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WiFi for us is a preferred wireless connection to the Internet. It’s not metered, it is fast and all modern devices are compatible to connect to it. Xfinity WiFi is a network of Wi-Fi hotspots for Xfinity Internet users which consists of a mix of hotspots in public places and businesses and those for Xfinity home users on an opt-out basis. There are times when you connect to an Xfinity WiFi hotspot and there’s no working Internet connection. There can be various reasons for Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access. Usually restarting your WiFi router eliminates the issue. But if doesn’t work, we can look to sort out the issue in various ways.

Why is my Xfinity WiFi connected but not working?

To identify router issues, you can link other devices such as your mobile phone to the WiFi and see if it operates. If the Internet in this case works fine on any other device than on which you work normally, the issue lies with the device or with the WiFi adapter itself. Alternatively, if the Internet does not work on other devices as well, then the issue is most likely with the Internet connection or router. Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access has other aspects to take care of as well for troubleshooting.

Connected, No Internet:

Before you go ahead with the troubleshooting steps, you must understand meaning of this status that says “Connected, No Internet”. This status refers to the scenario that the connectivity among several devices inside your premises is established. Nevertheless, the issue is being the outside servers and its accompanying connections. Data signals are being properly transferred from one equipment to another within the network inside where the internet connection is done except for the servers outside leading to the Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access issue.

We can state that the servers outside are having problem with getting  the complete and stable link between servers, there are many scenarios cause this trouble. Some of these can be:

  • Your ISP Firewall is not operating stably enough to give you a good internet connectivity.
  • There is an issue with your Firewall with any one of the devices of the network on your outside server which is causing “the server is down” error.
  • The persistent interruption of the Domain system is primarily stopping hostnames transfers to the respective IP addresses.
  • There are too many invalid APNs.
  • Invalid or Incompatible DNS system causing Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access error.

How do I get my Xfinity WiFi back online?

  • Check If Other Devices Connect Or Not

Before you go ahead with the any troubleshooting resolution, make sure that your operational device is not the only one not receiving the proper Internet signal. Try checking your Internet on the PC. If it runs fine then there is a set up issue with your device. Fix it. On the other hand, if the Internet is creating trouble on all the devices then proceed with other steps for resolving the Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access issue.

  • Reboot Your PC

One fine method to mend the router issue is to restart it. Though it may look simple, actually the restart cleans up the caches and repairs many of the associated software and network issues.

If your modem and router and apart, restart both.

  • Turn off both
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds
  • Switch the modem on and after one minute turn on the router.
  • Wait for a few moments and then check.

This simple way can fix several issues on your router.

This is the quickest and basic troubleshooting step to resolve the Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access problem. Sometimes there are malfunctions with your equipment which makes it stop you directly connecting to the Internet. Restart your PC and let it reboot completely. If things go as expected, your problem is resolved.

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  • Reset Your Xfinity Router/Modem

Xfinity Gateway can be restarted via several means. Here is how:

Through Xfinity My Account App:

  • Start the Xfinity My Account App.
  • Scroll down and click on the option stating “Internet”.
  • Click on “Router/Modem.

Now, choose the “Restart This Device”.

In any case, it is always beneficial to troubleshoot with your equipment with manual steps. First unplug from your power socket. Then reconnect it after a few minutes. Apart from this, you can also disconnect your Ethernet cable for a few minutes and reconnect it to the modem/router. This will most probably resolve the Internet connectivity issue with any hassle. And this will also resolve the Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access issue. Also check how to change xfinity wifi channel.

  • Check If Your IP Address Is Right

Run network diagnosis to see if your IP address is correct and it is not invalid.

  • Checking Your Xfinity “My Account”

There are times your ISP cuts off your Internet due to your Xfinity My Account being outdated. First try to sign in into your Xfinity account. If nothing seems to work, contact your Xfinity customer service as soon as possible to know the actual issue with your account.

  • Problem with your device

When other devices on the network can access the Internet via your Xfinity WiFi, the problem lies with your WiFi adapter and the device itself.

As a first way out, you need to restart your device to see if that fixes the problem. As with the router, software and network malfunctions often get mended all by itself with a simple restart.

If that doesn’t help with the issue, do the below-mentioned:

  • In your task tray at the bottom corner of your screen, right-click on the network icon. Click on “troubleshoot problems”
  • Your Windows will try to auto-diagnose your issue and will try to fix it for you.
  • If Windows is not able to fix your issue, it will tell you what the and where the problem is so that you can accordingly attempt to solve the Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access issue.
  • Problem with the Internet connection

As a distinct possibility, the WiFi connected but no Internet error may shows up with the Internet connection and not with your connected equipment. It could be due to service disruptions, broken cables or just with anything else outside the domain of your control.

So it’s important to understand if the issue lies with your Internet service provider. For this, verify if the “Internet” light on the modem is operating as it should be. Ideally, the DSL and power lights should be turned on. Also, verify if there’s nothing unusual going on, such as the repeated flickering of lights.

For flickering lights, you can contact your Internet Service Provider directly to see what the issue is to get rid of the Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access problem.

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  • DNS cache conflict

A DNS cache keep with itself all your recent visits to the websites, so that you can quickly load the pages as required.

When you key in a URL on your web browser, the OS pick this and checks within the DNS cache. If the request is in tune with the pages in the cache, then the OS takes these pages from the cache instantly.

There may be time when this DNS cache becomes corrupted owing to some technical glitches or when unverified domain names come by any third-party applications like viruses.

To fix this, you need to flush the DNS cache to resolve the Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access issue. If the issue persists try contact xfinity customer service team for help.

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