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Have you booked with United Airlines for your upcoming journey? Are you confused about How to add baggage on United Airlines? Well, do not worry. You may easily add your baggage any time before boarding the flight. United Airlines prioritizes the needs of its passengers always. As a guest of United, you will avail the best services in all matters.  

United Airlines has its baggage policy for smooth running. The baggage policy of all airlines differs. Therefore, it is best that you know all about the baggage policy by United Airlines, before reservations. It will help you in making the right choice for the journey. 

United Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

The airline follows a strict baggage allowance policy. All passengers are requested to follow these rules. If you may not comply with these, or your luggage is larger than the allowance capacity, your luggage may not be allowed. Therefore, it is necessary that you know in detail about the allowed capacity. 

This baggage capacity is based on the class of travel. So, before knowing the allowed capacity, you must know your class of travel. Only then you will be able to find the accurate capacity. 

Class Of TravelMaximum Allowed Baggage
Economy50 lbs or 23 kg.
Business70 lbs or 32 kg.
First Class70 lbs or 32 kg.

Further, United Airlines allows One Personal Item Bag, One Carry-0n Luggage, and One Check-In Baggage. 

  • Personal Item Bag may include a purse, laptop bag, or backpack that easily fits under the front seat of the traveler. Passengers traveling with an infant can count the infant bag as the personal item bag. 
  • Carry-on Luggage is specifying to be 56x35x22 cm. there is no specific weight limit. This bag will be allowed to carry in-cabin. The size has to be specific to fit on the cabins above the seat.
  • Check-In Baggage will be checked-in in the aircraft in the cargo section. Passengers will have to drop the baggage at the baggage counter while checking themselves in. The size cannot exceed 158 cm in total. And with a weight of 23 or 32 kg for Economy, or Business & First Class respectively.   

While passengers seek answers for How to add baggage on United Airlines? Some also seek answers for the rules for oversized, overweight, or extra baggage. 

  • Oversized Baggage– a maximum of 292 cm will be allowed. Any bag beyond that will not be allowed.
  • Overweight Baggage– passengers can take up to 45 kg or 100 lbs. Musical instruments or other instruments weighing 75 kg will be allowed.
  • Extra Baggage– three extra baggage will be allowed to check-in. 

How to add baggage on United Airlines?

Passengers are free to add bags according to their wishes. You may add bags while booking or even after booking. The freedom to complete the process online or at the airport is provided to the passengers. Hence, if you are confused about whether or not, can you add bags, then you may relax. You are free to add your bags anytime you want.  

  • Online Method of Adding Baggage: 

To make reservations, you will have to visit the official website of United Airlines. Complete the process of selecting the destinations, date, and class of travel. Before making the payment, all passengers may add check-in bags according to their needs. United offers this opportunity to passenger to pre-book and pre-pay for their added baggage. Then you may complete the booking by making the final payment.

  • Offline Method of Adding Baggage:

Another convenient way to add baggage is through the help of ua customer service. Or you may also add the baggage at the airport at the United Airlines Counter. 

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How much does it cost to add a checked bag on United Airlines?

United Airlines does allow its passengers to add baggage. But the cost that you will have to pay depends entirely on when you decide to add the baggage to your itinerary. Passengers are given full freedom to make the addition according to their free will. But they all come with separate rules and costs. 

On Average, the cost of the Check-in Baggage for Domestic Flights are-

  • First Bag- $35.
  • Second Bag- $45.
  • Third Bag or any other Additional Bag- $150 per Bag. 

For International Flights by United Airlines, it costs-

  • First Bag- $60.
  • Second Bag- $100.

The charges for international flights entirely depend on the routes. For some routes, the first bag is added free of cost, while for others, two bags will be added free of cost. But, the charges are higher for oversized, or overweight bags-

Overweight Bags

  • From 24 kg to 32 kg, it costs $100 to $200. 
  • Bags from 33 kg to 46 kg will cost $400 each bag. 
  • Any bag exceeding the maximum limit will not be allowed. 

Oversized Bags

  • Bags with the size of 160 to 292 cm will be $200. Anything beyond that will not be permitted.
  • Other Sports and Musical equipment will cost from $30 to $150 depending on the weight and size.   

Apart from these, passengers have another option to make payments for their bags to save money. They can add check-in baggage while reservations or prepay.  

While Booking:

The cost of the baggage will be added to the cost of the ticket. You may prepay the cost along with the ticket. There is a possibility that you will be allowed two check-in bags while booking only.

Prepay Check-In Baggage:

If you choose to prepay for the bag, you will pay $5 less for each bag. However, this is limited to two bags only. And you may add this only 24 hours up to the travel time.  

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Can I add baggage after booking United Flight?

The answer is simple to the question. United allows its passengers to add as per their own free will. All passengers may choose the timing to add bags. You may not be prepared to fly with check-in luggage, but United Airlines is always prepared for you. Therefore, even after you have completed the booking you may add your luggage. Traveling with family, or going on a vacation can land up with many luggage. And United understands the need for it. 

Therefore, the answer to the question Can I add baggage after booking United Flight? Yes, you may add baggage after booking.

Passengers may add the bags anytime through the online option available at the Manage Booking section on the official website. If not, you may talk with live rep at united for help

Can I add a checked bag after checking in United?

With the growth in technology, it has become obvious that maximum flyers of United prefer to check-in through the online method. Only very few people check-in through the counter of the airport Kiosk. Therefore, to make it easier for all,

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United accepts Check-in bags even after check-in of the passenger

However, you will have to approach the staff available and bear the additional charges. Also, passengers traveling with oversized bags, excess baggage, sports or musical instruments, or with overweight bags are always recommended to go through the process at the counter only. You may calculate the weight of the luggage through the Luggage Calculator to be sure. Hence, all passengers may check-in at any time before reaching the boarding gate. 

It may be a major question as to How to add baggage on United Airlines? But the answer is simple and easy. Travel light for fast boarding and de-boarding. But, with United Airlines, you can travel with as much luggage as you want by following the guidelines. 

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