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Now that leisure travel is accepted almost all over the world, we are getting a lot of travel queries such as Southwest Airlines Change Name On Ticket policy and procedure. Southwest is a much- loved low-cost airline and has included more flexibility in its policies.

In this blog we will feature popular doubts and queries regarding Change Name on Southwest tickets. Stay with us till the end to learn more about such topics and make your flying experience an unforgettable one.

Introduction to Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

Making reservations with Southwest is an easy task. When it comes to entering information, all you have to do is enter your first and last name. You have to make sure that the name and spelling should match the name written in a government-issued ID such as passport.

But what should a passenger do when they wish to change name on the ticket? They need to know does it come with a charge or can they change a middle name. That’s where the name change policy comes in. It allows you to understand what kind of changes can be done instantaneously and what changes cannot be done easily and need documentation proof.

Does Southwest Let You Change Name on Ticket?

Southwest Airlines expects passengers to book the tickets under the same name that is on their government issued ID. But either due to a typing error or due to other reasons passengers need to change name on their ticket while making reservations. Let’s understand what is minor changes that can be done without any documentation proof and what changes require documentation proof.

Minor changes as per Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

The changes which are permitted by SW without supporting documentation are what we call minor changes.

Changes such as fixing the simple typo error in spelling of first name. for example, Aliza to Aleza.

Changes such as fixing the simple typo error in spelling of last name. For Example, Smith to Smyth.

Switching the name on the ticket to or from a nickname of the passenger. For example, Pats to Patricia and vice versa.

Changing a prefix or title on the SW ticket such as Miss to Ms or Ms to Dr.

Changing in spelling or adding a middle name that a passenger uses such as Will Jaden Smith to Will J Smith.

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Major changes as per Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

There are some changes that the airlines allow only when the passenger submits a copy of legal documents are termed as significant name changes. These changes are done ensuring the safety of and security of passenger’s Rapid Rewards Account. Documents that are required are mentioned below;

Divorcee Decree

Marriage License

Government-issued documents stating your former and new name when a passenger has formally changed his/her name.

Legal name change document.

The documents are sent on this address;

Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards Department

 P.O. Box 36647, Dallas TX, 75235

 They can also be faxed at the number- 877-506-0154.

Make sure to include your booking confirmation number in the mail to make it easier for the airline to identify you.

Southwest Airlines Change Middle Name On Ticket- Is it possible?

Sometimes, a passenger forgets to add the middle name or does not include the full spelling of it. SW will allow minor name changes without any documentation but not with a major change such as adding a middle name after marriage. For a major original copy of legal documents is required.

The fastest way to get the middle name change on the ticket is by calling the SW customer support and state your issue to them. Try to get in touch with a live representative.

Southwest Airlines Change Name Of Passenger

SW does not allow to change the ownership of the flight ticket from person to another. A passenger should have the same name on the government issued ID and on the flight ticket.

Apart from minor changes such as correcting the speeling of first name or last name, Name change request that is of a completely different person will be denied by Southwest. Name change request can put for the original passenger’s context and not for the other person. The Government-issued ID shown by the passenger at the security check should match exactly on the name written on the flight ticket.

What can be done in such situations?

You have found yourself in a situation where the name on the ticket is significantly different on the government issued ID. Do not worry, we have a solution for this as well.

In such situations it is wise to cancel the ticket. SW has a 24 -hour cancellation and refund policy on eligible tickets. If a passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hours of making a reservation, he/she is entitled for a full refund.

Cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking, get the refund and use the ticket to book another one. Make sure you check the details such as first and last name.

Please visit the airline’s official website or get in touch with southwest customer representative to learn more about different kinds of tickets and their eligibility for full refund.

Important Points on Southwest Airlines Change Name On Ticket

Southwest allows Name change correction is issued per ticket per passenger.

The airline does not entertain any requests for change in date of birth or gender on the flight ticket at the time of request. It should match with the information on the government-issued ID. Only minor corrections are permitted.

Minor changes can be made at the time of requesting without showing proof of legal documents such as Divorcee Decree, Marriage License or a Legal name change document.

Simple changes such as a typo in spelling of the first name or the last name can be changed by the airline at the time of booking. Major changes can only be done after showing documentation proof.

The government issued ID the passenger has to either submit a legal document confirming the name change or cancel the ticket.

How much does it cost to change a name on a Southwest flight?

Major name changes and change in date of the flight incur a name change fee. This is also dependent upon your fare conditions and the domestic and international flight.

SW allows simple changes without any additional fee, if the change falls under the airline’s described simple changes. Similarly in some cases the change fee is incurred.

If you wish to change the date of the flight keep in mind the fee that is charges.

The airline charges 50USD to 100USD for change in date in a domestic flight.

The airline charges 150USD to 200USD for change in date in case of an international flight.

It is important that you call the customer support and learn more these changes to avoid paying extra charges.

Southwest Change Name Due To Marriage

If a passenger wants to change their middle or last name after marriage, they can get in touch with the airlines and get it done easily.

Like we have mentioned above, change policy differentiates the corrections in two sub categories- Minor Changes and Major Changes. Southwest Name Change due To Marriage comes in the Major Change Category and thus require legal documentation proof.

The passenger needs to submit proof of marriage licence to the airlines. Once the airlines have made the correction your Rapid Rewards account, your name on the ticket will be changed accordingly. This is a just a one-time thing. Once the changes are saved, you do not have to inform the changes every time you book tickets.

The airline will need a copy of your old and new identification card issued by the government. It is wise to mail the copies of documents to Customer Relations and Rapid Rewards Department.

The documents are sent on this address;

Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards Department

 P.O. Box 36647, Dallas TX, 75235

 They can also be faxed at the number- 877-506-0154.

Make sure to include your booking confirmation number in the mail to make it easier for the airline to identify you.

We hope you find this blog helpful in resolving your issues concerning the topic- Southwest Airlines Change Name On Ticket.

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