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How to Fix the Issue of ‘Printer Printing Lines’ Reliably?

Black lines printed down the page whenever you print something get very frustrating, especially when you have got an essential job or presentation and you are going low on time. Before you decide to go postal on your printer, you aren’t alone! Printer Printing Lines is one amongst the most common issues of printers that most people experience & usually happens while you require your printer the most, but the good news is that it can get fixed!

Office useable devices may have the incidental glitch, however on the off chance that you see your Printer Printing Lines reliably, at that point, you have a more prominent issue on your hands. These issues ruined the whole work and hamper your work too. Most of the users asked How to Fix Printer Printing Linesissue. So, to help them all out all of them we have simple ways. Our steps will fix your issues and give you a satisfied printout.

To fix such worse issues always ask for professional assistance. Our company tech support expert provides its tech services that help you to eliminate those challenges with easy ways. Many printer users report for How to Fix Printer Printing Lines. So, we will explain the easiest methods to fix these glitches.

To get in touch regarding Printers and other devices give us a call at our toll-free number. You can even mail us also, write to us at our email id given on the page.

Reasons for Printer Printing Lines Instead of Printing

There are main 2 reasons for such issues. Following are:-

  1. On the off chance that your laser printer is making even dark lines on duplicates however not prints, a great cleaning should help tackle the issue. Indeed, even the scarcest bit of residue on the optics could cause inadequate prints, so it is imperative to keep hardware clean. This contributes to the Printer Printing Lines issue.
  2. Printer Printing Lines that are dark on duplicates and prints imply there is an issue with the drum. A drum resembles a camera, a photoconductor; it’s what snaps the photo. The drum is additionally sensitive, so on the off chance that it gets upset, there will be surrenders on each print or duplicate you make. At times the drum can be fixed, yet by and large, it should be supplanted. Drums are defenseless to mileage. Everybody with a multifunctional copier should supplant the drum eventually in time.

Solutions to Fix ‘Printer Printing Lines’ Issue

  • Right off the bat attempt the print head cleaning alternative in the printer menu. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, at that point get some paper towels, cotton buds (Q-tips), and warm foamy water. Take out the ink cartridges, turn the printer off or unplug it.

Assume the cartridge and position it on the paper towel, at that point look at where the ink comes. On the off chance that it looks obstructed, utilize a moist (not doused) cotton bud to spot and clean the print head. Once in a while, the print head is a piece of the cartridge carriage if so, utilize the cotton buds to attempt to clean the region where the ink comes out yet don’t get the printer wet. This will be helpful to fix the Printer Printing Lines issue.

  • Blackout or Printer Printing Lines down the page is typically brought about by the cartridge not having the seals evacuated completely or something being adhered to the rollers or drum units that are closing off a toner or ink line as it tries to print.
    • Check the drum, print head, ink cartridge or toner cartridge for seals that ought to have been evacuated when it was introduced or even clingy masses deserted.
    • Run a printer clean.
    • Change the drum or toner cartridge.


Cleaning the optics and changing the drum should fix the Printer Printing Lines issue by and large. On the off chance that issues still persist then don’t feel uncomfortable and, give us a call on our toll-free lines.

Instant Services for Common Printer Issues 

There are several issues that users encounter while working on printers. Following are some of them:-

For the above issues in addition to the Printer Printing Lines issue, you can fix it with our assistance. Get quick support from our end.

Extra Tips to FixPrinter Printing Lines Issue

  • In case your prints look faded or facing white lines, this may be the time to substitute your ink cartridges. The lesser ink there’s to print with, the more possible your prints will lack in color.
  • To eliminate blur and lines from the photos or readjust the exposure as well as the contrast of the prints, check the printer settings of your computer where you will be able to do the adjustment.

We hope that after trying these methods your printer not printing lines issues are fixed. You can also try contacting our experts through our toll-free number to get this issue fixed with the help of our experts.

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