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Printers have become an indispensable part of their lives. Be it for office, home, and business use, we are dependent on printers. The printer has contributed in a big way by bringing life moments on a piece of paper. It would become unfair if you do not take the name of HP Printers. HP has brought massive revolution in the printing industry while producing high quality, user-friendly printers. But, just like any other printing device, HP Printers do encounter various printer problems. Find a solution to your printer problems with HP Print and Scan Doctor, a free tool efficient in fixing HP Printer issues.

What is HP Print and Scan Doctor?
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HP Print and Scan Tool is a free diagnostic tool for Windows PC. Address most of your printing and scanning issues with HP Print and Scan Doctor. The tool can be of great help when your printer encounters an error. To take leverage of benefits, the tool has to offer you require installing HP Print and Scan Doctor first. The best part of this software is that it accommodates itself well with almost all window versions.

Fix below printer problems using HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • Printer Offline issues
  • Corrupted printer drivers.
  • Printer jobs stuck in the queue.
  • Faulty/missing printer drivers.
  • Error messages during scanning and printing.
  • Problems with printer connections.

Scanner Problems

  • A communication issue with the scanning device happened.
  • While corresponding with the HP imaging equipment, a mistake happened.
  • Unable to locate computer
  • Computer Not Found
  • Currently not accessible is scan to computer.
  • Computer scan is no longer active.
  • Scan Unsuccessful
  • Scanner Unreachable
  • Scanner not found
  • The scanner’s initialization failed.

HP Print and Scan Doctor Download

Below are steps that you can follow to download HP Print and scan Doctor Tool.

  • Make sure to turn your printer on connecting it with PC.
  • Now, proceed with downloading HP Scan and Print Doctor tool. The download will take just a few seconds as the software is relatively light.
  • After you are downloading, proceed to the installation part.

How to install HP Print and Scan Doctor?

  • Find the downloaded file in the downloadable folder.
  • Right, click on the downloaded file. The menu will pop up — Select Run from there.
  • Wait for the software to get extracted.
  • Click on yes when prompted by User Account Control.
  • Agree to terms and conditions and wait for the installation to get over.

How to use HP Print and Scan Doctor to fix printer issues?

  • Once you are done with the successful installation of the HP Print Doctor tool, the welcome screen will pop up.
  • Check out the list of printers available by clicking on the start tab.
  • From the list of printers, choose the printer you need to fix, followed by clicking on next.
  • In case the printer with the issue is not listed, or there are specific connection issues, click on my printer is not listed.
  • Turn your printer offline and then online when prompted.
  • If still unable to find the printer, click on my printer is not listed again and confirm the printer is on.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and choose the way you want the printer to get connected.

Click on fix printing, if you want to troubleshoot potential printer issues and click on fix scanning, in case you want to rectify and resolve Scanning issues. You can simply contact our hp support experts for more information

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