Any last-minute chaos can create a negative vibe? It may spoil the entire mood for the journey. And especially, if the problem is with a minor error with the name of the passengers or it is misspelled. But if you are booked with Air Canada, you can save yourself from the stress. With a simple procedure, passengers may make an Air Canada change name on ticket possible. 

Further, all passengers will have to go through the entire process of the Name Change Policy by Air Canada. There is no differentiation for any single or major error. The rules are the same for all passengers. You can now make changes in your name before flying even after reservations. Therefore, there are now no passengers who will have to cancel their flights for a simple misspelled name on their ticket. 

Can you change name on Air Canada ticket?

Fortunately, Air Canada permits its passengers to change the names of the existing ticket. They will have to undergo a small process to complete the name change on the ticket. Air Canada is a major airline in its business. It flies many passengers from one to another destination daily. Keeping passengers satisfied is the sole motive of the airline. Air Canada is an airline that aims complete satisfaction with inflight as well as reservations and managing bookings towards its customers. And it is always ready to take an extra mile for their happiness. This is why the Air Canada change name on ticket has been made possible. 

Before moving forward, one must identify the difference between Name Change and Name Correction.

Name Change- This means that the passengers need to change a part of the name entirely. Such as first name, middle name, or the last name of the passenger. The passenger requesting, will have to produce valid legal documents for the same. This mainly means that the passenger traveling can be changed. 

Name Correction- On the other hand, name correction means to correct a character in the name. A maximum of three characters can be changed from either the first, middle, or last name. Similarly, passengers will have to produce documents such as a passport or other identification with the correct Name and Spelling. The only name of the passenger will be corrected and the same person will be traveling. 

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What is the process for Air Canada change name on ticket?

All passengers should know that Air Canada allows Name Change. And there are certain rules to go through to complete the process. Passengers may correct the spellings of the name or the entire name. However, they may complete it through two processes. 

Online Name Change

  • First, Visit the official website of Air Canada.
  • Go to Manage Booking to make the necessary changes. 
  • Follow up by entering the Reference Number in the field required and the Last Name of the passenger.
  • Enter the page displaying the flight that is booked. 
  • Select the booking on which you want to make Air Canada change name on ticket.
  • Make all the necessary changes to the ticket. Rectify all spelling mistakes and move forward by saving the changes.
  • Then, Air Canada will make the necessary changes and update the ticket with the new corrections.  

Name Change by Customer Service

Another very convenient way to make changes in the name is through customer service. Passengers may directly call the customer support number from below and get help. Keep in hand the information on the reserved ticket. However, the customer service may be able to help you through the process yet, you will have to send in confirmed documents through email. Customer service will surely help you through the process within few minutes. 

Documents required for the Air Canada change name on ticket

Passengers will have to produce the documents and send them in through the official email ID. You may have to attach the following documents for approval of the name change-

  • Application form requesting the name change.
  • The Old Ticket from which the name requires to be corrected with the ticket number.
  • New Name with proof of the document.
  • Legal documents, such as Marriage or Divorce papers, and in transgender cases. 
  • And other supporting documents to prove the request. 

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Cost to change name on Air Canada ticket 

As easy as it is to make the changes, but the passenger will bear some cost. Depending on the destination, passengers will have to pay a minimum of $200 in case of a name change. It may vary according to the destination or base fare of the ticket. Passengers may or may not have to pay flight fare change according to the cost of the ticket. Hence, now, passengers can not only just make corrections in spellings but also name changes.

Further along with $200 passengers will bear additional taxes. And if the change request is made, you may be able to complete the process with $110 without any extra charges. 

Important points on Air Canada change name on ticket

  • Passengers are allowed to make name corrections on only a maximum of three characters or the entire name.
  • Both the correction and name change will have to produce valid documents regarding the same.
  • All passengers requesting name change will bear a cost of $200 with additional taxes.
  • Whereas, if the name change or correction is done, it will cost up to $110 within the first 24 hours without any cancellation fees or other additional charges.  
  • You may make the changes, 2 hours before the travel time. 
  • For connection flights with multiple airlines, the name will be changed only in Air Canada airlines and no other connecting flight. You may have to drop in separate requests for the same. 
  • After the payment is cleared, it may take up to a maximum of 24 hours to reflect on the ticket.
  • Minor changes will be allowed. Air Canada understands that in a hurry there is a possibility of mistyping. But the flight time or destination will not be allowed. 
  • Gender and date of birth may be allowed if valid documents are produced for the same. 
  • Any other flight that is operated by Air Canada will also be allowed to make these changes but the ticket inventory must be of 014 only. 
Contact Details of Air Canada
Phone Number1-888-474-0163 888-247-2262 514-393-3333
Working Hours24×7.
Best time to Call8:30 am.
Is real human support available?Yes
Is Call Back Available?No.
Alternate ContactPhone, Email, Live Chat Web.
Email IDThrough the official website.
Help PageThrough the official website.
Live ChatThrough the official website.

In case, a friend cancels plans at the last moment, with the Air Canada change name on ticket now you can take any other friend. Simply follow the rules and complete the procedure for the same, and fly easy without any more hassle. 

If you need more assistance on this contact air canada customer service.