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HP printers are used worldwide and offer reliable printing experience to the users. But like any other printers, users printing experience can be affected by various errors and technical glitches and one the most annoying issue is when HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10. Basically, these issues arise when users update the system or drivers and they get corrupted. These issues can be resolved easily as well by uninstalling and reinstalling the required software’s. But sometimes users get annoyed as these errors can affect the printing experience even after reinstalling the software.

If you are one of those users who’s users experience with the HP printer is affected by the HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10 issues then don’t get tensed just follow some of the reliable troubleshooting methods listed below. These issues can be arised because of various reasons that’s why it is essential to check all the mandatory issues. If you don’t know how to resolve the HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10 then don’t get tensed you can get connected to the experts who inspect and offer you in-depth solutions from their end with the help of our helpdesk.

Reasons Why Users Get The HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10

Before starting the troubleshooting methods users need to know about the main reasons which result in the HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10. There are various factors and reasons associated with the error state issue but some of them are listed below:

  • Issues with the BIOS system updates.
  • Online viruses and other harmful malware.
  • Corrupt or unsuitable printer drivers.
  • Unstable or corrupt wireless network connection.
  • USB cable or wires are not placed properly or are in a corrupt state.

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How To Resolve HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10


Most of the users get the HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10 error when they upgrade the operating system or download or install the latest drivers. If you are unable to give commands to your printer then don’t get tensed as these issues can be resolved by below-listed methods and steps:

Method 1 – Try To Change The Port Settings

To eliminate the HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10 issues users need to change the existing port settings. These settings can be changed easily by the following steps:

  • First of all, open the control panel by pressing the Windows logo key + R button on the keyboard, after that devmgmt.msc in the dialogue box and enter to access the Device Manager.
  • After that choose the view option from the top menu and Select show hidden devices.
  • Then users need to click right on the COM & LPT ports to choose properties.
  • Now open the port settings in the available properties window.
  • After that make a selection to use any interrupt assigned port.
  • Now check the box to access legacy plug and play detection option by selecting ok

At the end reboot your desktop to check whether the issues resolve or not. If the issues still persist follow another method.

Method 2 – Make Printer Online 

HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10 can be arise when the printer is offline. It is suggested by tech experts that users need to make sure that the printer is in an online state. To check the status of your printer you need to follow below-listed steps:

  • Start with pressing Windows + R keys and access the control panel after that choose printers and devices option.
  • After that select your desired printer.
  • If the status of your printer is showing offline then, get back it online by right clicks and choose use printer online.
  • When you get the online popup. Give a test print page to check whether the printer is still offline or not. In that case, the issue is with the printer drivers. Try to install the latest and suitable printer drivers.

Method 3 – Reinstall The Printer Drivers 

To reinstall the HP printer drivers users need to follow some of the reliable steps:

  • Open the Control Panel and choose option view by a large icon.
  • After that select and choose the option Devices and Printers.
  • After that perform a right-click on the printer name or model number and choose to remove the device.
  • Reconfirm the device removal by OK and restart the desktop after the successful process.
  • When the desktop reboots it automatically detect and search for the essential printer driver. If the desktop is unable to reinstall essential drivers unplug it from power source and plugin after some time.

Method 4 – Set The HP Printer Spooler Services To Automatic 

Another factor by which users’ needs to face the HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10 issues is when spooler services are not working properly. To reset the spooler services follow below listed steps:

  • To reset the spooler services users need to Press Windows logo key + R on the keyboard and then type services.msc in the available Run box and hit enter to move further.
  • Now look for the printer spooler services, make sure that they are set to start.
  • Now users need to click right on the printer spooler option and then choose properties.
  • After that, a general tab opens, in the tab set spooler startup type to automatic and apply the changes by clicking ok.
  • Now close the appeared service window and restart the devices to eliminate the HP Printer In Error State On Windows 10.

If you face issues while performing any of the steps you can reach out to our helpdesk and get assistance from HP Support Number. They will definitely help you.

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