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PayPal is a highly secure application that handles cashless payments and allows you to make payments online directly. You can link PayPal to your bank accounts and make payments to other parties using it. Users may face account block or suspended issues for their accounts in case of any fraudulent activity and any violation of user agreement. Here, we will discuss the reasons for the PayPal Account Suspended issues and the steps to resolve the problem. In case your account is suspended, you can directly call the customer care executive and discuss the entire matter for its solution.

Why My Screen Shows PayPal Account Suspended?

PayPal will raise a red flag to suspend and block your account under violation of certain conditions. If you face a suspension of the account, then there can be various reasons for it such as:

  • Your account receives a large amount of money: PayPal will temporarily freeze your account if you receive a large amount of money than normal.
  • Malicious Activity: Also, it will block the user’s account if it detects any suspicious activity of theft attack. However, it helps the user to maintain the security and privacy of the account and protect it from any hack.
  • Violation of User Agreement: If the users fail to work under its agreement, then also it can face PayPal Account Suspended.
  • Account having a large number of charge-backs: If your account is having a large number of disputes and chargeback, then PayPal will block it straight away.
  • If you sell drugs using PayPal: If there is any payment for illegal activity or material, then also PayPal will suspend the account.
  • Any dispute over the payments: You may face PayPal Account Suspended for any disputes over the payments.

In these cases, PayPal has the full authority to suspend your account. As a result, you will not be able to proceed with any transaction and payment transfers. You need to first resolve the issue to make or receive further payments. The customer care executive can help you in this case. You can also follow the steps below, and try to resolve the problem in certain cases.

How do I unsuspend my PayPal account? Resolve the Issues PayPal Account Suspended

Here is the best method that the user can use to recover the PayPal account. Follow the steps below to unblock your account.

  1. Firstly, go to PayPal. Make sure that your devices are connected with an active internet connection.
  2. After that, log in to your account using your credentials.
  3. Now, click on the ‘Resolution Center’ and check the solution for the problem.
  4. It also provides you with the information and the reason for your account suspension.
  5. After that, navigate to the Account limitation block or section.
  6. Click on the Resolve button and go with the flow of instructions.
  7. Submit your identity proofs as PayPal asks you for them.
  8. As soon as the operator is satisfied with your account, it will send you a mail for the un-suspension of the account.
  9. You can now proceed with the transfers and transactions successfully.

In some cases, PayPal may also ask you to send some documents over the mail. To un-suspend your account as soon as possible, you to send the documents immediately to proceed with the further process of resolving the problem.

Apart from that, you can also contact the PayPal customer service team if you face PayPal Account Suspended issue concerning your account. The toll-free phone number for PayPal is 1-888-221-1161. You can call on this number anytime for any query and account suspension issue of your account. The customer care executive will check for the various protocols of your account and try to resolve the problem after some documentation. Moreover, it will also tell you the reason for the account block.

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Does PayPal suspend accounts for suspicious activity?

PayPal works with full protection and is always successful to detect any fraud or malicious activity. In such a case, it will suspend your account for security terms and protection. Normally, it does so if there are too frequent transactions at a time.

How do I contact PayPal if my account is locked?

If your PayPal account is locked and everything seems to be secure by your side, then you can contact the PayPal customer service executive on the official phone number 1-888-221-1161. The executive will provide the details to unlock your account and make further transactions successfully.

Why would PayPal shut down my account?

If you haven’t accessed your account for more than two years, then the screen will show as PayPal Account Suspended on logging into your account. PayPal shuts the account after the inactivity for two years. Also, if your account holds any balance with PayPal at the time of shut down, then the company will send the entire balance to the primary address submitted with PayPal.

How long does PayPal lock your account?

In case of any PayPal Account Suspended, the user has to wait for the unlocking until it clears the entire matter with the company. If the company trusts the user again, then only you may be able to un-lock the account. It is purely for security standards.

Can I ever use PayPal after my PayPal Account is Suspended?

Yes, the user can reuse its account even after the suspension. However, it is possible only if you clear the terms with the customer care executive and follow the guidelines as he tells you. Also, you need to submit some documents for the verification and unlocking process.

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How many days does PayPal take after resolving the limitations for the Suspended account?

PayPal normally takes three to five business days to unlock the account and provide the authority back to the user to use it. Moreover, it is possible only when you fulfil all the limitations and documentation relating to it.

If you need more help then contact Paypal customer service team.

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