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While playing games for a long time using the Nintendo switch it may overheat which further leads to a lot of problems. However, there can also be other factors for the Nintendo Switch Overheating issue. It can be due to dust, poor ventilation, overuse, and damaged fans. Here, we will discuss how the overheating of the Nintendo switch happens and what are the steps you are undertaking to resolve the problem. After successive overheats of the device, it may malfunction and entirely stops working. So, there is a great need to fix the overheating issue and work well with your device.

Why is My Nintendo Switch Overheating So Quickly?

There can be various factors that can cause the overheating of the Nintendo Switch and may cause various problems in between your playing games. These factors are as follows:

  • OverUse of Nintendo switches – While using the switch and playing games for several hours continuously can overheat the device.
  • Overcharging – if your device is on charge for a long time, or you are using the Nintendo Switch while charging for a long time, then it may overheat.
  • Dust problems – Dust can cause the malfunction of the device when it gets deposited over it.
  • Poor Ventilation – If the device is not receiving proper ventilation, even when the device’s fans are running properly can cause a problem.
  • Fans are dusty or damaged – The air passage may get blocked if the fans are not working or are dusty, resulting in overheating.

What Happens when Nintendo Switch Overheating?

When the Nintendo switch gets overheated, then it becomes difficult for the user to hold it in their hand and play the games further. Also, it may cause the device to stop working and suffer from any malfunction. Moreover, the user may also get skin burns due to overheating of the device. There can be hardware damage. So, in most conditions, the device will automatically turn OFF to prevent any damage to occur within its hardware.

Troubleshoot and Fix – Nintendo Switch Overheating

To fix the overheating problem of the Nintendo Switch, you need to work on the above problems. Also, there are some of the measures that you have to take care of while working with the Nintendo switch-like, avoid playing while charging, do not use the device for several hours continuously, clean the device properly and regularly, and make sure to manage proper ventilation of the device, and much more. When you follow up with these measures then there are fewer chances of the device getting overheated and creating troubles for the user. However, if you are still facing the Nintendo Switch Overheating problem, then you can fix it by following the steps below:

Clean the Dust

The regular building of the dust around the device and in its areas may block the air passage and the functioning of the device’s parts properly. So, it results in the overheating of the device. The user must clean the parts and the device properly and regularly to ensure that there is no deposit of any dust particles. You can use the brush to clean the internal and small parts of the device. Also, you can use the cotton swabs to reach into the nooks and crannies and clean them properly.

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Stop Playing while the switch is Charging and Turn it OFF

In case, that your Nintendo Switch is charging and you are simultaneously playing on it, then you need to stop your games and turn the device off. After it is charged properly, then also wait for at least half an hour and switch it ON. Now, you can play as you may notice that the device is now cool to play.

Keeping the Console Up-To-Date

The problem may also arise if the console has some pending updates. So, the user needs to check and perform the updates regularly after some time. Follow the steps below to update the console:

  • Firstly, go to the ‘System settings option.
  • Now, click on ‘System’.
  • After that, navigate to ‘System Update’.
  • Wait for the update to finish.
  • After that check for the solution to the Nintendo Switch Overheating problem.

Turn ON the Air Conditioner

You also need to maintain the temperature of the room in which you are using the Nintendo switch. If you feel that the room temperature is high, then switch ON the air conditioner, and then use allow the device to cool down properly. Check that the room temperature is higher than 35 degrees Celsius and lower than 5 degrees Celsius.

In case you still face the issue, then you can directly contact the customer care executive and ask the expert to sort out your device problem. It will help you to diagnose the cause of the overheating of the Nintendo switch and how you can make it cool down for proper functioning and avoid any hardware failures. You can either call the Nintendo expert or chat online for sorting the Nintendo Switch Overheating issue.

Can Overheating Damage Nintendo Switch?

In the case of Nintendo Switch Overheating, it can easily damage the hardware of the device. You must make sure to run the device at around 5 to 15 watts for the correct functioning of the device and to avoid the overheating of the device. So, always place the Nintendo switch in a well-ventilated area. In case of overheating, you can cool it down fast by placing it under the ceiling fan or exposing it to a cooler place like near the air conditioner.

How Do I Cool Down My Nintendo Switch?

To cool the overheated Nintendo switch quickly, place it at a cool temperature. If it is on charging, then remove the charger and switch OFF the device. After that place, it near the AC and make it cool down. You can also place it under the ceiling fan for cooling down quickly. But, make sure that you are not using it while allowing it to cool down to resolve Nintendo Switch Overheating.

If your switch is still overheating then contact Nintendo customer service.

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