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PayPal is a reliable and secure platform for small businesses and individuals to exchange money and make payments for your purchases. You can also transfer money to your friends and family members. You can make payments directly by linking your account to Paypal and updating your balance. But, sometimes you may encounter PayPal money received pending issues for your payment transfers. In this case, your payment does not reach the recipient and you have to wait for it. It may take even days for the payment to process in certain cases. Here, we will discuss the steps to resolve the problem along with the causes of the pending payment.

Why Does My Account show PayPal money receive pending?

PayPal mostly halts your payment for security purposes. It manages the integrity and privacy of your account and makes your payment pending in case of any false attack. Also, there are some other reasons for PayPal money received pending issue, such as:

  • Charge-backs and disputes
  • Inactive user account
  • Violation of User Agreement
  • Theft attack or malicious activity
  • Transaction for illegal items
  • Account not used for a long time
  • Unusual price or payment transfer
  • No account balance

So these are the possible reasons for the pending payment issue. In such cases, PayPal may not be able to complete the transaction and the recipient may not get the desired amount of money. The sender has to clear the issues to make successful payments in one go without any waiting or pending payments.

Resolving PayPal money received pending Issue – Make PayPal Payments Successful

So, we can follow the steps to clear all the issues above and make successful payments using your PayPal account. Here are the steps to follow to fix the issue:

  1. Clearing Charge-back and Disputes

To complete the pending payment, you can talk to the customer care executive that you are following up with the legal payments and transfers. There are no disputes about your payments. Moreover, submit the documents and provide essentials details to the executive so that it may release your account and you can check for the successful transfer of your pending payments.

  1. Inactive user Account

In case you haven’t used your account for a long, then the operator may block your account. In this case, you can resolve the problem by updating your account and confirming your credentials. After that, make the payment again for the successful transaction. It resolves the PayPal money received pending issue. Also check what to do in case your Paypal account is suspended.

  1. Violation of User Agreement

If the user violates the agreement and work against it, then also the operator can block the account. As a result, you may face pending payment issues for all your transfers. You need to call the customer care team and resolve the entire matter as per their instructions. So, you can make successful transfers for all your further transactions.

  1. Theft Attack or Malicious Activity

To maintain the security of your account, the operator will halt your payments in case it detects any malicious activity or theft attack at your account. You need to talk to the agent to resolve the issue and make successful payments.

  1. Paying for Illegal Items

If the user is making any payment for the illegal item or items, then he may not be able to proceed with the successful transfers. In this case, also the screen may show the PayPal money received pending issue. You need to pay only for the legal items using PayPal.

  1. Unusual Payment

If the user is making any payment that is unusual than regular payments, then there can be a pending payment problem. Moreover, if the payment amount is too high or to any international party, then it shows as pending. You can transfer the payment in an authorized way only.

  1. No Account Balance

The PayPal money received is pending in case of no balance or less balance in your account than the one you are transferring. You cannot send more amount of money than your account. So before making any payment, you need to maintain the balance in your account to avoid any future problems. In this case, you can resolve the problem by cancelling the current payment, then adding a sufficient balance to your account and making the payment again.

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How long will PayPal money be pending?

In case of no activity from the sender, PayPal keeps the payment pending for 21 days. After that, it automatically cancels the transaction. There can be various reasons for the pending payment, for which you can contact the customer service team and resolve before it expires.

Can I cancel my pending PayPal payment?

You can cancel the pending payments anytime before it reaches the recipient. If you face PayPal money received pending, then you can directly cancel the transaction and make it again after resolving the problem. It will be a fast approach than waiting for the payment to proceed naturally.

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How Do I Get my pending money from PayPal?

For each of the pending payments, firstly you have to log in to your PayPal account and accept the payment. After that, confirm the message at the end of the screen about the failure of the payment to receive the recipient.

What does it mean, when PayPal says payment received pending?

In case you encounter PayPal money received a pending message on the screen, it means that the money does not reach the receiver successfully. It can be due to various reasons such as security measures, violation of user agreement, illegal transactions, unusual payments, less balance, and many more. You can follow the above steps to resolve the problem and then make successful payments using your PayPal account.

If you’re still facing issue, then contact Paypal customer service team for help.

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