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DirecTV is a California-based Satellite television service provider that transmits digital television and audio programs to most of the areas in the United States, the Caribbean as well as the Latin America. While it is entertainment for everyone with DirecTV television service, there might be some occasions when you need to Cancel DirecTV Service. Based on customer reports and experiences with cancellation, it has been found that there are some complications and delays involved that must be taken care of before you actually go for it. One of them is the long service call to cancel your DirecTV satellite TV service. Another one is DirecTV Cancellation Fee that must be properly understood with implications.

All in all, cancellation can be an costly affair with a lot of time and patience involved. However, rest assured, that we have ways and means to avoid the hassle of DirecTV cancellation. As we go ahead, we’re going to show you exactly how to go about with various steps to Cancel DirecTV Service involving the right approach, sequence and the necessary patience.

How to Cancel Directv: The First Steps

1. Have your account information and latest bill with you: It will be good to have any important account numbers and PINs or any DirecTV contract information you have, with you. This will help if your contract dates back to prior to AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV. These will assist with in conversation to Cancel DirecTV Service with a representative.

2. Only Via phone call: Cancelling DirecTV service online or through an email, etc., is not allowed. The only way to cancel your subscription is through the phone call at the DirecTV service number. Customer service operates from 8 a.m. till midnight EST, all days.

3. Speak to a live person: When you call DirecTV for cancellation, a series of automated messages will greet you. You need to talk to a real, live customer service representative. Don’t stop until you reach a live person to talk to for Cancellation DirecTV or for any discussion for DirecTV Cancellation Fee.

4. Schedule your call: DirecTV helpline professionals may be available, but your own time also needs to be taken care of. It’s best to call early when you have a lots of time to stay on hold for discussion on DirecTV cancellation policy. This is the best way to go when you need to Cancel DirecTV Service.

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Phrases to Use When You Call

Trying to cancel your DirecTV service over the phone doesn’t always work out the way you think. The retention department will engage you in lengthy conversations and provide a lot of hurdles to jump over. To make the process simpler, here are a few conversation guidelines and phrases that that you can use to make it simpler and quicker.

“I switched services.” The past tense framing of the sentence holds the key. It shows you’ve already bought another satellite services with a competing TV firm and it’s late to change your mind. They may still try some way out to retain you, but it anyway will hurry up the entire process to Cancel DirecTV Service for you.

“I don’t want any new rebates, just want to cancel.” These word will help in such situation when you are confronted with an offer of discount or lower prices on a new DirecTV plan. You may have to repeat this with a cool mind for making it work for you.

 “Please connect me with someone who can cancel my account.” Mostly, the first person you talk to won’t always be able to help you. Same with the second person. Keep moving up the chain to reach someone who will listen to you. In case, the rep refuses to put you in contact to someone useful, keep insisting. This is the best way to come to a concrete solution to Cancel DirecTV Service or when you want a fruitful discussion with DirecTV Cancellation Fee.

“I’m getting rid of all TV services because I no longer want to pay for TV.” This approach has acquired a popular lifestyle choice and a means to save money for many Americans. Stay on this point insisting you are cutting the cord because you no longer want to pay for any TV services. This is one of the best ways to DirecTV cancellation.

 “I’m moving.” This phrase is effective as long as the representative doesn’t offer you a “mover’s deal” to move DirecTV services to your  new location. You best bet here is insisting that you have to move out of state or service region and need to cancel subscription. Even better would be to say that you are moving out of the country and you just need to cancel DirecTV subscription right now.

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What happens when I cancel directv?

how to cancel directv

You have to be the DirecTV account holder: Your name needs to show up on the DirecTV subscription bill. AT&T simply wants to confirm that no one else is calling to Cancel DirecTV Service. In case, you don’t hold the account, then explain your situation and offer to provide an ID.

Don’t allow a temporary suspension if you don’t need it: The notion of suspending your account temporarily is to assist you pause your service for work projects or long vacations outside your region, country, etc. However, if you want a permanent DirecTV cancellation, you don’t have to accept a suspension. Cancellation is what you need and you need only that to discuss along with the applicable DirecTV Cancellation Fee.

You can’t cancel on holidays: You may ask for a cancellation on a call, but can’t expect it to take effect till the next business day. This is also true with weekends. In other words, to Cancel DirecTV Service speedily, do it when there’s a couple business days ahead of you.

Service representatives do lie: There have been accounts where customer service personnel have been found lying to their customers. These could range on issue with how DirecTV works, what DirecTV services are like, and even on how to cancel the subscription. This simply means that it’s not worthwhile to believe what you hear on the call.

For DirecTV cancellation, there are fees to be paid when you want it to be done immediately.

What does it cost to cancel DirecTV?

First, there is the deactivation fee. When you cancel before your contract period, you need to pay $15, with an additional $15 fee if you fail to stick to your minimum programming requirements on your package.

Second, when you Cancel DirecTV Service, there’s some prorated early cancellation fee involved. This fee is charged every month that remains in your current DirecTV subscription contract. So, in case six months were left in your contract term, you might get to pay up to $120 for your DirecTV cancellation. With other little charges it could get close to $150 as your total DirecTV Cancellation Fee.

However, you just can’t cancel DirecTV subscription without any penalty. In case, the final bill figures don’t add up, then you may ask for explanation.

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How do I return my directv equipment?

Successfully manoeuvring the phone call and managing a DirecTV cancellation is a triumph, but there are other things to do as well. Eventually, to pack up your cable box and cable, you will receive a pre-addressed box in the mail. In this, you need to pack up your cable box and accessories, and despatch it through the mail service.

Your account is not completely cancelled until AT&T receives all the equipment. While this box arrives in a few business days after your call, you need to call customer service again if the box doesn’t arrive on time signifying that your DirecTV cancellation may not have been processed. Once you receive the box, you have 3 weeks to send it back with the necessary things. It is then that they will take steps to Cancel DirecTV Service fully. You may follow up with direct customer service agents to ensure that your DirecTV subscription has be cancelled without anything further to do.

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