription plans according to your convenience to be more beneficial from the security facilities provided by the Ring and enjoy the freedom to go anywhere with peace of mind.

Ring Protection Plan helps customers to entertain different features and benefits for their smart home.

Note: Without a ring Protect Plan, you would not be able to get access to the video recording of those events. So, if you are willing to capture the memory or keep records of the callings then you can move towards the Subscription Plan.

Tips to Connect With Ring Customer Service Faster

Smooth assistance is what everyone wants for their products and their related queries. Consumers try to purchase the best product but always need a customer care team to assist them and if it is straight, everyone will be happy.

However, we have discussed all the necessary communication ways to resolve your queries like through live chat ( live person) and direct calls yet here are some tips for you to keep in mind which will help you to solve your problems shortly.

  • You can call the Ring Customer Care Center 24 /7. So do not need to worry about the time for calling the Support Centre for your queries and if you require any help.
  • Although for calling you do not need to think about the time. But for online live chat, you have to pay attention. You can chat online with your Ring’s Support Assistant only between 5 AM to 9 PM MST (US).
  • You can choose to speak in English or Spanish. If you have a second language other than English, then you should prefer that for getting assistance as there will be more chances of connecting to the executive.
  • Buying a subscription plan will move you up on the assistance list. Customers with subscription plans get quicker assistance.
  • Also, keep all the necessary documents in your hand before calling customer care to avoid irrelevant hassle during the call. You may need order confirmation, tracking numbers, the method number of the product, screenshots, or billing statements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I call Ring Customer Services?

To call Ring Customer Services-

●     Go to the Ring website.

●     Scroll down and select Contact Us 

●     You will reach the page where all the contact methods are given

●     Choose the “call us” option

●     Here you will get access to all the phone numbers of different countries

●     Choose your country and call on the number.

What is the number of Ring Customer Service USA?

To call Ring Customer Service USA  just dial +1 800 656 1918  and you can easily resolve your concern. The executives are available 24/7. You can speak to them in English and Espanol.

Does Ring Company have live chat support?

Yes, Ring assists their customers through live chat support/ live person. Follow these simple steps and tell the team about your queries. You can contact them in working hours only between 5 AM-9 PM MST (US).

●     Go to the official website https://ring.com/

●     Scroll down and check the support section

●     Select the “Contact Us” option

●     You will reach the page where you can see the “Chat with us” option

●     Click on that and you can start your live personal chat

●     Chat with them about your concern

Can I use Ring without a subscription plan?

Although you don’t require Ring Protect plan to view real-time video for doorbell security cameras And to answer doorbell notifications. But you can not get access to recording features of those events.

What is the 800 number for Ring Protect?

Customers with Ring Protect Plan can dial 800-984-1596, Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Customers will get quick assistance as the dedicated phone line is for Ring Protect Plan customers.

Does Ring have 24/7 support?

Ring Customer Service works 24/7 and answers all the questions of their clients. On the other hand, you can get access to the live chat services around 5 AM to 9 PM MST (US).

How do I contact Ring Doorbell UK?

You can call 01727263045 for any support within the UK 24/7(local charges apply). The executives are actively available around the clock to assist the customers.

Do Ring Support in different languages?

Ring assists its customers in many different languages. Customers calling from a specific region/country can speak to the executive in their regional language and resolve their concerns.

How do I get a refund on a Ring Product?

Ring offers a 30-day refund policy from the date you receive your order to request a full refund. It may take up to 10 business days for the refund process.

How to connect with Ring through email?

Ring does not have any e-mail customer support. Instead, customers can get assistance via live chat, phone calls, or community support.

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