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SiriusXM is a high-class radio device that you can install on your vehicle and enjoy playing videos on the go. However, SiriusXM may suffer from some technical and signal-related issues due to which it won’t be able to play the music. So, here we will discuss the “SiriusXM Keeps Losing Signal’ issue with the device. It can be due wrong mounting of the antenna or the damaged cables of the device. Let us discuss various factors that may cause signal issues and how to fix them for the accurate functioning of the device.

Why does SiriusXM Keeps Losing Signal? What Can Block a Satellite Signal?

There can be several reasons why the user may face signal issues with the device. These are as follows:

  • Bad Coverage
  • Incorrect mounting of the antenna
  • Damage or twisted cables
  • Empty Frequency
  • Pending update
  • Physical Obstruction
  • Cannel not working, and much more.

So, these are the various factors that may disrupt the signal restricting you to enjoy the music. The user has to check the reason for the issue it is facing and then follow its respective troubleshooting step to fix it.  

Troubleshoot and Fix SiriusXM Keeps Losing Signal

There are various steps that you can perform to fix the issue. You need to first configure the exact factor that is causing a disturbance in the device’s signal and then follow the step to resolve it. So, follow the steps below to resolve the loss of the SiriusXM signal.

Improve Antenna

The strength of the signal depends on the position of the antenna. Place the antenna on the outside of the vehicle and near the sky so that it can catch the entire strength to work properly.  Also, avoid its contact with the metal body of the vehicle so that there is no blockage of the signal. So try to place the antenna at the part of the glass of the vehicle to improve the strength of the signal.

  • Check Antenna Cables

Also, antenna cables can be the responsible factor for the SiriusXM Keeps Losing Signal issue. So, you need to check the cables for any damage or twist. If there is any damage to the wire or cable, then change the cable with the new one. Also, check both the endpoints for the cable to be tight and secure. The loose cable connections can also disturb the signal and cause an issue.

  • Tuner Error

If the screen of the SiriusXM shows any tuner error, then it means that the tuner is not working problem. In this case, also, the signal can be lost and as a result, the music won’t play on the device. If the tuner is in a bad state then it will not pick the signal correctly. So, you need to replace the tuner to resolve the problem.

  • Physical Obstruction

Another factor can be a large physical obstruction that may decrease the signal strength and you may face SiriusXM Keeps Losing Signal issue. So, to fix this problem, you need to wait for the obstruction like a tunnel, tall buildings, mountains, etc to go out of the way. After that, check the improvement in the signal strength and finally check for the solution to the problem.

  • FM Adapter Interface

Also, the problem in the signal may arise if there is an interference from another radio transmitter, probably when you are traveling in some other city. So, to fix the problem, go to the settings and check the exact frequency that your device is running. After that, check the stereo of the car and adjust it to that exact frequency. Use the stereo button and move the frequency up and down to adjust it. Finally, check for the solution to the problem.

  • No Channel Issue

Another main reason for the SiriusXM Keeps Losing Signal issue can be that the channel which you are playing is not currently working. There can be some broadcasting issue with the channel that you are running on your device. So, to fix the issue, try to switch to another channel and check for the solution to the problem.

So, these are the main steps that the user can perform to resolve the problem with your SiriusXM signal. In case you still face the same issue, then you can contact the operator and ask for a better solution to the problem.

How Can I Resolve SiriusXM Signal Problem?

To resolve the bad signal issue with SiriusXM, you can perform the steps below in series.

  • Firstly, check the antenna placement of the device. Make sure to place the antenna out of the car on its glass and avoid contact with the metal part.
  • After that, check the cables and wires of the connection. There must be no damage to the wires and also no bend. Check the ports and the end of the connections for any loose or insecure connections.
  • Make sure that the device is working on the correct frequency as it is suited. If there is any change in the frequency then also you may face SiriusXM Keeps Losing Signal. So, to fix the problem, adjust the frequency of the car radio to that of the XM radio for the accurate functioning of the device.
  • After that, make sure that you are not traveling in any area that has a large physical obstruction like a tunnel mountain, etc. These obstructions may not allow the device to catch the signal from the clear sky and result in a bad signal issue. So, you cannot fix it anyhow. You just have to get out of the area where there is a physical obstruction to fix the signal issue.
  • Lastly, you can fix it by simply switching the channels of the device. There can be any broadcasting issue with the channel which you are playing currently. So, to fix the issue, you need to switch the channel and check for success.

If you are still facing the problem then contact SiriusXM Customer Service Phone Number for help.

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