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Join Amazon Prime Video to watch award-winning Amazon originals, TV shows and latest movies in almost any language of your choice. With your Prime membership, you can access exclusive blockbuster movies, regional movies and much more anytime and on the move as well on your mobile devices. Or simply plug into your Amazon Fire TV Stick and get the streaming content with the latest of your choice. With these and much more however, interruptions may happen when Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue comes up needing troubleshooting help.

The biggest TV shows and movies are much better on any big screen. Your Prime membership even encompasses ad-free music along with fast delivery on eligible items, full access to amazing deals & much more. All this and much as long as your Amazon Prime works properly. Somehow sometimes, when your Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issues pops up you can get them fixed as we go on to elaborate further.

Why is my Amazon Prime Video not Playing

  • Ensure that your web browser or device has the latest updates.
  • Verify your Internet connection.
  • Disable any proxy servers or VPN.
  • If you are can connect to the Internet on other devices, you simply need to update your connect device’s DNS settings. Check with device’s manufacturer website on how to do it.
  • Pause any other Internet activity of other devices are also using the same network at the same time. This may resolve Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue.
  • Make it sure that external devices connected to your TV is using a HDMI cable that is in tune with HDCP 1.4 for HD and HDCP 2.2 for HDR or UHD content.
  • Close the Prime Video app or your web browser, and start it all over again.
  • Make it sure that you are not utilizing the same account on more than one devices. At a time, you can stream the same title to two devices only.
  • When attempting to operate a device using Alexa, try to un-pair then re-pair the device within Alexa app. This is one of the ways to resolve the Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue.

How to fix amazon prime video not playing

It must be noted that like various other streaming services, Amazon Prime Video mostly runs without issue. However, it’s quite possible that at some point in time, you’ll run into some kind of issue. That is the way technology has been made to function. When Prime Video is not functioning for you as expected, these are the most common problems and solutions for the Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue.

Does Your Device Meet the Minimum Requirements?

As a first step, you need to confirm the minimum required setting and compatibility for your device. For set-top boxes and smart TVs the configurations will remain unchanged. This means that if the equipment has an Amazon Prime Video app, it should function. If not, and you’ve checked with other troubleshooting steps, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer for resolving the Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue.

For desktop systems, make it sure that your operating system meets the following requirements:

Linux/UNIX operating systems also supported

Windows 7 or newer

Mac OS 10.7 or newer

Also, your internet connection should be:

  • For Standard Definition (SD) video – 900 Kbits/sec
  • For High Definition (HD) videos – 3.5 Mbits/sec to avoid any Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue.

You also need to check your web browser. If there is no dedicated Video app of Amazon Prime for your OS, you’ll need to view videos in the web browser. Your web browser should meet the following requirements:

  • Mozilla Firefox (version 53 or newer)
  • Opera (version 37 or newer)
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
  • Google Chrome (version 59 or newer)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 11 or newer)
  • Apple Safari (version 10 or newer on Mac OS 10.12.1 or newer)

If Amazon Prime Video meets these minimum configurations, Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue does not mostly show up.

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Make sure your Prime Video account is active

Please ensure that your Amazon Prime account is running with the current form of payment. In case, you’re experiencing trouble using your Prime Video account, make sure it’s active and in a running state. To check, go to the Prime Video account settings page to make sure it’s payment is done and is active. This is true for Amazon Prime in general. In case you cancel your Amazon Prime account or fail to pay your bill, your Prime Video is not accessible leading to the  Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue.

Make sure you’re Internet Connectivity is proper

Amazon Prime Video requires a proper and stable Internet connectivity to function. Unless you are watching any video that you have downloaded, you always require to be linked to the Internet in order to watch Prime Video. Also, check that your streaming tools is connected to the Internet, whether via cellular data connection or with Wi-Fi. If you’re sure that it is connected properly, you need to reset your Internet router and connect again to troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video Not Playing issue.

Use Prime Video on another device

Suppose, your Amazon Prime Video works on every other devices that you connect but one, you know that only that device is the issue. If Prime Video doesn’t work on your usual device, try it with some other. For example, if it doesn’t work on your Roku or smart TV, open the Prime Video app on your smartphone and try it that way, or you may open Prime Video in a browser on the computer. If it functions on one device but not on others, you’ve narrowed down the issue. You may reboot the appliance that Prime Video isn’t running on to see if Amazon Prime Video Not Playing is gone.

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Reinstall the app or restart your device

If rebooting your equipment doesn’t work, try uninstalling/reinstalling the app. In case, you have understood the problem belongs to a specific device, restarting the device can resolve the issue. If that doesn’t help, uninstall the Prime Video app and then install it again. You’ll perhaps need to log into Prime Video again to get rid of Amazon Prime Video Not Playing problem.

Shut off any unnecessary network tools

If various persons are utilizing the same Internet connection, Prime Video will slow down. It’s possible that your Internet connection is consumed by other data if various persons are gaming on the same Wi-Fi network. This starves the Prime Video of required bandwidth. Check and stop any other internet activity when using Prime Video. While using Wi-Fi, move your internet router and streaming device closer together. Also, you need to turn off any network tools that you don’t need, to make sure they aren’t slowing your connection to lead to the Amazon Prime Video Not Playing trouble.

Make sure you have the proper HDMI cable

You might require to buy a new HDMI cable to be able to watch all the video you want. It’s rare, but if you’re having trouble watching Prime via an HDMI cable device, it’s possible the HDMI cable isn’t good enough. With HD content, the cable needs to be HDCP 1.4 compatible at least and with 4K content, you’ll need HDCP 2.2 HDMI cable.

These will get rid of the Amazon Prime Video Not Playing trouble. In case, it doesn’t you may need to call Amazon prime customer service team for help.

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