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HP Spectre X360 Not Charging

How To Resolve HP Spectre X360 Not Charging Issues

Laptops come with the inbuilt batteries which allow users to perform the various task even when they are not plugged into the power sources. But sometimes users get issues with the batteries as well. If you have HP Spectre X360 laptop and it shows you certain errors related to the power supply and charging then don’t get tensed as these issues are most common and can be fixed easily. You all need to do is follow some of the basic troubleshooting methods and fixes carefully. If you don’t know how to execute the troubleshooting methods and steps then don’t worry to help you out we have mentioned some basic steps by which you can resolve the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues within no time.

If you are facing the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues then you need to inspect some important before starting the troubleshooting steps. It is suggested by experts that always make sure that all your device charging cables are in a good state. If they are damaged then you can also face power issues. In case you checked everything then follow all the reliable steps but before starting the actual process users need to make sure that the power supply is working fine. To check the power supply follow these steps:

  • Before starting the process user need to make sure that they are using the accurate compatible charger.
  • The old charger which comes with the HP laptops is 60 watts but HP Spectre X360 supports the charger with 90 to 130 watts.

Reasons For HP Spectre X360 Plugged in Not Charging Issues

HP Spectre X360 Not Charging

HP Spectre X360 Not Charging conflicts can arise anytime due to various issues. We have listed some of them. So that you can inspect all of them and follow a reliable fix to eliminate them:

  • Broken or defective HP Spectre X360 charger.
  • Unsupported or underpowered cable or charger.
  • Defective or damaged power socket.
  • HP Spectre X360 may not be restarted accurately. These issues arose when users install brand new batteries.
  • The battery does not have reliable energy.
  • Users download unstable updates.
  • Unsupported or defective battery.
  • Conflicts with the batteries charging circuit and motherboard.
  • Inaccurately Calibrated power management software.

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Common Steps To Be Followed By User’s To Eliminate HP Spectre X360 Not Charging Issues

Batteries are an essential part of HP Spectre X360, if they are affected by any issues then users are unable to get the desirable user experience. To resolve the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issue follow some of the fixes instantly:

Method 1: Troubleshooting Hardware

The most common reason why you’re HP Spectre X360 Not Charging can be linked with the hardware. To resolve them you need to inspect and check all the connected AC adaptor and USB power cables. TO check the hardware issues follow these steps:

  • Start the process by using and inspecting the surge protector. In most cases, the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues are related to the surge protector.
  • If the connected charger or its adaptor is damaged then HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues can affect the user’s experience. It is essential to check the power connection by using another adaptor.

Method 2: Performing Power Reset 

Sometimes the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues can be easily eliminated by performing a power reset. Power reset clear all the unwanted memory and caches stored in the laptop. To start the power reset process you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • Start the process by turning off your HP Spectre X360.
  • Then you need to remove all the connected cables and battery from your laptop.
  • As you remove the battery, you need to hold and press the power button for 15 seconds.
  • After 15 seconds reinsert your HP Spectre X360 battery.
  • Reconnect all the power cables.
  • Restart your laptops and wait until it shows you the charging notification.
Method 3: Update Bios System Of HP Spectre X360

If your power reset your device and still face the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues you need to update the BIOS for your laptop. BIOS helps the laptop and its operating systems to manage connections. If the BIOS of your laptop is outdated or corrupt then you have to face the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues.

In case you don’t know how to update and install the BIOS for your device then don’t get tensed head to the official HP support site and enter the service tag of your laptop in the reliable section. As you enter you get a list of available software and drivers. choose BIOS from that list and click on the download option.

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Method 4: Inspect DC Port Of Your HP Spectre X360

hp laptop dc port

In some cases, the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues are not associated with the adaptors or BIOS rather than they are linked with the damaged or corrupt DC ports. If you don’t know about the DC ports then don’t get tensed as DC ports are the essential part which is used to insert the power cables into the Charging ports and help laptops to transfer the battery in a reliable manner. If the DC ports are damaged or lose reach out to the HP experts and replace them instantly to avoid any complex issues.

Method 5: Modify Power Management Settings

HP Spectre X360 comes with advanced features and allows users to manage most of the features of the laptop without any hassles. One of the features is power management, if the power management of HP Spectre is not managed properly then users need to face the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues. It is suggested by experts that users need to manage them properly and disable all the defending programs to avoid the power or charging issue.

If you follow all the steps and still unable to fix the HP Spectre X360 Not Charging issues then reach hp customer service team to get this issue resolved

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