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What to do if your payment for Flight Booking was Unsuccessful?

Making the payment is a very crucial and the most important step while making flight bookings. A confirmed payment gives the surety of a confirmed booking. At times there are issues in completing payment that lead to the pending status of the flight reservation. If the payment is not processed the booking is not completed. There are various issues faced while making payments for flight bookings faced by the individuals that we have recognized. Solutions have been found for these issues to ensure hassle-free completion of the flight reservation process by the individuals.

Some of the issues faced while making payments on airline websites:-

  • Internet issues that lead to errors.
  • The card limit is exceeded.
  • Technical glitch due to wrong card details, pin, cvv etc.
  • The payment method selected is not supported.
  • Transactions blocked by the banks if seem unauthorized.
  • Using a different mobile, laptop or pc that is unusual could block the transaction.
  • Money is debited but the payment is not done.

Tips and tricks to avoid all these issues:-

  • Make sure the card has enough balance available.
  • Make sure to have a proper internet before you go on with the reservation process.
  • Check the details twice before adding them like the card number, valid from, expiry date, cvv etc.
  • Beforehand, check the payment mode you wish to make payment with if it is available or not.
  • Transactions are blocked by repeatedly using wrong payment details.
  • If you are using a different mobile, laptop or any other medium make sure to enter the right digits and passwords to get along with the transaction smoothly.
  • Recheck the information you have added is accurate or not.
  • If there’s a major glitch you can connect with the card issuer or the bank.
  • In case money is debited and payment is not done it will be credited back to the account. You can connect with the bank for this issue.

Troubleshooting process for declined payments:-

  • If it shows ‘transaction cannot be completed’

Follow the process it shows in the instructions that come with the message.

If you are checking out as a guest, login and then checkout to easily get done with the transaction.

  • Unable to complete the transaction ‘Expired Card’.

Make sure the payment method is up to date.

  • Use another form of payment ‘invalid transaction’.

Make sure the payment method has enough funds, try making the payment using a different payment mode.

  • Payment declined by the bank

This can be due to the reason of bank’s servers, a suspicious transaction from the payee’s profile etc.

Contact bank in that case and provide confirmation of your identity in case of suspicious transaction.

Get Help from the Expedia Customer Service

If you face any of the errors while making payments you can easily get in touch with the customer service department of expedia.

  • Get in touch with the agents at Expedia customer service number or via the chat option to get assistance on your queries.
  • The agents are mainly having knowledge about all the issues faced while making reservations.
  • The executives at Expedia customer service number provide appropriate solutions to their customers for getting the payment done with ease.
  • They examine the issue and provide reliable solutions to the customers.
  • Agents require some details to ensure that everything is fine and the payment can be processed.
  • Executives at expedia customer service number ensure that the customer has provide complete and correct details and make sure that the payment mode used is accepted by the website.
  • The agents at Expedia customer service department can be reached out at any hour of the day. They are available to be reached out for any queries or issues faced via call or live chat. Get reliable assistance for all the issues and queries faced by calling on the Expedia customer service number.      

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