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Canon Printer Error 5100

Canon printers have wide utility in offices, schools, and homes worldwide. These wonderful printers are being utilized for accomplishing many tasks ranging from copies of your favorite electronic item to assignment work report of students. With day-and-night utility and practical utilization of canon printers on a regular basis, there is a high possibility that they might come across some faults and malfunctions on the way. Canon Printer Error 5100 is one such common error that users may get leaving their important work in the middle of a significant assignment unattended. This error is notorious of showing up anytime with your Canon printer and leaving you stranded. Of course, certain, do-it-yourself steps do help, but when you are not sure how to go about resolving this issue, our customer service team takes over as a quick and comprehensive troubleshooter.

While all canon printers have been known for quality results and optimum performance, Canon Printer Error 5100 is no exception. If you have a canon printer at your home or office and you are experiencing an Error 5100, they should know that this error is quite similar to 5101 error. Alike errors have similar solutions and we will work to eliminate the issue with some exquisite as solutions.

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Canon Printer Error 5100 – Probable Causes

Fix canon printer error 5100

Before you start with the various possible troubleshooting steps, you must confirm and check whether there is any protective covering that has remained attached to your printer. This is because, many times, users buy a new Canon printer and forget to remove the protective material/tape of the printer. This also leads to Canon Printer Error 5100. To resolve this issue you may follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, open the paper output cover to see whether some tape or any protective material is stuck in the cartridge.
  • If after opening the cover, if you find that there is a tape or some materials still there, remove it.
  • Having removed the material, close the output cover.
  • Restart your Canon printer to check whether it’s working properly or not. Canon Printer Error Code 5100 can be resolved in this manner as well.

Check for Paper Jam Inside the Printer

In case you were attempting to print something and the Canon Printer Error 5100 popped up, then it is a possibility that the paper is jammed inside the printer. For this, you need to clear the paper jam within the printer.

First, you need to check for paper jams in the sheet feeder tray. If you find any paper stuck inside then smoothly pull the paper out with gentle hands. Don’t force it out as it may tear apart the paper and you will need more effort to get rid of it.

Check printer Cartridge Fitting

Canon Printer Error 5100 error may also be caused by the ink cartridge within the printer. This may be a result of an improperly fitted ink cartridge. This might stop the printer from operating normally. You need to refit the printer cartridge to its proper place to resolve this error. To refit the ink cartridge, keep your printer on and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Open the front panel of your printer. The moment you open the front panel of your printer, the cartridge will automatically start moving and stop at a replacement position. The replacement position varies from printer to printer from middle of the printer to the right side of your canon printer. Now turn off the printer.

  1. Once the cartridge holder stops at some position then push down the cartridge.
  2. Now replace the cartridge at its place and make sure it is fitted properly.
  3. Close the front cover and check if it works properly.

Reset the Printer –

if you are getting Canon Printer Error 5100error message, then resetting your printer is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the error. Sometimes after long use, the Canon printer needs resetting. It can be needed after the heavy workload managed by the printer also. When we reset the printer it helps in clearing buffer data. It also resets the sensors which may have got stuck in a specific mode. Whatever the issue, when you get stuck with some printer error you must try resetting the printer.

Clean Dust inside the Printer  –

Care must be taken to keep our Canon printer clean from dust, ink, and debris. It may cause Canon Printer Error 5100. Cleaning your printer may fix the error. Rather, you should try to clean your printer periodically. To clean the Canon printer properly, first turn it off.
Take a slightly wet cloth and clean the printer exterior. Lint-free cloths and rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the internal side. You should use a gentle hand. Do not force your cleaning operations inside the printer. If you want you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the printer surfaces.

Reset Ink absorber

Sometimes faulty ink absorber may be the reason for printer error. The ink absorber is present in the printer for absorb wasted ink in the printer. So, we just need to reset the ink absorber to get rid of Canon Printer Error 5100. To reset ink absorber, you need to press and hold the power button. With the power button held up, reconnect the power cord and as your Canon printer gets powered on release the power button, wait for 5 seconds and again press the power button.
If you’re still facing issue then try contacting Canon support team for help

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