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We do make journeys to rejoice in great moments of our life. To rejoice great moments of your life more proactively and prominently, Southwest Airlines is the best travel partner. With luxurious services and a huge number of destinations offered, Southwest Airlines is ready to cater to all the necessary requirements of the passengers. Whether a passenger is taking a long-haul flight or a short-haul flight, the journey can become extraordinary with just the better assistance of your travel partner. i.e., Southwest Airlines.

Apart from luxurious services and amenities, Southwest Airlines is also providing great help to those whose passion for traveling has never stopped. In other words, Southwest Airlines is one of the great airlines for providing protected and secured wheelchair assistance to passengers, across the world. Irrespective of your issue, Southwest airlines will be there for you, to accompany you on your bright and exciting journey.

Who requires the service of Wheelchair Assistance?

If there is a passenger who cannot travel reasonably independently, it may require him to travel with an accompanying partner that will provide him/her special assistance. If a passenger is having any kind of mobility issue that may affect the ability to leave or aboard the aircraft without assistance or issue of vision or hearing impaired. Under these situations, a passenger must connect with the representatives of southwest airlines and resolve all the relevant queries with him.

  • Wheelchair Service

Wheelchair service includes special assistance between the airport and aerobridge bay stairs. A passenger should be able to walk up the stairs to the aircraft and make a way to the seat.

  • High Lift

The high lift includes special assistance to the remote/aerobridge bay stairs. Moreover, you will get assistance onto/off to the aircraft to your seat.

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What is the wheelchair option in flight?

If you want to make your own way with your own wheelchair, no one would stop you. Make sure you’re taking a powered battery wheelchair for your journey. Passengers who are thinking of check-in in with their own wheelchair are also given the option of using the service of the airport. Moreover, a passenger is allowed to use a wheelchair up to the aircraft door. Once the passenger reaches the aircraft, the wheelchair will be sent to the loading in the hold.

Does a wheelchair count as luggage for Southwest Airlines?

If you’re taking your own wheelchair, then it won’t be count in baggage. Assistive devices never count toward your luggage limit. Although, if your baggage also includes personal items, the airlines may count your baggage towards a luggage limit and it may be subject to the additional charges. Make sure you connect with the live rep at southwest airlines for getting the right assistance.

Does Southwest Airlines provide wheelchair assistance to the passengers?

Southwest Airlines is one of the prominent airlines that is known across the world for providing outstanding services to passengers. With it headquarter located in the prime location, Southwest airlines are dedicated to its all passengers for providing the exemplary services. southwest airlines providing worthwhile services to those who are having a disability or limited mobility. Majority of the airports of the southwest airlines providing safe and secured services for wheelchair assistance. 

Does Southwest treat wheelchairs better than other carriers?

With an excellent and qualified team of professionals working here, it is guaranteed that Southwest Airlines is the one, to serve you with the best. Million of passengers choose to travel with Southwest Airlines because of the award-winning it provides to the passengers. To accommodate better and to receive the journey you expected, make sure you’re already applying for wheelchair services in advance.

To ensure you’re choosing the right or reliable service for a wheelchair, you can look for the good rewards and feedback which has been given to southwest airlines for its assistance.

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In what ways I can Avail the service for Wheelchair assistance for Southwest Airlines?

You must be wondering how you can add wheelchair services for your flight? Well, you receive a smooth way through which you can easily add this service. All you have to do is connect with the airlines or their representatives who are available for you round the clock. There are times when you an extra help from someone who can make your journey the comfortable and best. Following are the top-notch ways to request and use wheelchair assistance at the airport:

  • Before your departure date

Make sure you’re choosing the biggest plane available while making the reservations. You get the seating preference and restroom options according to your requirements. Ensure that you call the executives of southwest airlines in advance only.

  • At your departure airport

Make sure you arrive early or in advance if you want wheelchair assistance. Give yourself enough time to check in your bags and check-in for your flight and go smoothly with your security. Moreover, you’ll have to wait for a wheelchair attendant to arrive and help you with everything. You don’t have to worry at all if you’re choosing Southwest airlines and its services.

  • Between Flights

Make sure you wait while other passengers are leaving when the plane lands at the destination. A wheelchair attendant will be waiting for you and will take your next flight. If you want to use the restroom too while making your journey through a connecting flight, then, the wheelchair attendants will accompany you.

Can seniors board early on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, the earlier you check in the earlier you receive the service for wheelchairs. Seniors won’t get be able to get priority boarding if they don’t show up at the right time. There is a priority boarding service for the passengers for those who have already filled the form for wheelchair assistance.

This kind of service is for specific seating to accommodate their disability or those who require assistance in boarding the aircraft.

How to get a detailed and reliable description to Add wheelchair assistance on Southwest airlines?

If you’re still wondering to access the right and authentic information on the same, you can connect with the travel representatives who are available to help you. They are available round the clock and they’re qualified enough to give you a detailed description of the service you’re looking for.

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