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Canon Printer In Error State – Underlying Reasons

Reasons for a Canon Printer In Error State could be any of these –Loose wiring, faulty USB cable, paper shortage, ink or toner insufficiency, paper jamming. These are just a few, we will be walking you through many other possible reasons too.
Stalling work just because a printer is in error state seems impractical. But every once in a while, someone somewhere in an office or a school faces this issue of their printer not working. The go-to help here is the web.

  • Paper Shortage
    Simple as it sounds, the issue is sometimes difficult to point out. The error light on the printer might not blink. This could be due to the fact that your Canon printer cannot detect the error, which makes it all the more difficult to figure out or your printer is out of paper
  • Ink Or Toner Insufficiency
    If you are using an inkjet printer, and it shows your Canon Printer In Error State, the problem could be insufficient ink in the machine. Although there are indicators on the printer to show error whenever there is one, these indicators might sometime fail to show the errors. Therefore, if your Canon printer is not working, it advised checking the ink cartridges.
    The same goes for laser printers. Check the toner in the cartridge and replace it with a fresh one, if need be.
  • USB Cable Issue
    The USB cable connecting the printer to the computer can also be the cause of Canon Printer In Error State. The cable could be loose at one or both ends. Or it might even be distorted from within. A simple check all over the printer can help you with the problem.
  • Paper Stuck In The Printer
    Often we ignore this aspect. Continuous work and pending work in the queue can sometimes result in malfunctioning of the printer. The papers get jammed in between the drums. This both easy to diagnose and equally easy to correct.

Pending Work In Printing Queue
Outstanding work queued up in the printing task often leads to the printer acting up. The excessive workload on a printer is bound to result in printer failure. Keeping a regular check on the queue will help.

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canon printer in error state

How to Fix Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10

We have mentioned above, few reasons for Canon Printer In error State. Now we will be elaborating the procedure the check the printer error.

  • Update The Printer Driver
    A printer driver or a print processor is a piece of software on a computer that converts the data to be printed to a format that a printer can understand. Outdated printer drivers is one of the reasons for printers to show an error.
    You can simply go to the website and download and install the driver. Regular inspection of the printer driver is suggested, so as to be aware of when to update it.
  • Printer Spooler
    The printer spooler is a process that handles access to the printer by multiple users. Faulty spooler can be corrected by updating the printer drivers. Start off by uninstalling all printers and printer drivers form the computer you are using. Once done with the process, download and update the drivers. And add the Canon printer to the computer once again.
  • Toner or Ink
    If the computer system shows your Canon Printer In Error State, check the toner or ink level in your printer. The printer often runs out of toner/ink, without indicating. The easiest and the only way out is to replace the toner cartridge or fill in the ink. Also, before you put in the toner cartridge, make sure to shake it gently. It spreads the toner evenly all around the cartridge. Lumps of toner result in unsatisfactory print quality.
  • Paper Jammed In
    Paper jams are a common cause of Canon Printer In Error State. Continuous and excessive work on the printer can cause it to stop, often by getting papers stuck in it. To rectify the error, keep a close check on the amount of work you are putting on your printer. If withdrawing these papers does not work, check for tiny shreds of paper inside the printer. These shreds of papers can be clinging on to the drum.
  • Printing Queue
    Pending work in the printing queue needs to be cleared before putting more work on the printer. If your Canon Printer In Error State, examine the printing queue and unload it of excessive work. It is always advised to unburden the printing queue before you start working again on it.

If you put a gadget through excessive work, it is bound to act up. Keeping a regular check on your printer will help you avoid these troubles. If your printer is still in error state in windows 10 contact our canon support team for help


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