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Venmo is a payment method, introduced to skip the long ques from bank transfers. It allows its customers to transfer any amount to your family, friends, or other payments. Lately, many users are complaining of a common error. The pop-up message, Venmo there was an issue with your payment is displaying on the screen. It appears when one tries to make payments. And this can resolve with few simple troubleshooting methods. You may try any of the methods to find a favorable situation.

Why does Venmo there was an issue with your payment appear?

To find a solution, you must first know the reasons for the failure of payment. If not then you may not understand how to rectify it. Hence, without delay, let’s dive into the details. First, identify the main problem with your Venmo payments. The message Venmo there was an issue with your payment may appear due to any of these reasons-

Payment Declined by the Bank

The bank has to allow a Venmo payment. Bank has full rights whether to allow it or not. Therefore, if the bank declines any payment, Venmo is not at fault. This is one of the most common reasons for declining payment. Hence, in such situations, your app may show Venmo there was an issue with your payment on the screen.

Transaction Triggers Red Flags

Although Venmo is a safe platform for transactions. It makes its efforts in keeping it up. Venmo tries to protect its users from fraud or suspicious accounts or transactions. Hence, Venmo there was an issue with your payment that may appear at times. If there is any detection of wrong passwords, repetition of payments, or other such situations. Therefore, Venmo may automatically decline payments under red flags. Further, this is also the second most common reason, look out for such matters.

Insufficient Funds on Venmo Account

Another reason, for Venmo there was an issue with your payment may be a low balance. Sometimes, when you do have enough balance to complete the transaction, Venmo may appear in this message. It can be confusing to see this message. But you can check your balance for safety before contacting customer support. It is a common mistake that many users commit. Therefore, there is no harm in checking once. Also, it gives you the clarity to know about your account. But in case, there is sufficient balance, then it may be due to any other reason.

Exceeding Limit

Venmo has a limit on transactions. There is a range of limitations for various reasons. It may be on transfer of money, online purchases from merchants, card purchases, and others. However, you may still expand your limits. But limits will apply. Hence, the message may also appear due to exceeding limits. Further, there are also limits on per transaction. 

Frozen Accounts Temporarily

Venmo freezes accounts if it finds anything suspicious. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. You may unfreeze your accounts easily. However, if you try to make payments with a frozen account, your app may display Venmo there was an issue with your payment, try again. Hence, you will have to unfreeze your venmo account first to make further payments.  

Damaged Debit Venmo Cards

Even if your debit card is damaged, you will have to bear the cost. A damaged debit card will obstruct payments. Despite having sufficient funds, the payment will decline. Any physical damage or damage on the magnetic strip may lead to failure of payments. Therefore, you may have to replace your card first, then proceed with payments.

Unverified Venmo Account

Also, another reason may be that you have an unverified account. If you are an unverified account holder, you will have a maximum weekly limit of $300 weekly. But for instance, verified users will have a $5000 weekly limit. Therefore, complete the identity verification process to acquire the best facilities. Also, it leads to various additional facilities. Hence, if you exceed payments above the limit, Venmo there was an issue with your payment that is common to appear. So, do the needful and enjoy without issues.

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How to Fix Venmo there was an issue with your payment?

As there may be various reasons for causing the problem. Similarly, there are various ways to handle the issue. All of them are effective with their respective matter in concern. Therefore, it is vital to first identify the cause of the failure of payments. It will lead to finding the best solution to your problem. Although, there are various troubleshooting methods. Yet, they are all very helpful and easy to access. 

Step-by-Step Guide to resolve Venmo Payment issue:

Reboot or Re-start your device and Venmo App

Sometimes, there is a possibility that your device or app is not properly working. Hence, it is best that you try to reboot the device and the app. It will lead to restarting the Venmo app from the beginning. Through this, many users successfully start their app and make further payments. You can download the Venmo app from the given link.

Re-install the Venmo App or Clear Cache

Also, you may re-install the app. Users have reported getting satisfying solutions through this method. Indeed you will start the entire app from the beginning. It will lead to clearing any old cache. A cache may lead to the malfunctioning of the app. Hence, clearing the cache may lead to the smooth running of the device. 

Updating of Venmo Debit Card Details

Also, updating the debit card details may help. When your debit card is expired or damaged, the Venmo there was an issue with your payment may appear. However, this can also be due to problems with the debit card. If you have issued a new debit card, immediately add it to your app account. Further, details of the debit card should be accurate. Information such as expiry date, card number, or other such information will affect your Venmo account transactions.

Service Availability

Venmo is not permissible in certain areas. Therefore, you may have to check the service availability in your locality for Venmo. In regions where Venmo is not serviceable, you may not be able to make transactions. 

Other troubleshooting tricks to handle Venmo there was an issue with your payment are-

  • Try to log out and log in to your Venmo account. 
  • Contact the branch in case of problems from their end. 
  • Meanwhile, you can also check your account balance and update any changes. 
  • Ensure that your account is unfrozen. To unfreeze your account, you can easily make the payment or use another bank account. 
  • Also, for any flagged payments, directly contact your bank. They will be in a better position to provide answers. 

Hence, the Venmo there was an issue with your payment can easily resolve. You may have to provide careful attention to your account while making any payments. But, it is the easiest and most convenient way to make online transactions, hassle-free. If you are still facing issue with payment on venmo then talk to a live rep at venmo.

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