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Do you want to travel across multiple destinations, and enjoy the benefits of the frequent flyer program? With Alaska Airlines mileage plus plan, you will not just earn points but also use them with other airline partners and for other benefits. Alaska Airlines operates at convenient rates and provides elite services. 

With its frequent flyer program, flyers can earn miles each time they fly with Alaska or any other partner airline. Guests have their perks of using this membership apart from just discounts and offers. So, if you ever plan on traveling with Alaska Airlines, it’s best that you choose this as a permanent travel partner and enjoy the benefits.  

How to Earn Miles under Alaska Airlines mileage plan?

Flyers can easily earn miles. Like the most airline, Alaska Airlines also calculate the miles based on the distance traveled. Therefore, the more you travel with Alaska or any other partner Airline you will earn miles. 

Also, guests and earn miles by using partner activities- hotels, car rental, vacation packages, and credit cards. These miles are equally earned by all guests according to their uses. Still, for airlines, you may fly to any destinations you will earn miles. These miles are calculated as

1 Miles = 1Miles Travelled.

Hence, if you cover a distance of 500 miles traveling with Alaska Airlines, you will earn 500 miles as points. That is why the Alaska Airlines mileage plus plan is popular and favored among its members and travelers. It gives a great opportunity for the passengers to travel, and earn for upcoming travels. 

Does Alaska Airlines mileage plan expire? 

The miles program by Alaska Airlines does not have an expiry date. Yet, flyers ask the question Does Alaska Airlines mileage plus plan expire? So, the direct and simple answer to that would be that, 

No, the Alaska Airlines mileage plan does not expire.

However, if the miles are kept in the account without any activity for 2 years or more, the account will be expired. Activity implies earning or spending of the accumulated miles. Hence, the miles will be deleted. So, it’s best that before you waste your miles, make use of it in any way possible. Redeem the miles by making payments at shopping partners, hotels, car rental, or in any other way. 

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Alaska airlines how many miles you need for a flight?

Who doesn’t enjoy a free flight? Everyone wants to travel cheaply and comfortably. With Alaska Airlines, you need not worry anymore. Book an award flight using the miles. You are free to book domestic or international flights using these miles in any class. On average, you can expect 12,500 miles to 70,000 miles for a flight on one-side travel. Flyers need not worry. You can collect until to have enough and enjoy a free trip. 

Class of TravelEconomy ClassBusiness ClassFirst Class
Domestic12,500-30,000Not Permitted25,000-70,000

Further, these miles may differ according to the distance traveled. This is why there cannot be any definitive miles set for any route. You may, however, calculate the miles required using the Mileage Plan Calculator on the official website and book accordingly.

To book with Alaska Airlines mileage plus plan, it would cost from 1 cent per mile to 3 cents per mile for all domestic Alaska Airlines flights. So, you may expect award flights for a minimum of 5000 miles with $5.60 for a one-way trip.

And for partner Airlines, you may have to pay two-cent per mile to 3 cents per mile, with an average of 25,000 miles for a one-way non-stop trip. It is an amazing way to make complete use of this mileage plan.

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How to use Alaska Airlines miles on American, Emirates, British, Icelandair?

Some of the leading and major Airlines are partnered with Alaska Airlines. A total of 23 Airlines are partnered, where, you may earn and use your miles from Alaska Airlines mileage plan. Passengers may avail themselves of elite travel, special perks, and award travel. All the partner airlines are bound by the Oneworld alliance program. Therefore, they shall share the earning and use of miles 

American Airlines

Passengers looking forward to flying with American Airlines using Alaska miles can now easily book flights. American Airlines flies to more than 100 destinations across the globe. It may cost you about 125000 miles on average to fly through the USA and Alaska to Europe. Generally, it may cost up to $7000 which is quite expensive. While looking for flights, make sure to choose the flights, with the initial AS before the flight number. Travel in an elite class by booking with American Airlines. 


Emirates is also a prestigious passenger airline that is popularly known for its luxurious in-flight services. If you want to travel comfortably and still save your money, booking using the Alaska Airlines mileage plan is quite a plan. Members will earn a minimum of 500 miles with Emirates. Also, while booking, look for flights preceding with EK before the flight number. 

British Airlines

To travel across, Europe and parts of the Indian Subcontinent, passengers may choose to fly with British Airlines using the miles. A trip so far away from, can cost you a lot. So, benefit from the miles accrued from past travels and also earn more. Further, ensure that the flight number starts with BA followed by the flight number.  


This airline services multiple island destinations of Iceland and more. They provide excellent service for passengers traveling to these destinations. And while booking with Alaska Airlines mileage plan, you will earn miles and enjoy the perks of it. Ensure to book flights starting with FI following the flight number.  

What does 4000 miles get you on Alaska?

With Alaska Airlines, with a minimum of 5000 miles, you may be able to book an award ticket. And most benefits will be available from 20,000 miles. Passengers may include free checked bags, priority check-in, and boarding along with complimentary upgrades of class or seats. However, with 4000 miles, it is quite difficult to conclude a flight booking. 

Yet, if you are still wondering as to what does 4000 miles get you on Alaska? Then, the answer is simple. This Mileage Plan does not only work for flight travel but many more. Guests may use these points for either of these-

  • Book hotels through multiple destinations on a vacation.
  • Shopping from 2000 and more partner brands.  
  • Dine at a fine restaurant tied with Alaska Airlines. 
  • Converter the miles into points for your Credit card, or partner shopping websites. 

Alaska Airlines is still opening new ventures for its loyal guests. And so stay connected, and get even more benefits through this program. 

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Do you have to pay for Alaska mileage plan?

Just because Alaska Airlines is offering a great deal, does not mean you have to pay for it. Sometimes, some great deals are free of cost. Similarly, Alaska Airlines mileage plus plan is free for all its members. All, you have to do is sign-up for it. 

No, you do not have to pay for the Alaska Airlines mileage plan.

The best part is, everyone is eligible to become a member of this plan. All of you can be a part of it and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. You will have to simply fill up a form stating your Name, Date of Birth, and Contact Details. You will have to create a username and password to enter. Once you complete, you can enter and use the membership number for all your bookings. Keep a note that, it will be available only through the official Alaska Airlines website or through the customer support team. Keep track of all your activities in the account and enjoy the perks. 

How do I keep alaska miles from expiring?

As you are already aware that there is no specific expiration date for the miles. Yet, it may expire if the account gets deleted without any activity. It is quite simple and easy to keep the miles from expiring. 

  • Book flights using the miles collect with Alaska Airlines or any other partner airline.
  • Use the points in booking hotels, dining restaurants, car rental, or shopping with partner brands.
  • Subscribe to a magazine.
  • Buy gifts using the miles from Alaska Airlines partners. 
  • Earn points by making new reservations with Alaska Airlines or partner airlines.
  • Transfer the miles to any other account. 
  • Using the Credit Card to earn points.
  • You may also donate miles.

{Note: Transfer of miles will cost approximately $10 per person and additional taxes for the transfer.}

The Alaska Airlines mileage plan is rated as one of the best frequent flyer programs. Earn maximum and enjoy all benefits through it. Indeed, a perfect airline partner to travel and follow dreams. 

If you need any kind of help with miles talk with a live rep at Alaska airlines customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How many miles are required for free flights on Alaska?

For an Alaska Airlines flight to be free, how many miles are required? For brief domestic flights with Alaska, the starting mileage is 5,000 miles each trip. The average cost of longer domestic one-way flights is 12,500 miles.

2- Can I purchase a ticket for a friend or family member using Alaska miles?

Is it possible to purchase a ticket for someone else using Alaska miles? You are able to buy a reward ticket for someone else using your Alaska miles. When making a reservation, simply include their name and information in the Passenger Information area.

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