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Getting Brother Printer Not Printing Errors? 

Printing is a very crucial process. Sometimes, you’ve Brother Printer Not Printing even after giving so many commands. When these type of issues arise, the user’s work experience and office operations get affected a lot and impact the workflow as well. Moreover, brother printer is more advanced and easy to use than any other printer available in the market. But unlike any other device, users can get several issues as well. Brother Printer Not Printing issue is more common and can be resolved easily by following some troubleshooting steps.

Brother Printer Not Printing issues can be arisen because of various known and unknown reasons and can affect the printing experience as well. If you don’t know how to handle all of these issues on your own then you can take much-needed h help from Brother Printer experts as they have a better understanding and knowledge of Brother Printer Not Printing issues. But before contacting them please make sure that you disable your antivirus firewall and have the latest and updated drivers as well.

Common Reasons associated with the Brother Printer Not Printing Issues!

brother printer not printing

Brother Printer Is Not Connected To Stable Power Sources – One of the most common issues by which users need to face the Brother Printer Not Printing issues is when their devices are connected to the stable power sources. If you are not sure that your printer is connected or not then follow these steps:

  • When the printer is connected to a power source then all the LED lights are lit.
  • When your printer’s lights start blinking then your printer is having any errors, make sure that by checking the signal error icon.
  • If there are no lights then you need to check the power source and reconnect the cable.
  • Check if your printer is out of paper

Unstable Connection Between Pc And Printer – When there is an unstable connection between the pc and printer users get the Brother Printer Not Printing issues. These issues can be resolved to some extent by checking the network issues:

  • Users need to make if the connection between desktop and printer is secured if it’s not then trying to reconnect it.
  • If the desktop is not connected to the printer check all the settings and connect it by opening all the device options and select your printer name and model.
  • When the printer is not set as the primary devices then users need to verify it and select as the primary printer.
  • When the access point or router is not shared with the desktop and printer then users can get the issues that’s why they need to set the access point by Ethernet cable properly.

Printer Drivers Are Not Updated – Drivers are the most important factor used to make a proper network connection between the desktop and printer. If they are not updated or installed properly users get the offline or Brother Printer Not Printing issues.

  • Users can install the latest brother reinter drivers with the help of utility download drivers or by visiting the official site.

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Troubleshooting Steps To Eliminate The Brother Printer Not Printing Issues In An Efficient Manner!

Brother Printer Not Printing issues can be resolved by following some easy troubleshooting steps listed below:

STEP – 1 First of all start with checking the connecting status of your brother printer.

  • Ensure that your printer is turned on. If it does not then switch it on by connecting it to a power source.
  • Users need to make sure that they don’t get any errors by inspecting the led indications lights.

STEP – 2 Now, users need to check the network connection between printer and desktop.

If Printer Is Connected Via USB Cable:

  • If the brother printer is connected to USB cable then please reconnect both ends again and disconnect both devices and restart them again.
  • In case you are using any USB hub then use the direct USB ports.
  • Follow certain specifications by experts including – don’t use twisted cable, Cable length must be 6 feet long.
  • Users need to verify that USB cable connected to the exact USB port rather than any line jack, network port, etc.

If Printer Is Connected To A Wireless Networks:

  • Both printer and desktop sharing the same network.
  • Users need to make sure there are no recent changes in the password and configurations of the router.
  • The router is not interrupted by something.

STEP – 3 After that user need to check the printer driver settings 

  • Users need to check the printer folder by opening the control panel and then head to the hardware and sound after devices and printer section.
  • Now users need to verify the printer in the available list. When the driver is not installed properly try to install it instantly.
  • Now, set your printer as a default printer.
  • After that make sure that your printer is not offline or paused:
  • Start with a right-click and select the see what printing
  • After that head to the printer and then pause printing or use the printer offline option.
  • If you see any offline issue click on the open as administrator by entering the required password.
  • Delete all pending printing tasks. If you don’t know how to delete them then follow:
  • Start with clicking on the brother printer and select what is printing after that head to the printer and cancel all documents and then select yes to delete all pending tasks.
  • When cancel all documents turned grey then select open as an administrator by entering the password and click yes to delete all tasks successfully.

STEP – 4 Try to print from another application to resolve the Brother Printer Not Printing issues. If you are successfully able to print by using any other application then there is an issue with the application you are using. Visit the setting and check them if there any issues try to reset them.

STEP – 5 try to restart your brother printer and desktop.

STEP – 6 try to update or reinstall all necessary printer drivers.

STEP – 7 users need to make sure that the device manager is able to recognize the printer models.

If you don’t know how to perform any of the steps then you can reach to our helpdesk we make sure that you get the much-needed assistance from our tech experts instantly and resolve Brother Printer Not Printing issue.

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