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What is Printer Error 0x00000709 on windows?

It is a semantic error that prompts to occur when you opt to make your printer a default printer. Here, when a user is unable to set a newly deployed printer in the default state, it is said to have  Printer Error 0x00000709. In this scenario, the computer machine allots the default tag automatically to the previously used printer. When you deliberately keep on trying to change the status of your printer setup, the system throws a Printer Error 0x00000709 and prompts a message, “Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709)”.If you face such an issue and need it fixed, then you should connect to us as our technical experts with their extensive solutions know exactly how to get rid of it.

How Printer Error Code 0x00000709 affects you?

This error when occurs adds to the time lag while doing the printing jobs as it may make you feel troubled while selecting device ID of your printer machine every time prior to selecting for printing command for getting the print job done. Printer Error 0x00000709 hinders the processing as it disengages all other printer device IDs request available and pass the processing command to the previous printer unit in operation.

Printer Error 0x00000709 is programming/semantic  error. This error is generally thrown when your machine’s processing unit is unable to raise the flag with “default status” for your available devices and instead it will mark the default tag to the previously operated printer. Experts prefer to explain this as a glitch that happens to occur in the registry settings, which prioritizes the previous printer to be the default one. This error can cause the following:

  • Increased lag time- This means that the printing job will bound to take proportionally more time as all print commands will be piled up in a stack in wait condition, all the printing jobs requests are given preference as per their arrival time.
  • Increased processing-Burden on the machine’s processor. This will slows the machine operability
  • Hanging Issues might occur- As one device is only set as default due to Error occurrence, it will more likely to bring frequent halts to print jobs.

Printer Error 0x00000709  – Probable Causes

When user encounter this Printer Error 0x00000709  issue,  it is generally a case meant for the experts to take a close watch which can be taken care of by the team of experts who works to assist you 24/7 to get rid of all your concerns related to repair and bug fixing.

This error generally appears when the user even after trying to assign default status is unable to set the new printer deployed or a printer with the different device ID as default printer other than the one that is already set up as default by the system. This is caused by an error in the registry settings, which needs to be fixed to get rid of it. Most probable reasons for this cause to occur:

  • Registry containing corrupted files and missing files.
  • Hardware interfacing issues in between PC and Printer
  • Corrupted files in Registry
  • Virus attack issues at our PC drives.
  • Modification of Registry files may lead to data loss, thus causing this error.
  • Unauthorized Cable usage issue, affecting interconnectivity
  • Faulty device installation in the channel of communication
  • Software outdated glitch
  • Software bug glitch

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Easy fixes to get rid of Printer Error 0x00000709

In order to fix this issue, the registry file needs to be manually modified. Though, before proceeding further to make changes to the registry file one must be aware of the potential data loss that can occur. Therefore it is advisable to create a backup for them just to remain prepared in case data loss could happen due to various reasons so that you should be able to restore every single bit.

Caution: This process is vulnerable to data loss and files corruption

Advisable coarse of action is to call help from experts, if you need to get it fixed you may connect us, our team of experts will provide their assistance to get you rid of it. Experts applied methods to deal with this issue are listed below.

Fix Corrupt System Files

Open the registry and look for corrupted or missing files that need repair for that purpose one needs to download and run Restore to scan for corrupt files, fix them by restoring it from the backup created, restart the printer machine again to ensure if the error is fixed.

Modify Registry

  1. Click the Start button and type “Regedit” in the dialog box appears.
  2. Search pane will open, Right-click Regedit, and select “Run as administrator”.
  3. Scroll down and click HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  4. Change the name of your printer.
  5. If a dialogue box prompts the message “cannot edit device ”
  6. Click OK
  7. Now right click on the windows folder from the left pane and choose permissions, and check in the full control box.

PRO TIP: If the Printer Error 0x00000709 has occurred within your computer or a laptop/notebook printer setup.  If You apply to restore registry which scans the repository and replaces missing and corrupted files. Although this works in most cases, But when the issue is due to a system failure then you should rely on experts like us to get rid of this issue.

Printer Error 0x00000709-  Fixes to get rid for Windows only user

If you turn out to be a windows user and is facing Printer Error 0x00000709 then the methodology to fix the issue is rendered for use here, all one needs to ensure is the backup of the registry just to avoid any discrepancies that may lead to data loss. Step by step fixing of Printer Error 0x00000709 as follows:

  • Click windows tab + R, Run dialogue box will appear.
  • Enter “Regedit”, press OK.
  • A dialogue box will appear, click “Yes”.
  • Go to compiler settings.
  • Click Hkey_CURRENT_USER
  • Click the software tab.
  • Then select Microsoft and Window’s current version.
  • Push click on windows and choose permissions.
  • Click and type “Everyone”, then press “OK”.
  • Tick on “Allow” to “Full control”.
  • Press “Apply” and then press “OK”.
  • Restart your PC.

Have you tried all these methods? But still unable to set a default printer due to Error 0x00000709. Then contact our experts to Fix Printer Error 0x00000709 Cannot Set Default Printer on Windows in no time.

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