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Delta Airlines ranks second in terms of airlines with the highest customer satisfaction. The US-based airline ensures customers find it convenient to file a complaint regarding any shortcomings from the airline’s end. Have you recently flown with Delta Airlines and were dissatisfied with the services offered? Or do you wish to give simple feedback to the airline? Read further for details on how to file a complaint with Delta Airlines.

Make an online complaint to Delta Airlines via its Help Center page

The easiest way you can make a complaint to Delta Airlines or give the airline feedback is through its online Help Center page. On the official website of Delta Airlines, you can find the option to message the airline or fill out feedback and complaint forms. For any grievances with Delta Airlines, follow the steps listed below to file a complaint successfully.

  • Visit the Delta Airlines website.
  • Under the ‘Need Help?’ tab, click on the ‘Help Center’ option.
  • On the Help Center page, scroll down and click on ‘Comment/Complaint’.
  • Here, customers are given the following options:
    • Submit General Feedback
    • File a Baggage Claim
    • Submit Delta Vacations Feedback
  • Select the option that best suits your requirement and file the complaint.

Once you have successfully submitted your complaint to Delta Airlines, the airline shall get back to you as soon as possible. 

Note: It is recommended that you log in to your Delta SkyMiles account to speed up the process of filing a complaint with Delta Airlines.

Once You File A Complaint With Delta, A Representative Shall Get Back To You

For any feedback or complaint submitted, Delta Airlines shall assign a case number. Eventually, a representative of the airline shall get back to you through a phone call. You can then communicate your grievances in detail to the live representative. Depending on the number of requests, feedback, and complaints Delta Airlines has received, you might have to wait for a while before the airline responds to your concerns. 

How To Check Complaint Status For Delta Airlines?

If you have filed a complaint with Delta Airlines and haven’t yet received a response, the airline might still be processing your feedback. In that case, you can keep track of your complaint’s status. On the same webpage where you filed the complaint, you can select the ‘Check General Feedback Case Status’ option. If you have filed a baggage claim, you are also given the option to ‘Check Baggage Claim Case Status’ right below the link to the Baggage Claim Form. The case number assigned to your complaint is required to check the complaint status.

Delta Vacations Feedback/Complaint Status cannot be checked online. To check the Delta Vacations Complaint Status you must contact the airline at the following toll-free number: 1-800-800-1504

Filing A Complaint With Delta When Booking Is Made Through A Third-Party

It is essential to note that if you have booked your flight by contacting a third-party such as a travel agency/agent, you must contact them directly for any issues with your bookings. Complaints can be filed directly to the airline only if you booked the flight directly through the official channels (website, mobile application, reservations number).

Delta also welcomes compliments and complaints via Social Media 

Social Media has only recently emerged as an effective and fast way to get a response from any airline regarding flight issues. If you have tried other Delta Airlines Customer Service and haven’t received a response yet, it is recommended that you file your complaint with Delta through the airline’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Complaints For Baggage Issues Can Be Easily Made Through A Phone Call

Certain airlines are notorious for poor handling of passengers’ baggage. Delta Airlines is regarded as one of the better airlines when it comes to baggage handling. However, if you feel your baggage was damaged during inspection, you can file a complaint to Delta by calling the airline at the following phone number: 866-289-9673

If Nothing Works, Mail In Your Complaint To Delta Airlines

The digital age has certainly reduced the usage of mail by customers when filing a complaint. However, big businesses often tend to take complaints sent to their physical address more seriously. Any complaints regarding flight cancellations, refunds, baggage delays, and more, can be made by sending a mail to Delta Airlines at the following address:

Delta Air Lines, Inc.P.O. Box 20980
Customer Care
Department 980
Atlanta, GA 30320-2980 

Is your Complaint With Delta Airlines Not Resolved Yet?

Air travel is not always the smoothest experience in the world. From flight delays to lost or damaged baggage, passengers facing issues with Delta Airlines are common. Although Delta is known for high customer satisfaction, if the airline has failed to listen to your complaint and resolve the issue, you should personally visit Delta’s office and meet a representative directly.  

If the problem isn’t resolved after multiple attempts, the last resort is to file a complaint with the United States government against Delta Airlines.

How long does it take Delta Airlines to respond to a complaint?

On Delta’s website, the airline has stated that receipts of written customer complaints are addressed within 30 days. For a substantive response, the customer may have to wait up to 60 days. However, if you have filed a complaint and haven’t received any response after a minimum of 30 days, try contacting the airline through another channel.

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