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Nobody wants to leave behind the things that they love. There are various things which we all love to carry when we are going on a trip. Why would anybody want to leave behind the essential things? One of the most used and trusted modes of transport these days is airways. All of us live a very tightly scheduled life and we want to do things as early as we can. None of us wants to waste any time. This is why airways are now even more reliable.

If we talk about the times in the past, it would take hours to reach the destination but it isn’t the same anymore. Talking about the airways, we cannot forget to mention one of the best airlines i.e., Delta airlines. This is an airline that serves its customers in a way like no other. One of the reasons why people choose delta airlines is because they have the most lenient policies.

Baggage is one of the things which everyone wants to carry according to their will. They don’t want to leave any of their stuff behind. Delta airlines allow a good weight to all their flyers. But there are times when we have to carry even more. Many people are unaware of the baggage allowance, delta airlines additional baggage fees, and other information related to baggage, so here you will find all the information related to it.

Before we discuss anything else, first let’s find out about the baggage policy of delta airlines.

The extra baggage policy of delta airlines

The baggage policy of delta airlines is made keeping in mind the needs of customers. One should know that baggage allowance even depends on the type of ticket an individual buy.

The information below will explain a lot about delta airlines’ baggage allowance. 

Baggage allowance-

The flyers of delta airlines are allowed to carry one checked baggage along with one personal thing or item. Along with this one carry-on luggage is also permitted. This item can be anything like a handbag, laptop bag etc. 

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage allowance depends on the type of ticket an individual buy. There are specific dimensions set up by the delta airline for each type of baggage. So, for the checked baggage, the dimensions must not exceed 157 cm. 

For individuals who make the booking for the delta airlines first class, delta premium class and the delta one flyers, the weight must not exceed 32 kilograms. On the other hand, for the passengers who made bookings for economy class, main cabin and delta comfort, the dimensions must not be more than 23 kilograms. 

Carry-on baggage

In the case of carry-on baggage, the flyers are eligible for carrying one piece of baggage and one personal item. People who carry this kind of bag must remember that the dimensions do not cross 115 cm. 

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The fee structure of delta airlines baggage

One of the things which an individual must know about is the fee structure. When an individual has to go for extra baggage, then they must have information about how much does delta charge for extra baggage? If they do not have the complete information on this, they might have to face some problems later on.

The information below will help you know how much does different types of baggage cost when you decide to fly with delta airlines.

About the fees of checked baggage

The amount that an individual has to pay if they decide to carry extra checked baggage is $30 for the first bag. And for the second bag, an individual has to pay $40. Apart from this, one must keep in mind that the bag they carry must not exceed the weight of more than 50lbs and its measurement i.e., L+W+H must be less than 62.

About the delta airlines extra baggage charges

The information here explains how much does extra baggage costs delta. There are times when an individual has to carry extra baggage when they are going to any destination. You are eligible for carrying extra baggage when flying with delta airlines but flyers have to pay a charge. Extra baggage means that an individual carries three or more bags per person. For this type of baggage, the charge that an individual has to pay varies from $85-$95. So, through this information, one can know how much does 1 extra baggage cost?

About the overweight baggage fees

The information here will let you know how much extra does delta charges for overweight baggage? Before knowing how much does overweight cost, it is important to know when is your bag considered overweight. Any bag whose weight is more than 50lbs is counted as overweight. Also, another thing that people should keep in mind is that any bag whose weight is more than 99lbs is not considered as checked baggage.

 If you are carrying a piece of overweight baggage, then you need to pay the overweight baggage charges along with the excess baggage fee.

Delta Air Lines oversized baggage fees

Before knowing how much you need to pay for an oversized bag, passengers need to know when is their bag considered Oversized baggage. So, if you are carrying the bag whose dimensions cross 62 inches are counted as oversized. The total sum of length, width and height must not exceed 62 inches.

Talking about the charges an individual need to pay the charges of an overweight bag along with the standard fee. Another thing which an individual should not forget is that the bags whose dimensions should not be more than 109.

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What are the free carry-on baggage things that an individual can carry? 

There are so many things which an individual can carry without paying a single penny. There is a list of things that delta airlines allow to carry. The things included in this list are even allowed to be carried by the flyers of economy class. Along with the carry-on baggage, one personal item is also allowed by the airlines free of cost.

The list of carry-on items approved by the airlines-

  • Any small bag pack
  • A purse
  • Briefcase
  • A camera bag
  • Laptop bag- In this case, one must remember that you cannot carry the computer unless it goes through the security check.
  • Diaper bag

Along with the items mentioned in the above list, you can carry even other things which are familiar to these things. Items that have the same size or shape are also allowed by delta airlines.

Apart from these, let’s now find out the items which are allowed by delta airlines. The items mentioned in the list are not counted as a personal carry-on item.

  • Duty-free merchandise
  • Any jacket or coat
  • Umbrella
  • Any food item or any drink that the flyers buy after they pass the security checkpoint

In this list, there are some additional or special items too which one can carry.

  • Wheelchair 
  • Assistive devices like crutches
  • Child safety seat
  • Important Medical equipment like CPAP/VPAP machines
  • Assistive devices like crutches
  • Stroller 

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Ways to avoid Delta extra baggage fees

After discussing everything about the baggage fee, why not know what are the ways which can help us in not paying the baggage fee. Though delta airlines do not charge a huge amount from their flyers but still nobody wants to spend a penny without any reason. 

It is obvious that the airline will charge you some amount if you are carrying extra luggage or oversized luggage. Sometimes an individual has to pay a lot of charges for the baggage they carry. But as we know there is a solution to all the things, similar is the case here. go through the ways mentioned below and avoid paying any fee or baggage charges. 

Including Carry-on only

Delta airlines will not charge any amount for the carry-on baggage. But remember that the carry-on baggage that you carry should be of the size that fits under the overhead bin of the aircraft. So, if you want to save this amount make sure you choose the right kind of suitcase. In most cases, a small suitcase, purse or bag pack is the best option. 

Make sure to Weigh your bags

This is another way using which an individual can save a lot of pennies. Instead of measuring your bags directly at the airport, do the weight in advance. So, when are done with your final packing, just remember to weigh your bag. This will allow you to know the weight of your bag and then you can be sure that you won’t have to pay any amount

Through this information, one can know how much does extra baggage cost delta and also what are the ways using which people can avoid paying this amount. For more information, you can speak with live representative at delta airlines.

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