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Open a Bank Account in Bank of America Conveniently!

We are all living in the digital world and technology is pacing up every single day. Everything is done online now. Having a bank account makes it easier to make payments and your life easier. Owning a bank account is a necessity these days for everyone. Open your bank account in the Bank of America to make your life easier and better. These days, the easiest thing to do is open a bank account. Check Bank of America Customer Service Hours before you visit the bank.

How to open a bank account with Bank of America? 

Make your money management simple by opening a bank account with Bank of America. It is a very quick and easy process that takes just a few minutes. You can apply online or visit the bank branch to open your account.

  • Select the type of account you wish to open.
  • Add the personal information.
  • Verify the details mentioned.
  • Choose funding options.
  • A confirmation email is sent after the process is complete and the documents are received.
  • After the entire process and confirmation are done a mail is received for approval and in case the account is not approved there’s a follow-up step guide of things that need to be done for approval.
  • The minimum balance needed to open an account in bank of America is $100.
  • The account application is processed within 2 days. An email or letter is sent for the same.
  • The account documents are sent by post and mail within 7-10 working days.
  • If you did not receive any mail after a few days of sending the application, you can connect with the customer service department in the bank of America customer service hours.

Documents needed to apply for a Bank Account

Here’s a list of documents needed for sending an application for or a bank account in Bank of America:-

  • Social security number
  • Residential address
  • Email Address
  • Bank account or debit card details for the opening deposit amount.
  • If it’s a joint account, information of the co-applicant.

The Different Types of Accounts

The different types of account that you can open with Bank of America are:-

  • Checking Account
  • Savings Account
  • CD
  • IRA

Ways to open an Account with Bank of America 

A bank account can be opened online as well as offline with the Bank of America.

You can visit any of the nearby branches with all the required documents for opening an account and the process for opening the account will be completed by the personnel there. Just check the Bank of America Customer Service Hours.

The account can also be opened online. The whole procedure is done online from checking the personal documents to verification. The documents after the account is opened are sent by courier.

Online Banking

You can get online access to your account through online banking. It makes transactions, checking balance, transfers between accounts, payments more convenient and easy. Bills and other expenses can be done online in the comfort of your own home.

What Help You can Get from Bank of America customer Care

In case you need any help, you can reach to the customer service department of Bank of America. They are available round the clock for the assistance of customers at the phone number and the counters at the bank during Bank of America customer service hours.

The agents are available to assist the customers during the Bank of America customer service hours regarding any kind of help from opening a new account to transactions from an old account they are readily available to help the customers.

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