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Nintendo requires a connection with the television using an HDMI cable. If the HDMI cable is not working properly, then the user may not be able to connect the switch dock with the TV. You need to resolve the cable issues to get Nintendo working accurately. Here, we will discuss the steps to resolve Nintendo Switch HDMI not working. But, before that let us take an insight on the issues that causes the problem and then find the better solution for it. Moreover, the user needs to take some preventive measures to overcome the problem in the future.

What are the Causes for Nintendo Switch HDMI not working

There are various reasons for the nonworking of the HDMI cable. You need to identify the reason for your problem and get the solution. Here is the list:

  • Nintendo goes to sleep mode
  • Wrong order of the cables
  • Faulty HDMI cables
  • Damage HDMI ports
  • Pending Software Updates

The user needs to check the exact reason for the problem and then work on it to get the solution within the minimum possible time.

Troubleshoot and Resolve – Nintendo Switch HDMI not working

If your HDMI cable is not working accurately, then you can follow the below steps to fix the problem and start watching the TV with Nintendo. Follow the steps below:

Restart the device

There can be an issue with the Nintendo device. If the device is kept untouched for a long time, it may go to sleep mode. As a result, you may face Nintendo Switch HDMI not working issue. To resolve the problem, you need to restart the device. Restarting the device involves the following steps:

  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds
    • The screen will display a menu
    • Choose the power options.
    • Click on restart
    • Wait for the device to switch OFF and ON again.

Check for the solution to the problem after the restart is complete.

Power Cycle of Entire Setup

The power cycle is mainly done to reset the peripherals to their initial configurations. Power cycling is the very first step for fixing this issue. The user needs to create the new configurations after the power cycle. Moreover, to use this step, you have to first save the entire data as it may not be available after the cycle. Follow the steps below to perform the power cycle of the entire setup.

  • Firstly, remove the HDMI cable and the power cable from the setup.
    • After that, press the power button and hold it for a few seconds.
    • Wait for some time, let’s say 30 to 40 seconds.
    • Also, unplug the Nintendo switch and the TV.
    • After that, plug in all the devices back again.

Now, check for the solution to the problem. If you get the desired solution, then enjoy watching the TV. Else, move to the next step to get the desired solution.

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Insert Cables Correctly

The order of the cables matters a lot, and you may be unable to get watch the Nintendo if you do not insert these cables in the correct order. Switch Dock starts responding if you match the correct order of the cables while inserting. So, always try to insert the cables in the order as

  • Firstly, insert the power cable
    • Secondly, attach HDMI cable
    • Lastly, insert switch peripheral

If you attach the HDMI cable before inserting the power cable, then there are more chances for the switch to crash and stop working. As a result, you may face Nintendo Switch HDMI not working.

Check the HDMI Cable

When you are facing any issue connecting with the TV, it means that there is some issue with the HDMI cable. Therefore, you must check for any damage or fault to the HDMI cable. To check the HDMI cable, you can try to connect it with another device, like a laptop. Check if it is working there or not. If yes, then it means that the HDMI cable is not damaged. If not, then it means that the HDMI cable is damaged, and you need to change it. Change the HDMI cable with a new one and check for the solution of Nintendo Switch HDMI not working.

Update the Software

Check for any pending updates. If there is any pending software update, then the system will not respond accurately and you may face issues in working with Nintendo. You can check for these updates and perform them. After updating the software, restart the system to apply the changes and check for the solution of Nintendo Switch HDMI not working.

Clean the Connections

Make sure that the connections are clean. Firstly, check the slots for any dust. Then check the cables are clean or not. If there is any dust or debris, then Nintendo may face the issue and stop working. To resolve the problem, clean all the ports and the cables completely. Then make proper connections and start the device. Check for the solution to the problem.

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Check the HDMI port

Another reason for the problem can be damaged ports. You need to check the HDMI ports for the accurate functioning of the cable. Moreover, there can also be a situation that the port is not entirely damaged, and only a part of a single pin of the port is damaged.

So, you can check the port, and get professional help for it to make it clear that the ports are working correctly. You can also check it by applying some other device to these ports. If the other device is also not working, then it simply means that the ports are damaged, and you need to make it repair.

You can also get the solution by trying to insert the HDMI cable into another port. If the other port is not faulty or damaged, then you will surely get the solution for the problem, Nintendo Switch HDMI not working.

If you’re still facing issues then contact nintendo customer service team for help.

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