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I did not receive all my bags at the arrival, What to Do?

Arrived at your destination airport and found that some of your baggage is missing? Well, there is no need to panic. You are not alone as this happens with other passengers as well. Although it’s not a common occurrence with United Airlines but when it does happen, the airline has various ways for you to reach out to United Airlines Customer Service to inform them.

United puts a lot of care and effort into making flying a pleasant experience for every single passenger. Therefore, they have created several channels for you to communicate with them. This blog will cover how you can work together with the airlines in solving your baggage issue.

Time is of the essence with reporting baggage issues

When you have found that you have not received full baggage upon your arrival, it is essential to inform United within a particular period. Once the time limit is up United will not be able to look further and compensate you for your loss.

Let’s try to understand this further. Your location at which you found the issue matters here. If you are at the destination airport you should go immediately to the Baggage Service Office and inform them.

If you have left the airport, you need to report the issue to the Baggage Office Office at your destination airport within 24 hours of your arrival. This time limit is for Us, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands.

If you took an international flight then the time limit to report the issue is extended to 7 Days within your arrival. If your bag is delayed then you can report it with 21 days of your arrival. You can contact the United Airlines Customer Service Number for more information.

What should be your next step after reporting the issue with your bag?

As soon as you found an issue with your bag, you reported the issue to the concerned authorities. Now what? Let’s discuss 

The searching process will begin as soon as the airlines receive your report. You will be given a receipt that has your baggage file reference number. Keep it safe with you. While the airline is working you can update from various platforms.

How will the airline keep you updated?

Once the report is filed, United will send text messages and e-mails on the number and email id you provided in the form.

You can also track the progress of your bag on united.com/bagtrack.

Baggage Resolution Center is the department that deals with Baggage issues. 

· U.S. or Canada:            1-800-335-2247

· Mexico:                         001-866-563-3244

· Asia-Pacific or Europe: +800-33-55-2247

If you somehow cannot reach them, call on the United Airlines Customer Service Number.

It’s been five days, what should you do now

If even after desperate efforts of airlines to find your bag, they were unable to locate it for you, then you are entitled to 1500USD which is set by airlines as the value of your contents and your baggage. 

If you are sure that the value of your baggage and its contents were way more than 1500USD you need to submit proper receipts and documents before submitting a claim. The highest value you can submit a claim for is 3500USD. The link to submit a claim is available on www.united.com.

Contact Baggage Resolution Centre on their toll-free number for detailed insight.

How can United Airlines Customer Service Number help you further?

  • We hope you were able to grasp a general idea of how the delayed or missing baggage system works. If you still have any questions, you can contact the United Airlines Customer Service Number at any time.
  • Some of the issues they can help you with are mentioned below.
  • You can call them to help you track your baggage.
  • You can enquire if the airlines have found you’re delayed/lost baggage.
  • You can inform them if you least something at the check-point at the TSA.
  • Inquire about the Baggage Policy of United Airlines.
  • You can ask about the role of Charger-back in returning lost items to United’s passengers.
  • Inform them if you haven’t received any e-mail or text message from the Baggage Resolution Centre.
  • Ask them for assistance with filling out the delayed bag form

United Airlines Contact Information:

Customer Service800-864-8331
United Baggage Service Center For USA or CANADA    –                                 1-800-335-2247 Outside of USA or Canada- 1281 821 3256
Best Time To Dial3:15 PM
Current Wait26 Min
Alternative method to contactWeb, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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