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Travelling is one of the things which should not have any hassle or issues. When we choose an airline for making our air traveling comfortable, we look for various things. Some of those things are the procedure for making the bookings, facilities and most importantly the meals that the airline offers.

We cannot survive without food, no matter where we are. So, meals that the airline offers to their flyers is the most important thing. When it comes to serving quality meals, emirates airlines is on the top of the list.

One of the things which makes the flight much comfortable is the availability of different types of meals. As each individual has a different taste, so emirates make sure that they have various options. The flyer can make the choice from the menu that emirates airlines have set. There are passengers who look for diet food, so this airline has included this type also in their menu.

There is one thing that an individual wants to know about when it comes to meals. How do I change my meal preference on Emirates? This is one of the most common questions of all flyers. So, emirates do not have a complicated procedure for it. You will get to know all about it once you go through the information here.

From the information here, one will get to know about the emirates change meal preference, the options of the meal, and much more.

How to Change Meal Preference on Emirates Airline

Emirates Airlines Meal Selection Guide

Most of the time, flyers get very stressed because they are unaware of the method or procedure that they need to follow to change their meal. There are times when passengers have to make changes in their meal selection. Emirates airlines make sure that the flyers do not suffer in any way and make the changes in no time.

For changing meals on emirates booking, one needs to follow some steps. Firstly, start by visiting the official site of emirates airlines. Once the home page of the site opens, look for the option of manage bookings. When you find this option, you are now eligible for making the changes in your meal. There are a lot of options from which an individual can choose and enjoy their meal on the flight. This is the simple procedure set for changing the emirate’s meal on the flight.

*If you have the booking for economy class, there might be some meal options that you won’t be available for this class.

How do I choose my meal on Emirates?

There are various meal options available for emirates airlines flyers. As emirates take care of the need of all individuals, therefore, there are various types of meals. From these options, one can choose the meal they want for themselves.

To choose the meal for your flight, you need to first visit the official site of the airline. As soon as the site opens, you will find various types of meals mentioned there. In addition to the description of all meals, you will also find the option of “book” with some specific meals. Furthermore, when an individual makes the booking for an emirates airline, there is a meal which is included in the airfare. Furthermore, people can also get in touch with the team of emirates airlines and talk about the meal they are looking for.

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What are the meal options in Emirates?

As flyers from different countries and regions of the world fly with emirates airlines, so keeping this in mind there is a unique variety that this airline offers. Here are all the meal options from which an individual can choose-

  • Standard Meals

Firstly, it is the standard meal. All the flights of emirates airlines have one meal service time. This means that the flyers are provided a menu. This menu contains two or three choices for each type of meal. There is a Western-style meal menu in addition to the Middle Eastern or Asian-style meal menu.

  • Diet Meals

There are individuals who consume food as per their diet or some restrictions. So, for such flyers are emirates make proper arrangements. There are flyers with certain food allergies too, some are vegan, some are lactose intolerant. No matter what meals you consume, emirates serve you the same.

When you board the flight, you can get vegan food along with lacto-ovo vegetarian food too if you are not non-vegetarian. In addition to such food, there are gluten-free meals, meals for people who are wheat intolerant.

  • Meals for specific communities

There are some communities that eat meals according to their religion. Hindus and Jains are the ones who enjoy the vegetarian food when they board the plane with Emirates Airlines. Furthermore, for the Muslims to there are halal prepared meals.

  • Meals for children

There are meals specially made for children. There are vegetarian meals and non-vegetation meals which children get to enjoy. For the children from the age of 2-12 years, parents can order the meals for them. Moreover, If you have infants traveling with you, then you can get the infant food too.

  • Ethnic Vegetarian food

Vegetarian meals are eligible for ordering Asian vegetarian dishes. These are the meals which have spicy and are basically of the Indian subcontinent. These are quite different from the western veg meals. Also, if you are a lover of seafood, then you can order seafood meals too. This is because there are many people which consume shellfish but does not have other meat.

  • Special meals

Lastly, the meal which emirates serve to its flyers is the special meal. These meals are the ones which are served on special occasions like birthdays etc. Also, cakes, champagne is part of this type of meal. You need to request this type of meal in advance. Go ahead to ask for it when you make the bookings for emirates airlines.

What is a bland meal on Emirates?

The bland meal is another type of meal that emirates airlines include in meal options. The bland meal which is also called BLML is a special meal for people who suffer from gastric issues.

So, the flyers who have gastric issues can eat this meal. This type of meal is one that contains low-fat foods. Also, this food is not very spicy and one can digest it easily.

There are some food items that are included in the bland food. This list shows all the food items which this type of food involves-

  • Fish
  • Eggs and its products
  • Cooked vegetables
  • White bread
  • White rice
  • Fruits
  • Low‑fat dairy products
  • Lean meat

All this information will allow the flyers of emirates airlines to choose the best meal options for themselves. For more information talk to live rep at emirates customer service.

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