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Venmo is a highly productive application that allows you to transfer the money from one account to another. For the transfer process, you need to link the bank accounts with the Venmo. Also, you can link to your card. Moreover, sometimes you may face an issue as ‘Venmo Keeps Declining’ due to any problem with the services and the application. There can be several factors for it such as inactive account, flagged user, low balance, and much more. Here, we will discuss about the troubleshooting process to resolve the problem and continue with the payment successfully. Below are the responsible factors and the steps to fix it.

Why My Venmo Keeps Declining Again and Again – Factors Responsible

There are several factors that are responsible for the failure of the Venmo Payment. We will be discussing the reasons for the failure of the Venmo payment. Various responsible factors are as follows:

  • Payment declined by Card issuer
  • Activation of security flags
  • No Network connection
  • Server downtime
  • Non-Verified Account
  • Low or No Account Balance

So, you have to take into account various reasons that are responsible for Venmo Keeps Declining. You have to resolve the problem for the success of the payment transfer.

Why My Venmo Keeps Declining – Troubleshoot and Resolve Venmo Payment Failure  

Venmo is famous in various parts of USA and also other parts of the world. Linking of Venmo to the bank account will help you to transfer the money. However, if you face the issue as “Venmo payment keeps on declining’, then you have to follow up with the troubleshooting processes to resolve the problem and get the desired solution.

Improving the Internet Speed

You may increase the speed of the internet by placing the router close to the device and reducing the load of the network by disconnecting the other devices connected to it. Firstly, check the internet speed by performing the online speed test. Also, make sure that you may reconnect the device after improving the speed of the internet. You can also try to connect your device with the data network and continue successfully with the Venmo payment transfer.  

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Resolving Application Issues

There can be certain issue with the Venmo app due to which you may face ‘Venmo Keeps Declining’. Therefore, you need to resolve the problem and then proceed with the money transfer from one account to another. To fix, reboot the device. After then, restart the device and connect it with the high speed and stable internet connection Now, click on the restart button, and wait for the device to automatically switch OFF and then ON again. Lastly, go to the Venmo app and try to make the payment again without any declining.

Clear the Cache Memory of Venmo Application

Temporary files in the cache memory are also responsible for the failure of the Venmo payment transfer. So, to resolve the problem, you have to clear the cache memory and then again try for the solution of the problem. Below are the steps to clear cache memory:

  1. Firstly, visit the Venmo app.
  2. After that click the Venmo icon and hold it for few seconds.
  3. Now, go to the ‘App Info’, and click on the ‘Cache and Storage’ section.
  4. After that, hit the ‘Clear Cache’ button.
  5. The system will take some time to process.
  6. Now, login to the Venmo account using the name and password.
  7. Check for the success of ‘Venmo Keeps Declining’.

Updating Account Card Details

Entering the wrong details of the card will also result in the Venmo Keeps Declining issue. So, in this case you need to add up the new card to your account or update the details for the success of the payment transfer. If your card is expiry, then update or renew the card. It will give you the desired solution. Now, perform the payment transfer and check for the success.

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Add Balance in Account

A low account balance can also result in the Venmo Keeps Declining problem. You cannot transfer the amount that is not sufficiently present in your account. So, we recommend you to check the amount balance before making any transaction. If there is insufficient balance, then the system may show a failure of the transfer process. Add the balance every time you make a transaction, and then make a new one. It helps you to avoid any transaction failure in future.

Check the Server

If the server is down or it is running low, then you need to ask the Venmo customer care executive for the running of the server. As soon as the server starts to run, then you can proceed with the successful transaction. Server downtime results in the failure of the transaction. Check the Venmo service availability in your location online, or ask the executive. For the server downtime, you can only wait for the server to respond back for the successful transaction.

Payment Limits

The failure of the payment transfers if you exceed the limits. You can make the transactions only within the payment limits. If you exceed the limit, then you may face Venmo Keeps Declining issue. In this case, you have to wait for the next payment as you have already completed the current time limit.

So, these are the possible fixes that you can perform to make the success of the Venmo payment transfer. You can try these solutions one after the other to resolve the problem and check for success after each step. In case, you do not get the proper solution, then try to contact the operator.

If you need more help then contact venmo customer service team.

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