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There are so many times when an individual makes an error. But who would want to make errors intentionally? None of us would do that. But sometimes we do the mistakes and realise it later. Do you think one can make mistakes only at some particular situations? No, because there is no specific thing or situation where we make mistake.

No matter what work we are doing, we can make mistakes. Even when we decide to travel, then also we can make mistakes. Now, the question arises how can one make mistakes in case of travelling? When an individual decides to make the bookings for any particular destination, we have to enter all our personal information.

Once you make the bookings with a name, do you think you can change it? The answer is yes, if you make the bookings with Alaska airlines. Alaska airlines is one of the airlines which keeps in mind the needs and demands of their flyers. Firstly, because of the mistake and there are many other reasons too.

Because the flyers get very tensed when they realise that they need to make the changes in their name, so Alaska airlines make sure that flyers complete this process without any hassle. Most of the passengers ask the question “Can I change the name on my Alaska Airlines ticket?” Answer to this question that each flyer is eligible for making the change in the name on their ticket. Therefore, Keeping this thing in mind, Alaska airlines has set up the “Alaska airlines name change policy”.

Before we head to know about the procedure that one can follow to change the name, lets first know all about the Alaska airlines name change policy.

About Alaska Airlines Change Name On Flight Policy

Presence of policies makes the functioning of airlines easier and better. One of such policies is the name change policy. There are some points which an individual should know about. Also, one must make sure that they get to know about such policies in advance because it will avoid any future misunderstandings and confusions.

The points below will explain the name change policy of Alaska airlines in detail.

  • Flyers who make the changes in their name within 24 hours of making the bookings can don’t have to any charges or fee for the same. So, it is better to make the changes in this period of time.
  • One has to pay the charges that Alaska airlines has set once the time window of 24 hours is gone. One cannot make the changes without paying this amount after 24 hours. The fee that Alaska airlines has set for the same is approximately $125.
  • Passengers who have to make the changes in their typing errors, they are eligible for doing so as per this policy. In addition to this, the case with single letter change is also the same.
  • On the other hand, if you have to make the changes in the complete name, then you need to follow the complete procedure. In this case, an individual need to have all the documents that the airline asks for. So, make sure that you are ready with the documents in advance. This will avoid the delay in the completion of the process.
  • Lastly, the flyers who got their bookings done by the travel agents, they need to contact the same person for making the changes in the name. In addition to this, the flyers are also eligible for making the changes once they reach the airport.

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Will Alaska Airlines Let You Change The Name On A Ticket?

From the information above, one can understand that they are eligible for making the changes in the name on their bookings. Alaska airlines has a team which is there to make this name-changing procedure much easier. People can make a change in their name by taking professional help.  It important to know all about the procedure that one has to follow for it? So, Alaska airlines makes sure that they offer various procedures for the name changing procedure.

About Alaska Airlines Change Misspelled Name On Ticket-

It is important to know that Alaska airlines does not allow to change the whole spelling. One is eligible for changing the typing errors in addition to the single alphabet change in the spelling. Therefore, make sure that you need that you have all the documents if you want to change your whole spelling. So, it is essential that the flyers are aware about this rule.

Various methods of Alaska airlines change name on flight-

There are various methods that an individual can use for changing the name on the ticket of Alaska airlines. As different flyers are comfortable with different kinds of method, so there are various ways that this airline offers.

Get to know about all of those methods here and use them to complete this process in no time. Choose any of these methods-

Through the official site

Firstly, let us know about the steps that an individual has to follow for making the changes through the official site. There are some very easy steps that all individuals have to follow.

  • Visit the official site of Alaska airlines or simply enter “”.
  • Go to the option of “manage bookings”. You will find this one on the home page. Once you find it, click this option.
  • Once you click it, various options will pop up on your screen. You need to click the option of change.
  • Here, in this step enter your booking number.
  • Go through the bookings that will come on your screen once you enter you booking number.
  • Look for the name you want to make changes to. Once you find it make the corrections. 
  • Lastly, confirm the changes that you made by clicking on the option of “Okay”.

Through the phone number

Another way is by using the phone number. An individual who does not want to use the online method for making the changes, for them phone number is a good method. When you contact the travel expert using the phone number, they will assist you in making the process much easier. You need to provide the give representative of Alaska airlines all the information they ask for. They will complete the whole procedure in no time.

Through the Airport Kiosk

Lastly, the method which Alaska airline offers is through the airport kiosk. When an individual reaches the airport the airport, they will find the kiosk. Use this kiosk to make the changes in your name. If you face any issues, you can take help from the team member of Alaska airlines.

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Additional information that one should know

In addition to all the information given above, there are other points too which one need to keep in mind to make the whole name changing procedure easier.

  • If there is any change in your legal name once you made the booking, make sure you update the same on your ticket too.
  • In case of marriage or divorce or any other such situations, one need to have the proper documents which proves this situation.

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