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It is admirable that Venmo can expertly and rapidly send money to the bank account associated with your debit card. You can transfer cash regularly from your Venmo account, and it often appears in your bank account a few seconds after you start the transfer. When using the Venmo app to send money, probably, you will get to see that your instruction gets stuck and the regular transfer does not occur. There are a few simple fixes for the Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue.

Instant transfers with Venmo allow you to direct money from your Venmo application to the eligible Visa/MasterCard debit card or U.S. bank account normally within 30 minutes. A fee of 1% is charged with a lower limit of $0.25 and a higher limit of $10. This is deducted from your transferred sum of money for each money transfer that you do with Venmo. Instant transfers with the Venmo app can be done 24 hours a day, 365 days a year irrespective of weekends or holidays. It must be noted that transfers may be affected by certain service disruptions leading to the Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue that has various reasons.

How to Set up Venmo?

Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue resolved

As we all know, sending money from bank to bank, even by visiting the bank, can be a hassle; that’s why today’s generation prefers to use the online money system. Online money system means sending money from one to another person by using Android phones, even sitting at home. Venmo is very popular right now in the United States. So, now we will let you know the steps you can follow to use the Venmo application for sending money instantly. 

Step-1: Go to your Play station and install the Venmo application on your device. 

Step-2 Open the application and reach out to the lobby screen.

Step-3 At the lobby screen, you will see the three small lines at the top-left corner.

Step-4 Click on those lines and then click on the manage balance option. 

Step-5 After that, the screen will show you two different options; the first will be the “Instant Transfer” option, and the second will be “1-3 Business days”.

Step-6 Avoid those options for now and add the money as much as you want to send.

Step-7 After adding the money, click on the “Instant Transfer” option. 

Step-8 At the below part of the screen, the green button will pop up to Transfer money with the selected amount. 

Step-9 Click on the green button and don’t forget to add the person to whom you want to send the money.

Step-10 For confirmation, you can check out the balance history, or you can check out the payment status.

So, these are the steps you can utilize for making instant payments using the Venmo application. If these steps are not working, then maybe there is an error that you can efficiently resolve. It sometimes happens that a user is using the application, and the Venmo Instant Transfer not working issue starts bothering them. You don’t need to worry yourself now. Just look below and know the reasons for the arrival of Venmo Instant Transfer Not working issue along with the quick fix. 

Why does Instant Transfer Error happen?

Due to its incredible easiness and user-friendly features, Venmo’s instant transfer feature has become an instant hit for users everywhere. You can immediately get that money transferred in no time for a very small fee. That makes Venmo an excellent platform for paying away for your various  necessities or getting paid. That is why there is a considerable amount of outcry when the Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue happens from time to time.

Instant transfers with Venmo can be reviewed and refused for a variety of reasons, which includes Venmo’s programmed internal security processes. Before going for an instant transfer, we suggest making sure that you’re using a card that is registered in your own name, and that your account with Venmo has your first and last name on file that is legal and formal. Failure with this may invariably lead to Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issues.

Additionally, when you transfer money with Venmo, they are reviewed and could lead to declines, delays, or blocking if they identify any issue. Reviews may also result in funds being removed or frozen from your Venmo account.

In case, you continue to get an error even without anything above happening, this implies that Venmo’s instant transfer feature may not be available at that time. This might happen even if you have used your bank account or a card for instant transfer successfully in the past. As a way to help with Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working, since the Venmo support team is not authorized to override instant transfer refusals, you can choose to send money via standard bank transfer for free.

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Instant Transfer Vs Standard Bank Transfer?

When you are going to make the payment then you will see two different options. In those options, you will need to select the one way by which you prefer to make the payment. The first method is Instant transfer which is not supposed as a free method and the other method is Standard Transfer which is totally free of cost.

The instant transfer method can be utilized by the users who want to pay and on the other hand, most of the users mostly prefer to go with the second option. Read below to know the differences between these two options. 

Venmo Standard Transfer

  • It is totally free to utilize.
  • It will take 2-3 business days to make the payment successfully. 
  • It transfers money by using the ACH Network.
  • If you changed your mind then you can cancel the payment before the arrival of the amount on the other’s bank account by using the Live chat open. The live chat option will connect you with Venmo experts directly. 

Venmo Instant Transfer

  • Venmo Instant Transfer is only using Visa/Mastercard or debit cards. 
  • To make the payment, you will have to pay a 1.75% fee that will activate this option.
  • For each transfer, the minimum amount is $0.25 and the maximum is $25 will be deducted.
  • Additionally, making the payment with this option will take only 30 minutes. If the amount is unable to reach the other’s bank account for any reason then you will get the complete refund on the same day. 

It must be noted that any transfer that you make using the Venmo app is reviewed which may result in late arrivals or the money getting removed or frozen from your Venmo account leading to Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue.

Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working? Here’s What to Do

With the Venmo application, you can send and receive transactions with your money, enabling peer-to-peer exchanges with easiness. Funds, when transferred, come in the recipient’s Venmo balance at once. On the other hand, sending money to a bank account using Venmo’s Standard transfer takes 1 to 3 business days to reach the designated account. In case, you require cash instantly, using Venmo’s Instant Transfer helps shift your available balance to a Mastercard or Visa debit card in less than 30 minutes. There may be a number of reasons why you may have to confront the Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue.

How Do I Contact Venmo?

In case your money doesn’t arrive at the designated account on time or if you come across another issue, Venmo has the following contact methods ready and it takes care to respond in a proper fashion to its customers:

  • Choose Menu > Get Help > Contact Us > Chat with Us and Chat with a Venmo customer support expert in the Venmo mobile app.
  • You can dial Venmo customer support at 855-812-4430. Their hours range from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST, from Monday to Friday. They don’t work on designated holidays.
  • You can also fill out the Venmo Support web form.

Before you decide to call the Venmo experts, it is suggested to do some do-it-yourself troubleshooting steps to make sure there’s nothing missing on your side. This might help you get rid of Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue.

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Is My Debit Card Eligible for Venmo Instant Transfer?

All US-based Mastercard or Visa debit cards that participate in the Mastercard Send platform or Visa Fast Funds service can be used with the Venmo Instant Transfer service. However, there are instances where most of the cardholders are not aware whether the bank associated with their card is a participant in the program.

The best way to make sure that a debit card is eligible for Venmo Instant Transfer is to add it to your Venmo account on the app. To connect your debit card to the Venmo app, go to the main menu, then choose Settings, then select the Payment Methods therein. This is a way to understand the steps to get rid of the Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue.

Once you have added the debit card to your Venmo account, take the steps described elsewhere to initiate an Instant Transfer on your Venmo app. If your card qualifies, you can choose it from the list given. If it is not eligible, your card indeed appears in the list but is greyed out and not accessible for the purpose of Instant transfer.

In fact, funds from any Venmo Instant Transfer transaction are sent to the bank account that is attached to your qualified debit card. Next, you need to check your account balance to see whether the transfer was successful for further using your debit card for withdrawal or purchase. This helps understand the issue of Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working better.

Transfer Money to Your Bank Account Using Venmo

Using your Venmo app, you may do the following to initiate an Instant Transfer to see whether your card is eligible or not:

  1. First, Tap the Menu button in the upper-right corner of your phone.
  2. It displays Venmo balance with your name when the drop-down menu appears. Choose the Transfer Balance link located to the right of your balance as a step to understand the Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working issue.
  3. Enter the amount to transfer and tap on the drop-down menu at the screen bottom.

A list of bank accounts and available cards display with eligible ones is displayed in the Instant section.

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