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Unable To Print Desired Documents As Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding?

Canon Mg3600 Printer is one of the most technically advanced wireless printers which is capable of printing and scanning various type of documents and files. With lots of advanced features and easy printing, printer users sometimes face lots of tech issues while giving commands which create a great nuisance in the life of the users. If you are one of those users who gave several commands and your Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding as per your requirements then it is essential to reach out the tech support experts for the instant solutions.

Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding issues can arise due to various factors including network, connectivity, and driver issues. If you are stuck while printing your documents then we can help you out in resolving all complex issues with no time with our in-depth inspection. We are available 24*7 to make sure that users get much-needed solutions for Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding issues within no time. We are equipped with the most advanced tools and techniques that make us a more reliable and trusted tech support provider.

Reasons For Getting Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding Errors?


There are several reasons associated by which users get the Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding errors and these reasons can vary from a loose connection to complex issues. These are the most common issues by which users get the printer not responding issues. If you are using the Canon Mg3600 printer, then you get the errors because of the network issues. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • One of the most common issues is that the desktop and router lost the connection. In this scenario restart your device and try to reconnect it for a stable connection.
  • Distance between the router and the printer is exceeding the desired limit due to the printer is getting low signal strength. It is suggested by experts that it is essential to move closer to the printer and router for better strength.
  • The router and printer are unable to communicate.
  • Some sort of firewall protection may be blocking the necessary ports to communicate. Reconfigure all the firewall with the port and resolve Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding errors.
  • All drivers are updated and suitable for the system version.

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How To Resolve The Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding Errors In A more Convenient Manner!

If you are getting Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding errors and wanted to resolve these as soon as possible then it is important to know the reason behind these errors. As we all know that this issue is arising because of communication issues between the printer and the desktop. Some of the steps are listed below by which users can resolve these issues:

  • First of all, users need to press the setup button.
  • Head to the wireless LAN network and select ok.
  • Choose the easy setup process.
  • Choose the access point.
  • Select the available WI-FI network and enter the password.
  • Insert Set up disk in the desktop.
  • Select the easy install option and then install it.
  • On the new page select printer on the available network.
  • Select next to start the installation process.
  • After successful installation, try printing desired files.

If you get any type of error and the above-listed solutions don’t work for you then follow these methods to resolve the Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding issues.

Method 1- Using The Print Trouble-Shooter!

  • Start with the start button.
  • Then choose the control panel.
  • In the search dialog box type troubleshooter.
  • Choose the troubleshooting option form the list.
  • Select hardware and sound option from the list and click on the printer and click Next.
  • Select the desired printer and click next to start the troubleshooting process.

Method 2- Check Printer Spooler Services!

Another method is to check the printer spooler services are activated or not. Some of the steps users need to follow for that are:

  • Click on the start and search in the search dialog box.
  • In the box type services.
  • In the service window, search for the print spooler service and right-click.
  • Choose the properties option.
  • After that in a general tab inside the start-up type select automatic.
  • If the services are not running then change the status to the start.
  • And then click ok.

Method 3 – Switch On The Network Discovery Mode!

Discovery of the network is essential to reduce the chance of Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding errors. It allows other printers to connect with the available devices. But sometimes these can be blocked by the firewalls automatically to resolve these users need to follow certain steps:

  • Start by clicking on the start button.
  • After that head to the control panel.
  • Choose network and internet options.
  • Now choose network and sharing center option.
  • Select advance sharing settings.
  • Turn on the discovery mode if it’s turned off.

If you face any issues and errors while performing any steps don’t forget to reach us. We make sure that you get the instant solution from our 24*7 Canon Support operational helpdesk.

Get The Most Genuine Technicians And Resolve Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding Errors!

Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding errors are the most common yet complex issue which can be only resolved by getting the trusted and secured tech support services from the certified technician. We make sure that Canon Mg3600 Printer users get the most reliable printing experience. We have the most experienced team of technicians. They are dedicated to offering the most genuine and budget-oriented tech support services for Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding errors.

Canon Printer Not Responding errors can be resolved by updating and uninstalling the drivers as well. If the drivers are not updated or installed users get the network issues which result in not responding errors. We are available round the clock to offer the much-needed assistance from our end so that’s users get instant solutions for Canon Mg3600 Printer Not Responding issues.

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