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Don’t we all look for ways to save as much as we can. As time is passing, some things are becoming more and more expensive. In the past, most of the things were affordable and people did not have to think as much as they have to now. One of the things which all of us love is traveling. But would we stop traveling because of hiked prices? The answer is no.

Each airline wants to do things that attract more and more flyers towards them. From a huge list of such airlines, the united airline does things in the most unique and amazing way. In today’s time, people just don’t want the airlines to offer the easy ways of making the bookings or low fares. In addition to all this, there is much more that people expect. One of the things which united airlines offer to their people is the united explorer MileagePlus card and stands up to the expectations of all the flyers.

For the individuals who does not know what it is, go through the information here and know all about it. United explorer MileagePlus card is the card that comes with endless benefits for all the flyers of united airlines. This card has so many benefits which one makes the journey of all individuals much easier.

Before proceeding further, lets first find out what is the use of this card? If an individual isn’t aware of the use of this card, then what would one do with it? So, it is very important to know about the usage of this card.

How to use united explorer MileagePlus card?

There are various things for which an individual can use this card. It completely depends on an individual to use this card in whatever way they want to. Firstly, there is something that an individual needs to know.

This card gives us 60000 bonus miles once you spend the amount of $3000 in the first three months. Furthermore, one gets 10000 extra points if you spend an amount of 6000 dollars in the six months. In addition to this, this card also gives you 2 miles each dollar when an individual purchases anything. This also includes hotel stays and restaurants.

Given below is the complete list which explains how an individual can use the united explorer MileagePlus card.

  • One of the best uses of this card is using this for booking the flight with united airlines. This one is the best use above all.
  • In addition to using this for making the reservations, you can go ahead to upgrade any flight for which you made the booking for.
  • Along with this, one can use it for the car rentals, booking for hotel stays and even for cruises.
  • This option is even very beneficial for the shopaholics. For the individuals who love buying the apple products or even other merchandise, can get their hands on the same. One can buy all such products easily.
  • Go ahead to buy the e-gift cards or you can also use miles buy the gift cards. One can use the mobile application of mileage plus.
  • Get your hands on tickets for Broadway shows, other events and also many other different experiences.

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Can United Explorer card be used anywhere?

For all those individuals who do not know where they can use their card. So, the above points will help them in understanding all the places for which one can use this card. One can not only use this card for the bookings itself, but to various other places too. As mentioned above, one can use it for car rentals, shopping and many other things too.

What do you get with United Explorer card?

For all individuals who are a frequent flyer and fly with this airline a lot of times, for them the united explorer card is the best. There are endless benefits which comes with this card. United Explorer MileagePlus benefits are uncountable. Some people are not aware of the benefits of this card, that’s why they sometimes hesitate to take this card.

The points below will explain you all the benefits of this card and why one should not miss taking this card.

Get your hands on the passes

With the use of united explorer card, the flyers can get their hands on the passes of the united club airport lounge. On each year anniversary, one can get the passes.

Reimbursement for the lost baggage

What if you lose your bag or damages it in some way? In this case, the flyer and their family members get the reimbursement for the damage with the price of $3000 each flyer. Remember this is possible only when you make the bookings using your card.

Cost free first checked bag

In addition to other benefits, an individual get to carry their first checked baggage without paying any charges or fee. For all the united explorer MileagePlus cardholders, people can get themselves and their partner a cost-free checked baggage. You will become eligible for this cost-free first checked baggage when you make the bookings.

Priority boarding

Priority boarding is one of the things which all the passengers love. So, with this card, one becomes eligible for priority boarding. With priority boarding, one gets to board the aircraft much earlier than the other flyers. When you have this card, one gets becomes eligible of priority boarding for themselves and their family members.

Get discounts on inflight purchases

What about saving enough bucks on the items you purchase in the flight? For all the cardholders, they get about 25% back on the items they purchase. They get this amount back in the form of statement credit. So, make sure to use the card when you purchase the food, beverages, drinks or even for the facility of WIFI.

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How much is a United Explorer card?

One of the questions which all the flyers ask is How much is a United Explorer card? It is very obvious to ask about the cost of the card. United airlines make sure that they offer the card at the prices which each class of passengers can enjoy. The annual cost or fee of this card is around $95. One of the benefits of this card is that flyers don’t have to pay any foreign transaction fee.

Is United explorer MileagePlus worth it?

Finally, one of the most important things and questions is that is it even worth it? Once an individual reads all the information here, an individual can easily figure out that this card is worth it. Whether its for shopping or hotel stays, one can avail the benefits of this card. In addition to this, the cardholders even get to enjoy all the in-flight amenities at such a less rate.

If you need more help then contact live rep at united airlines.

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