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AT&T visual voicemail service is a great way to keep you connected with important missed voice messages even when you’re busy. In case if you won’t be able to attend a call at any time due to some busy schedule, the voicemail system will send you (recipient) a voicemail to be listed as a missed call in the voicemail section.0

However, this voicemail service is indeed a useful tool for many years and is of great importance to thousands of people with busy lives.

You can surely save time and some dollars by using the below-given solutions that will hardly take 5 minutes to fix any AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available issues. So now take a look at the steps below to implement them correctly.

Steps To Solve The AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available Errors In Your Mobile!

On the off chance, your mobile phone number gets to be busy or you don’t answer, setting up a pre-configured voice greeting or message to the caller instead is indeed a good idea. If you face any issues related to att visual voicemail service, follow the given steps:

  • Check if your internet network settings (cellular data should be ON) is active and Airplane mode is Off
  • Reset the AT&T visual voicemail password
  • Check if the visual voicemail service is included in your cellular plan at first
  • Ensure to reset network settings to default and reboot your phone
  • Try deleting the Att Voicemail account and again reinstall the AT&T VM app to fix AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available  issue in your phone

You can try for these mentioned steps and lastly, if nothing works for you then you should surely approach the Att help forums for your further assistance.

In case you have got an AT&T voicemail that is not working correctly, you do not have to despair and feel helpless anymore. Before you contact AT&T support, it would be recommended for you to investigate and try some methods to troubleshoot this problem and fix the most common problems (if any) from your end first.

You can just install the official AT&T VM app from the play store course in the dialer itself. For a better track of the voice messages, you should always prefer the att VM app.

Note: This could have possible that the voicemail account server is down or some underneath issue with your Att visual voicemail account server. So in that case, you can’t do anything from your end and hence just approach the att support staff for resolution.

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How To Solve The AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available Issue?

On some occasions, you may experience flaws in AT&T’s visual voicemail, many of which are due to poor configuration. If you think that the configuration is perfect in your mobile voicemail, then just apply the following quick solutions again

Fix 1: Check for the wireless network strength

In order to capture the voicemail and the recordings of the missed voice messages on your mobile, you do need an active internet connection. So firstly check for the cellular data network and network coverage. Also do check for the DND or Airplane mode (make sure both are turned Off)

Also, do reset your network settings to default factory settings. (this will wipe out your seven wifi passwords and also helps you to reset the cellular network settings)

Settings  –>  General  –>  Reset   –> Reset Network settings

Fix 2: Change the AT&T voicemail access password

Ensure that you must be located in an area with enough att signal to contact the AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available ( Go to the link )

Go to your AT&T account wireless connections

Make sure to press the option “devices and accessories” and choose your device

Click on the administrator of your device

When you have the configuration of your device visible, then you must choose the voicemail password change

Now make sure to go through the instructions given by the AT&T system and change your at&t voicemail password

  • Ensure that you should mark your last password, or in case of loss you have to enter your data
  • You must create a new voicemail password not less than eight digits and a maximum of 16 characters
  • Finally, AT&T will ask you to confirm your new password, and that’s it

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Fix 3: Set up your visual voicemail AT&T account to fix AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available Issue

In case of if you recently changed your SIM, your visual voicemail in AT&T may have been affected, and you should configure it. The quick solution to this problem is:

  • Go to your AT&T account wireless connections
  • Press the option to “create new visual voicemail.”
  • Now proceed to Indicate your phone number, password, and confirmation of the same
  • You can add a voice message when the call is forwarded or leave the default settings
Fix4: Activate call forwarding to visual voicemail

This is one of the less frequent problems, but that can happen to you, find out how to fix AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available issue:

  • Go to your AT&T account settings
  • Ensure to click on “advanced options” and verify that call forwarding is activated
  • If your settings are disabled, you must turn it on and click “apply changes now.”

If your all calls directly go to voicemail or none of your calls going to voicemail, then you may try resetting the AT&T visual voicemail account right away.

This solution to restore AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available issue from another phone is necessary if you lost the mobile and have plans to recover the SIM. You should reactivate the voicemail account rather than you go and buy another SIM to create a new one, save money in this process. You can also try contacting at&t customer service team for more information.

Hope you really liked this post and able to fix the Att visual voicemail service on your iPhone. You may even try activating the AT&T visual mail in any of the att branded phones(check if that works). Also if something else worked for you, then just do let me (& others) know in the comments section.

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