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Reach Avast Customer Service Representative easily and quickly

Whether you have found yourself facing an issue with a service or can’t figure out where those charges on your credit card statement came from, ultimately everyone found them waiting on hold to connect with a customer service representative. Yes, getting a real-live person on the phone is become a little difficult with all those automated phone menus, long waiting on hold, and all other mess. But, with the right information, you can navigate through this mess and connect with a representative.

If you are looking for a faster way to reach an Avast Customer Service representative but without waiting and dealing with all those call menus, RepInASec can help you. We have created shortcuts, and detailed content including all important details of Avast Customer Service, so you can skip the part where you wait on the phone listening to their call music.

Why Do Consumers Contact Avast Customer Service?

Avast is one of the largest software companies in the world that is particularly famous for providing next-gen internet security software. Being a leading security company, Avast receives lots of customer queries every single day.

It should be noted that Avast phone-based support charges fees for both individual and commercial customers. The company offers various support plans that you can buy or pay for the phone-based support as you want. However, the customer service is free; you will have to submit your issue or question through the online help desk of Avast.

These most common customer queries are related to these topics:

Install and Activate an Avast productUpdate payment details for a continuous subscription
Download Avast productDebit/credit card statement of Avast purchases
Locate the activation codeDuplicate Order Issue
Activate an Avast productRequest a refund
Installation of Avast ProductObtain a copy of the order invoice
TroubleshootingPurchased Avast subscription hasn’t received
Sales and BillingExpired or Renewal of  Subscription

Product and Services related Customer Queries

Avast offers a range of security solutions for various types of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS. Avast products are great in quality and rarely give trouble to the users. But when millions of users use products of a company, it’s quite common for some users to contact customer services to get solutions for their issues related to:

Avast SecureLine VPN for AndroidAvast Premium Security for MacAvast Premium SecurityAvast SecureLine VPN for iOS
Avast Secure Browser for AndroidAvast AntiTrack for MacAvast Cleanup PremiumAvast Family Space for iOS
Avast Family Space for AndroidAvast Cleanup Premium for MacAvast Free AntivirusAvast Secure Browser for iOS
Avast Mobile Security Premium for iOSAvast Mobile Security Premium for AndroidAvast Driver UpdaterAvast Secure Browser
Avast AntiTrack for AndroidAvast Passwords for MacAvast PasswordsAvast Mobile Security for iOS
Avast Cleanup for AndroidAvast SecureLine VPN for MacAvast SecureLine VPNAvast Passwords for iOS
Avast Passwords for AndroidAvast Secure Browser for MacAvast AntiTrack PremiumAvast Mobile Security for Android

Why Do Consumer Contact Avast Customer Support?

People contact Avast customer support to get a solution for a range of issues, including:

Need Assistance with installationBilling inquiries
Technical supportChanging and cancelling current subscriptions
Troubleshooting an issueNeed the training to use Avast product


  • I have a charge of $*** from my credit card for a service that I didn’t subscribe to. This is…………
  • Yesterday, after the system update, none of my Avast product is working properly.
  • I received an email saying that I upgraded my Avast protection on my PC. But………..
  • I am charged for a service that I didn’t purchase, even after canceling the service…………
  • I can’t uninstall a program even after so many failed attempts………….
  • I can’t connect to the web after the apple software upgrade.
  • After canceling the service, I didn’t get my refund Avast took from me without my concern………………

Contacting Avast Customer Service

Avast provides customer support through online as well as phone. There are 4 methods to reach Avast customer service across 3 communication modes: web, phone, email.

Avast Customer Service Number– 866-951-7679 is the best phone number to call for common problems includes Lost or Broken Phone, Transfer Service, Change Plan, Device Support, Cancel Service, and other customer service problems. The call center that handles this number is located in Irving, TX / Nicaragua and available 24/7 for customers.

Online Help- Besides calling the company, the next best thing to connect with is using Online help. Visit Avast support page to use multiple online support sources such as live chat, customer forum, and FAQs.

Email- You can connect with the company through email as well. This is more of an official way to get solution of your issue.

Note- Make sure you have a subscription like a managed software product, a business plan or a Total Care customer service to use phone-based support of Avast. Without an active plan, you won’t be able to get customer support on phone unless you are ready to pay on a per-call basis. In addition, live chat option is available for the consumers who have premium support.

Comparison between Avast Contact Information

Below, you can compare the information of methods to contact Avast Customer service such as top phone numbers to get to know about the fastest way to connect with a representative. You can contact Avast Customer Service across the following mediums: Phone, Web, and Email.

Phone Number or Mode of CommunicationWait
Technical Support- 866-951-76795 Mins
https://support.avast.com/Within 38 Mins
Help DeskWithin 2 hours
[email protected]Within 2 Hours

Tips to get a better outcome from Avast Customer Service Number

There are a few things that you can try to get a better outcome from call to Avast Customer Service Number:

  • Make sure you have a subscription-like a managed software product, a business plan, or a Total Care customer service to use phone-based support of Avast. Without an active plan, you won’t be able to get customer support on the phone unless you are ready to pay on a per-call basis.
  • Before calling customer support keep all relevant documentation handy, including billing statements, order numbers, previous correspondence about your problem, and other relevant things.
  • If you are calling for training or technical support, keep your device in front of you so that you can easily follow the instructions of the Avast Customer Service representative.
  • Make notes of your call or record the call for further communications.


You can connect with the phone-based support of Avast Customer Service to get solutions for various types of issues including billing concerns, installation, troubleshooting incompatibilities and bugs, and training users to use their Avast products easily.


An agent of Avast Customer Service can help you with detecting incompatibilities between your operating system or hardware and Avast software or product, but he or she is not able to provide a complete solution to make the operation possible. You need to make necessary adjustments to your system on your own.


If you feel that the call didn’t go well or the representative failed to provide the right solution for issues, don’t give up. You can try other options to get the resolution you need.

  • First, check the notes you took during the call. Look out for the point of miscommunication or an omission that affected your conversation. Know these points can help you get a better resolution during the next conversation steps.
  • Call Avast Customer Service again. The next representative that you speak to might has better knowledge or experience to provide an adequate response or answer.
  • If phone-based support doesn’t work for you, try other methods to get in touch with customer service. A live chat option is available for consumers who have premium support. The advantage of a live chat is to get a transcript of the conversation that can help for further communication purposes.
  • Try a community form. Avast also has a community forum that acts as a common platform for all users of Avast’s services. Thus, you may be able to find solutions through this platform. Just put your question on the forum and wait for other users to respond.

Important Details of Avast Customer Service

Email[email protected]
Phone Number866-951-7679
DepartmentTechnical Support
Working Hours of Call Centers24/7
Is Call back AvailableYes
Is real Human Support Available?Yes
Best Time to Call10:30 AM
Alternative Methods to ContactPhone, Web, Email
Website – https://www.avast.com/
Navigate phone maze to a humanWait on Call
Communication Quality66%
Help Quality75%
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