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Walmart offers a gift card to their customers to enjoy the benefits of shopping with the Company. You can use these gift cards in any of the Walmart stores to claim the offers and benefits on your card. You can use the Walmart card for purchasing anything in the store. It applies to the entire shopping within the amount mentioned on the card. You can also gift this eCard to your friend and relative. For using the card, the main question that comes into the mind of the users is “How to Activate Walmart Gift Card”. You can purchase any of the Walmart gift card online and use it or give it to anyone else on an occasion. While using the gift card, there is a requirement to activate it for using it. Here, we will be discussing the steps for the activation of the Walmart gift card.

How to Use Walmart Gift Card in Online Shopping By Activating it

You can use these cards for shopping either from the retail store nearby your place or online shopping. To use the card, you can directly use the card by entering the card number. For online shopping, you can use a maximum of five cards at a same time. And rest of the payment you can pay with your debit or credit card. You can normally use the card at the time of checkout for your shopping. The card itself implies to the amount. You can check the amount on your card and pay it accordingly. Follow the step below to use the Walmart Card for online purchase.

  • Go to the online walmart store.
  • Add the items that you want to purchase in your cart.
  • Now, go to your cart and check all the items.
  • Follow up to the payment screen.
  • Under the option, payment method, use the ‘Gift Card’ option.
  • If you have already saved your card, then simply choose it to apply it.
  • Otherwise, you can add the new card to apply it. You have to follow up with the process of ‘How to Activate Walmart Gift Card’. Follow up with the URL on the email address and enter all the details to activate the card.   
  • The added cards are displayed in the purchase summary. You can check the cards there.
  • You can add and use a maximum of five cards at the same time.
  • Check the total amount balance that you have to pay for the shopping.
  • If there is any additional amount, then you have to add your credit and debit card details to pay it.
  • If the amount to pay is less than that of your Walmart Gift card, then the remaining balance will be given back to you and you can use it in future purchases.
  • Follow up with the payment and enjoy shopping using the Walmart gift card.

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Why There is a Need to Activate Walmart Gift Card

Walmart asks for the activation of its gift card that worth more than $250 and on the condition if you are using more than 25 cards for purchasing or shopping. It does all this for the security purposes. Since the amount on the card is high, so a security is required to block any unauthorized access over the card. So there is a need to follow up with the steps for ‘How to Activate Walmart Gift Card’ in case you:

  • Use the card that worth $250 or more.
  • Using total of 25 cards at the same time.

Another main reason for the activation purpose is that you can use the walmart gift card at any other online store or physical store also. Everything goes on in a fully secure way vi email address registered with the Walmart.

How to Activate Walmart Gift Card?

To maintain the security, Walmart strictly wants the customer to activate the card. The activation process is simple and quick. But, it will help you to secure the card for any unauthorized access. Follow the steps below to activate the Walmart gift card. You can proceed with the activation process only if you have a registered email address with the Walmart.

  • Switch ON your system and visit online on your web browser.
  • Now, when you use the card, the Walmart will send you a URL to the email address. Open your mail box and click on the URL. Check for the registered email address on the Walmart card.
  • Once you open up the URL, enter the details as asked on the web page.
  • Write down the ID Number, activation code and the PIN number.
  • These essentials will also be in the email that is send by the Walmart.
  • If you correctly mentioned all the details, the system will match it and activate your card for the purchase.
  • If any one of the detail does not match than the system will not activate the card and you can not proceed with the shopping.

If you are making a purchase from a store, you can decide the amount that you want to deduct from the card and make the payment. The rest of the amount will be kept safe for future use. Again if you use the same card for any other purchase, then you have to follow up with the process of ‘How to Activate Walmart Gift Card’.

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How to Activate Walmart Gift Card using the Walmart Phone Number

If you can not proceed with the online activation process of How to Activate Walmart Gift Card, then you can call on the Walmart toll-free phone number. You can get the phone number on the email id or the card itself. The customer care executive will help you to access the card details including the ID number, activation code and PIN number. After that, it will also suggest you the correct procedure to follow for the activation process.

If your card detail does not have any sticker on it, then it means that you have already accessed your card before using the information.

Troubleshooting – How to Activate Walmart Gift Card

If you face any issue with the Walmart activation process, then the main reason for this can be incorrect card details. You need to again check the ID number, activation code and PIN number to achieve successful results in the activation process. If you face any issues while activation then contact walmart customer service team for help.

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