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Launched in 2009, Venmo is a mobile transaction service with which account holders can transfer funds to their beneficiaries within the united States via the Venmo mobile phone app. In case, you rely on Venmo for your payment needs as well as for other financial transactions, having your Venmo Account Frozen can be a big inconvenience.

Venmo freezes accounts mostly in an effort to give its users the highest level of security. They might freeze the account of its users, reverse a few payments or request documentation. This is done when concerns are raised owing to account activity that, at a first glance, seems against the User Agreement or expressed credit card policies.

When Venmo account freezes, it is not possible for you to unfreeze your account by yourself. You need to reply to the email that you receive when your account gets frozen, or contact [email protected] for more information on Venmo Account Frozen solutions.

The Obvious Signs Of Frozen Venmo Account

In case, your Venmo account gets frozen, first and foremost, you’ll receive a notice via email confirming you about it along with the possible reasons for the same.

Should you not receive this email owing to some reason, or you miss it in your inbox, the other indicator of Venmo Account Frozen will be the pop-up message sent to you the very next time you attempt a payment transaction to your receiver.

Yet another sign to tell you if your Venmo account is frozen will be that all payments to you will stop. The person who goes on attempting to make a transaction to you will be informed that the his/her payment could not be completed due to some reasons.

Venmo Account Frozen – Reasons

As a matter of fact, your Venmo account will be frozen temporarily when a transaction that you try does not go through. In this case, you will get an email notification informing and alerting you that your desired transaction has not happened. The below-mentioned are some of the reasons why your transaction has not happened resulting in Venmo Account Frozen scenario:

  1. At the time of transaction, there are Insufficient funds in your Venmo account.
  2. There is a possibility that you have depleted the number of ACH transfers you can transact in a single day.
  3. In case, Venmo requires to reverse certain payments in a given time, Venmo Account Frozen happens.
  4. Sometimes Venmo is in need of certain verification documents to check your account. This mostly takes place because they have noticed certain suspicious activity going on in your account. Such suspicious activities could be any of the following:
  5. When Venmo understands that some other person might be using your Venmo account without your information and knowledge. In this case, freezing your venom account will help with appropriate investigation into this and also give you security against financial loss. This leads to Venmo Account Frozen situation for you.
  6. At times, some other financial institution may inform and alert Venmo that another person is using your account without your authorization.
  7. In such situations where there could be a potential breach with law, Venmo is mandated to freeze your account to conform with the provisions of the law.
  8. If you violate the set terms and conditions of Venmo or breach your agreement with the institution, Venmo Account Frozen results on its own.

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How To Unfreeze Your Venmo Account?

1. On your desktop or laptop computer, access the and log in to your Venmo account.

2. In the pop-up window that comes up, choose the bank from which you want to transfer the money from. Here, you must take note that you will have to get the account with your bank verified with Venmo before you go ahead with the transaction to get rid of the Venmo Account Frozen situation.

3. Choose your bank and enter the amount you want to transfer, which should be not less than as much as you owe.

4. The money must get transferred to Venmo. This unfreezes your account Venmo in about two to three working days.

How to contact Venmo to unfreeze your account?

Venmo also freezes your account if it suspects violation of User Agreement. Here it notices some suspicious activity happening. There are also violations of “Restricted Activites” outlined by the company in the User Agreement, where the Venmo account freezes for you.

In this case, Venmo Account Frozen account could mean that Venmo understands that someone is using your account info without your understanding and knowledge. Freezing in this case happens in order to prevent any fraudulent activities associated with your account. It could thereby mean that there is some unauthorized transaction being carried out with your account.

If any of these above-mentioned circumstances, you will need to speak to any person at Venmo to resolve the issues. Here’s the way to do it:

  1. From your PC or laptop, sign in to the Venmo’s website.
  2. Next, Click on the “Recover” option.
  3. Now, you need to reply to the email you got received at the time when your account was frozen. Here, Venmo will need you to attach an image of your unexpired US government-allotted photo–ID with this email.
  4. Now, log in to your application and click on “Menu.” You can now chat with a customer care specialist from this Venmo application. Go to the “Get help” area and click on “Contact us”. Finally click on the “Chat with Us” as a step to clear the Venmo Account Frozen issue.
  5. Next, make a call to the Venmo’s customer care helpdesk. The hours of operations range from10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.
  6. Here, you may also get in touch with Venmo by filling in the online form. The online form assumes importance when you no longer have access to the email service that was associated with your Venmo account. It is also convenient if you need to attach files for Venmo Account Frozen issue resolution.

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To help with the problem, you can also chat with someone from the Venmo app. To do this:

1. Start the Venmo app.

2. In the upper left hand corner, tap on the menu icon.

3. Next, at the bottom of the menu, tap on “Get Help”.

4. Now, Tap the middle option, i.e., “Contact Us,”.

5. Under the section “Connect With A Human,” choose “Chat with Us.” This will begin a live chat with a Venmo customer service executive that will help you through to get the best resolution for your Venmo Account Frozen problem.

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