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Venmo is a money transfer platform that allows you to send or receive money cashless directly through your mobile phones. You can use Venmo to link your account and handle payment transfers easily and quickly. It is a highly secure and reliable platform for the transfer of payments to business groups and friends. However, sometimes the app may incur certain issues. When you face an issue as Venmo keeps saying something went wrong, then there can be certain factors responsible for it. Firstly, check your internet connection and the details of the recipient to whom you are sending the money. These two factors are a major cause of the problem. Here, we will discuss various other factors also that can create the issue.

Why is My Venmo keeps saying something went wrong?

There can be several possible reasons for the Venmo not responding issue. You need to work on the issue to get the solution and then continue with the successful payment transfers. Here is the list of causes of the failure:

  • Low internet connectivity
  • Wrong recipient details
  • Server downtime
  • Account block or freeze
  • Insufficient balance
  • VPN issues
  • Outdated Venmo App
  • Pending device updates
  • Hardware failures

So, these are the reasons for which you may face Venmo keeps saying something went wrong issue while making a transaction. Let us now discuss various steps that help you to resolve the problem so that you can continue making payments via Venmo.

Troubleshoot and Resolve – Venmo keeps saying something went wrong

The user has to follow various steps to fix the problem so that he can continue with the payments. But, before that, you need to configure the main cause of the problem. If not, then follow the below steps in series to get the solution and check for the success of Venmo keeps saying something went wrong after each step

Fix the Network Connection Problem

Firstly, you can try to resolve the problem by fixing the internet connectivity issue. Your device must be working on a high-speed internet connection for the app to respond reliably. You can check your internet speed online by performing a speed test. If you encounter a low speed of the network, then try to fix it by placing the router close to the device. Moreover, reduce the network load by disconnecting all the other devices connected to it.

If still, you encounter low speed, then try to use the mobile data connection for making the payment. Check for the solution to the problem.

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Check the details of the Recipient

The user has to submit or write the exact details of the receiver for the successful payment. In case, you write the wrong email address and phone number then you are stuck with the payment. In this case, the screen will show Venmo keeps saying something went wrong.

To resolve the problem, the user has to check the details of the recipient and check for the exact match. Also, remember to cancel the last transaction before following up with the next in this case.

Check the Server is Running or Not

Also, the server is sometimes responsible for the problem with the payment transfer. It can be the downtime of the server for which you are not able to complete the transfer. You can call the executive to ask about the server issues. So, to resolve the problem, the user has to wait for the server to start responding and then proceed with the payment transfer successfully.

Check For Account Freezing

The issue Venmo keeps saying something went wrong can also be a result of an account block by the operator. The company may block or freeze your account if there is any theft activity corresponding to it, or the user violates the agreements and licensing terms. It is done to ensure the security and privacy of the account. The user has to follow up with the company’s executive for the solution in this case. You can only proceed with the payment transfer if the operator unblocks your account.

Check Your Account balance

If you want to send money to the other party, then you must have a sufficient balance in your account. If there will be less balance, then you will not be able to make payments. So, to resolve the problem you need to first add the amount to your account. After that, make successful payments. Also, cancel the prior transaction and make a new one for successful results.

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Update the Venmo App

Another major factor that is responsible for Venmo keeps saying something went wrong is the outdated Venmo application. You need to update the app firstly and then follow up with the money transfers. Follow the steps below to update the app:

  1. Firstly, connect your phone with an internet connection.
  2. Now, go to App Store or Play Store.
  3. In the search bar, type Venmo.
  4. Navigate to the Venmo app and check for any update option next to it.
  5. If yes, then click on the update option.
  6. After that, wait for the process to complete.
  7. Now, restart the device and check for the success of the problem by initiating a new payment transfer and canceling the pending one.

Update the Device Software

The problem Venmo keeps saying something went wrong can also be a result of pending software updates in your device. The user needs to perform the software update and then proceed with the transaction. You can go to System Settings, and then about the phone. After that, check for the software update option. If there is any pending update, then click on it to start. Wait for the process to complete, and restart the device. Finally, check for the solution to the problem. Also, before proceeding with the new payment, make sure that you cancel the pending payment to avoid double transfers. You can go to your account, then pay and navigate to the one that shows as pending. Click on the cancel button to cancel it. After that, make a new payment by resolving the issue. If you need more help the contact venmo customer service team.

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