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Two banks decided to make collaboration so that they could form a new bank. It is now active in 15 American States and is known as Truist bank. It is a bank company now considered to-be-biggest company in the United States. The company of the combination of these two banks is known as Truist Financial Corporation, and the bank is known as Truist Bank. These banks were good before that, but they made collaboration so that they could serve more clients. 

Before 2019, Suntrust used to work mainly in the areas of Southeast. After being in collaboration, Suntrust expands itself in different parts of the region. With so many facilities, they provided an Online way for the clients to open their bank accounts even from that state to the United States where the bank is not present. It is apparent that Truist is now running its business in most states of the USA. 

Which Two Banks Collaborated to Form Truist Bank? 

The BB&T and Sun Trust made a collaboration to form Truist Bank. Before the cooperation, these two banks had limited states where they could grab customers. However, when it comes to the present time, the bar graph of their business has been expanded in many States. 

When did BB&T and sun Truist merge with Truist?

In late 2019, a new form combining two banks was created, now known as Truist Bank. BB&T and Sun Trust found it challenging to flourish their business in the rest of the states, so they decided to combine. Like other popular banks in the United States, these two banks serve quality assistance by providing the best Truist Customer Service experts. 

In how many states Truist customer service is active?

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • West Virginia
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Texas
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington

What services does truist customer service provide?

Truist is a very active bank that is spreading so fast. It is supported by the best Truist Customer Service experts who will serve you quick and reliable assistance round-the-clock. If you want to know the services they are providing, then look below at both tables. 

Services for Truist Personal Clients

General Account Information(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Outside the US+1-910-914-8250
Online and mobile banking888-228-6654
Credit cards(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Debit cards(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Insurance – Health800-474-1471
Insurance – Life800-474-1471
Insurance – Personal claims center800-990-4228
Insurance – Personal property & casualty sales800-422-8448
Insurance – Personal property & casualty service800-228-1820
Loans(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Truist Wealth800-228-9798

Services for Truist Business Clients

Online and Mobile Banking888-228-6654
General Account Information(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Business Savings Accounts844-4TRUIST
Business Checking Accounts844-4TRUIST
Business Loans844-4TRUIST
Credit card management(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Credit cards(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Delta SkyMiles 844-4TRUIST
Debit cards(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Insurance – Business solutions800-474-1471
Employee benefits small group specialists800-226-0051
Insurance – Business claims800-990-4228
Insurance – Employee benefits800-226-0051
Insurance – Business property and casualty 877-643-6227
Truist Equipment Finance(844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478)
Merchant Services(877-672-4228) (client support)(866-238-2420) (sales)

Truist Customer Service Business Hours?

To connect with the Live representative of Truist Customer Service, you can make a call from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Saturday is also a working day for Truist Customer Service in which you can make a call to talk to a live person of Truist bank from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sunday is also off, but you can get the automated assistance round-the-clock without hassle. 

Methods to Connect with Truist Customer Service

There are two ways to grab Truist Customer Service’s assistance: connecting with a Live representative and an automated system where you can get full support within 24 hours. Scroll down and look at ways that any client of Truist bank can utilize to contact customer support. 

1- Truist Customer Service Number

The clients can use (844-4TRUIST) (844-487-8478) these two numbers to contact the Truist Customer Service experts of the Truist Local Branch. The calling service will be active from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, the service starts from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. And the last day of the week, Sunday is off. 

2- Truist Customer Service Email 

If you cannot reach the Truist customer service experts or want to report something, then you can go with the email option, which is [email protected]. Feel free to email them anytime you are in need. 

3- Truist Social Media




4- Truist Live Chat

Truist does not have the Live chat option yet, but if you prefer the text method to resolve your query, you can use social media handles and email to connect with experts hassle-free. 

So, these are the best methods for any worried or happy client. If you have a query or you want to give them a review, then you can use the second and the third options shown above. Apart from this, if you’re going to get the whole list of different services, scroll above and connect your eyes in the middle of the post, where you can find two separate tables. Those tables will let you know the services offered for personal and business clients. 

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