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Changes are a part of life. We never know when an individual has to adapt to those changes. But life becomes much easier when we have the ability to change according to any particular situation. The need for change in life is not restricted to any particular thing. There are times when individuals make mistakes or due to some situations, one has to make some changes.

The need for change arises even at the time of travel. Most flyers choose united airlines for reaching their destination in no time. But many times, passengers make mistakes or enter the wrong spelling of the name. In addition to this, there are times when the flyer gets married and then they have to change the name.

There are various situations like this when people have to make changes in the name on their united airlines’ reservations. For each situation, there are various things that all the flyers need to know. The information here will explain the flyers what they can do if they end up in a similar situation.

Most of the time people become very stressed and they are not able to find the solution to this type of situation. Therefore, People look for the procedure that they need to follow for making the required changes in their bookings.

Before we know anything about the name change it is important to know all about the policy of name change. Once an individual has enough knowledge of name change policy, the rest of the procedure becomes much easier.

Policy Of United Airlines Change Name On Ticket

What if an individual mentions the wrong name on the ticket? When any passenger ends up in such a situation it becomes necessary for them to first have detailed information on the name change policy. Besides this, it is important to know that all the changes that one will do on the ticket will go according to this policy.

According to the policy of name change policy that united airlines has laid, there are certain things which does not require any proof of documents. For the united airlines misspelled name on ticket, the flyers have the consider the same information.

The pointers given below will explain all the points for which you do not have to show the documents. So, if you are stuck in a similar situation, you can take the help of this information and make the name-changing process easier.

  • Edit the spelling of any flyers name
  • Change the title or the prefix of the name or make any corrections in it
  • Make the changes in the last name of the passenger
  • Add in or remove the middle name
  • In case of making the changes or correction to the passenger’s first and last name backward.
  • Mention the nick name on the ticket or vice versa

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About United Airlines Change Name On Ticket Due To Marriage

There are certain situations in which the passengers need certain proof. One of such situations is marriage. There are times when the flyers get married just some days before their departure. SO, in this case an individual has nothing to worry about because united airlines offer very easy ways of making the changes.

As people look for various ways of making the changes, so united airlines make sure they offer different ways for the same process. From different options, one can choose whichever suits their schedule the best. The ways that an individual can follow are mentioned below-

Through the helpline number

First and foremost, the method which most flyers rely on is the helpline number. There are people who want to interact with the team member of the united airlines directly and then make the changes. So, in case of marriage an individual need to first make sure that they have all the documents with them.

Just call the helpline number of united airlines and present your situation to the travel expert of united airlines. Once they will get to know about your situation, they will help you with the whole process.

Through mail

Another way which an individual can follow to make the changes on the name in case of marriage is by dropping a mail for the team of united airline. When the flyer will drop the mail for the team member of united airline, they will revert back to the you and then start with the process of changing your name on the tickets.

Via social media platforms

Lastly, one of the ways is the social media platforms. In this era, there is no individual who is not social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook etc. So, the flyer can use these too for making the changes on the ticket.

All you need to do is DM the team of united airlines on such platforms. They will get back to you as soon as possible and will initiate with the process of name changing.

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About united airlines misspelled name on ticket

What if you name the bookings for united airlines with the misspelled name? There are situations in this case for which you do not need to show any documents. So, if you entered the wrong or misspelled name on your ticket, you can make the changes mentioned below without any proof-

  • Correcting the spelling of any of the name on the tickets  
  • Editing the spelling of the surname mentioned on the bookings
  • Make the changes in your nickname name or one can even make the changes in the other name
  • Make the corrections in the prefix or the title  
  • Mention or remove their first or middle name
  • Correct inverted name of the flyer and their surname

Procedure To Edit Your Bookings

There are some steps that an individual need to follow to make the required changes in the bookings. Once the flyer follows these steps in the proper order, they will finish the procedure of the name change in no time.

  • Firstly, visit the official site of the united airlines.
  • Once the official website opens, you need to visit the “my trips” option. Once you click on this option, you will become eligible for accessing your itinerary.
  • In this step, enter your confirmation number and the last name of the flyer.
  • Make sure you enter the correct information, then only you will access your bookings.
  • Here, one can make the required changes. You will get to access your bookings and make the modifications which you want to.
  • There are times when an individual has to pay some fee for making the changes. So, if the scenario is similar then you need to pay that amount in this step.
  • Once you make all the changes, remember you save all those changes.
  • Lastly, united airlines will send the new or updated booking to the registered mail of the flyer.

If you need more information talk to live rep at southwest airlines customer service.

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