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DirecTV is the best platform to watch all the latest shows, movies, series, and a lot more even when you are offline. You can download your favorite videos and watch them later when not connected to the internet. The high quality of the videos let you enjoy it to the fullest. But, unfortunately, there are chances when you may face the issue with the downloaded videos as ‘DirecTV Recorded Shows not Showing Up’. There can be several reasons for the problem for which you need to follow up with the correct troubleshooting steps to resolve it and continue watching the videos seamlessly.

Why is My DirecTV Recorded Shows not Showing Up?

Sometimes, the downloaded data on your device may get corrupt due to which you can not play it. There can be several other reasons also for the problem. You can check the list below:

  • UI Problem
  • Data Corrupt Issue
  • Full Storage Issues or less disk space
  • Server Issues
  • Cache Memory Problems

 The user needs to configure out the exact problem with the device to get to the right solution directly. Otherwise, you can try the entire troubleshooting procedures to resolve the problem with any one of them. Lastly, if you are not able to get to the right fix, you can directly reboot the system.

Steps to Fix – DirecTV Recorded Shows not Showing Up

Whenever you face this issue, firstly what you can do is refresh the system or the screen which can sometimes work very well to overcome the problem directly. If not, then you may follow the troubleshooting steps to handle the problem and resolve it.

Clear the Cache Memory

The cache memory needs to be clear for the accurate functioning of the DirectTV shows and videos. Follow the steps below for clearing the cache:

  1. Switch ON the DirecTV, and open the menu.
  2. Navigate to the search bar.
  3. Go to the ‘Smart Search’ option.
  4. The screen will open up a new window.
  5. Type ‘clear box’ in the blank field.

It will now clear the cache memory automatically. Restart the system and check for the solution to the problem. If the issue persists, then move to the next step.

Resolving User Interface Issue

Another reason for the DirecTV Recorded Shows not Showing Up can be the UI issue. You can resolve the issue quickly and proceed to watch the videos seamlessly. The user interface can cause the videos to appear in some other section or tab. It is recommended to check all the sections and tabs for the downloaded videos. If still, you are not able to get the desired solution, then move to the next step for the solution.

Last Program

Sometimes, the issue may also arise due to the last program or the video. You can get the proper running of recorded videos by scrolling down to the last one and getting access to the entire recorded video. You can press the left button at the bottom of the screen for the entire section.

Resolving Server Issues For DirecTV Recorded Shows not Showing Up

The problem may also arise due to some server issues. If you are facing any difficulty with the recorded videos, first go online and check for any server faults in DirecTV. If there is any, then wait for the server to respond and then restart the system to get access to all the recorded videos.

Data Corrupt Issues

The problem of DirecTV Recorded Shows not Showing Up can also be related to the corrupted data in the system. The videos may also get corrupt due to some malicious activities on your device. You can scan the system for the theft activities and then again download the videos from scratch. The use of an active antivirus is highly recommended for future recordings.

Less Disk Space

There can be a chance that the video is not downloaded fully or properly due to less disk space. As a result, when you play the video it will not show up on the screen. The right solution for this problem can be removing or deleting some older videos or those which are not of your interest anymore. Then, again download the new videos and get full access to watching offline.

Reboot the System

The final step you can perform is rebooting the system. It is the last step that you might perform if all the other methods for fixing the issue fail. To reboot the receiver, click on the red reset button, and wait for a few minutes for the rebooting process to complete. It may take around five to ten minutes to complete the process. Check if the issue DirecTV Recorded Shows not Showing Up persist or not.

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Why Are My DirecTV Recordings Not Working?

DirecTV recordings may face certain failures due to which you can not play them to watch. There can be memory issues, corrupt files, server and UI issues, and a lot more. You can perform the troubleshooting steps to sort the problem and watch the recorded videos on your device. Do not forget to restart the device after performing any troubleshooting steps. It will refresh the entire system and let you watch the videos seamlessly.

Where Did My Recorded shows go on DirecTV?

There can be a chance that you are unable to access the recorded videos as you are not searching for them at the correct place. To get access to all your videos, you need to go to the ‘My Downloads’ section and play the videos directly from the list there. The list shows all the downloaded videos which you can watch even offline.

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Why Did My DirecTV Recordings Disappear?

The recording disappears in case of less disk space. If there is no more disk space, then the system will automatically delete the older videos to make space for new videos. You need to manage the space properly in case you want to save all your videos without being deleted.

If you need more help then contact DirecTV customer service team.

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