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DirecTV is a US-based satellite TV and streaming TV service that has a huge subscription base overall. DirecTV Now enables users to access streaming TV by subscribing to it and with easy plans and packages. While it runs smoothly throughout with its updated technology and incredible features, there are some technical glitches that sometimes disrupts it and you want to look for expert resolution. One of these, which you may often encounter, is the unexpected DirecTV Now Error 40. This is when you get stuck while you are trying to access the DirecTV Now app via Apple TV or running it from any other platform. It essentially is a video flaw where the app doesn’t load the video data due to a data transmission issue.

Steps To Resolve DirecTV Now Error 40

There are several ways to fix this DirecTV Now error efficiently. Here, we present some of the easy steps which assist you to resolve this DirecTV error. Try the following troubleshooting steps and methods to get rid of this error:

Refresh DirecTV

Sometimes, when you refresh the DirecTV service app, you can fix the DirecTV Now Error 40 manually.

As a first step, disconnect the power wire of the receiver device from the electrical socket and wait for 10-12 seconds. Then, get it plugged in again.

Thereafter, press the Power button on the front side of the receiver and wait for 20-25 seconds until it completes the reboot. Next, open the  DirecTV Now service once again and refresh it to check whether the specified error has been corrected.

Modify Settings

Many a times, an incorrect configuration or setting becomes a major annoyance that leads to the DirecTV Now Error 40. As a consequence, while you try to turn it on, your DirecTV device shows the message with error 40 time and again.

Turn on the equipment when you need to run the DirecTV now. Such as, in case, you are an Apple TV user and you want to designate Apple as the medium of DirecTV Now, then power on the Apple TV first and go to the Settings app. Below the Settings window, you get a choice of multiple options. Here, you need to choose Audio and Video sub-menu from the open list. Thereafter, do ensure that the Audio Out is set to Apple TV. Also, you need to check whether both the Music and Sound Effects are enabled or not. 

Open surround sound and select the Best Quality available there. Just you need to check whether it is enabled or not. Turn it on and reboot your device and check whether the DirecTV Now Error 40 problem is resolved or not.

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Reset DirecTV Service

In case, the settings and reboot modification are not quite enough to resolve the DirecTV service error, then you require to reset the service as soon as possible to prevent it altogether. 

Here you need to press the Reset button of the DirecTV access card door from the front panel of the window. Next, unplug the power cord of the receiver (like your Apple TV) from the electrical socket. Then, wait for at least 12-15 seconds and re-plugged it. Then, press Power button to reboot and keep a watch until the receiver gets restarted. This is one of the ways to resolve the DirecTV Now Error 40 issue.

Re-install DirecTV App

As a matter of fact, an incorrect app installation won’t lead to a smooth DirecTV service in your receiver. Additionally, a corrupted file or a missing setup file becomes a significant disruption with the DirecTV sound card issue. So, you require to uninstall the app and reinstall it properly to resolve the issue.

Press on the Start button and open the menu. Now, key in “Control” to show up the Control Panel window. In this window, you will come across various menus – you need to select ‘Programs & Features’. Next, choose ‘Uninstall a program’ and get the DirecTV installer from the installed apps list. Right click on the link and tap on Uninstall to delete the app from the device. Next in the direction of resolving the DirecTV Now Error 40 issue, tap on the OK button to confirm it and reboot the device. Finally, you need to install this application from the official DirecTV site with an all-current version.

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Upgrade DirecTV Service

An outdated software application is not likely to accept the upgraded DirecTV service due to its minimal memory capacity. As a consequence, when you need to watch an HD video service, your device simply pops up “DirecTV Now error 40”.

To resolve this issue, key in “devicemngr” in the search box and tap the Enter key to go to the Device Manager. From here, go to the ‘Installed Software’ area and right-click on the DirecTV Now app. Then, select the Update Driver option from the pop-up menu. Then you need to confirm it by tapping the “Yes” button and let the update process begin. It will take a few minutes until the update process gets over. Finally, restart the receiver and open up the DirecTV service to see whether the DirecTV Now error 40 video error is gone or not.

Clear Cache to fix directv error 40

An assortment of junk files and folders as well as bulk of data gets stores in Cache memory of your system thereby affecting the performance and service of the DirecTV app. This, sometimes leads to the above-mentioned error.

As a first step to resolving the DirecTV Now Error 40, you need to go to the Settings app by tapping the Settings and opening the Apps area. Once inside, you will get to know several choices from which you need to select Manage Installed Apps to get a list of installed applications in your system. Thereafter, click on DirecTV Now app to bring up the entire specifications and details of each. Next, tap on  Clear Data and Clear Cache respectively to get rid of the junk files from the application.

In this manner, a DirecTV user can comfortably get his/her DirecTV Now Error 40 resolved by identifying the issue right at the very beginning of the stage. In this manner, any type of user, or even a non-tech individual can resolve it by easy do-it-yourself steps in the most efficient manner. If still need help then try contacting DirecTV customer service team for help

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