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Which Comcast plan is perfect for you? Let’s find out

Finding a Comcast plan that checks all your boxes and is also easy on the pockets can be a challenging task. Thank God we have Comcast Business Customer Service to guide us. Let’s find out deals that are great value for money.

Comcast plans are made to satisfy different area needs. This is a your-in-depth guide to learning about different areas across the United States Comcast caters to. Your search to find the best Comcast deals ends here.

Best Comcast Plan for the Northeast region in the US

The plan that fits all the requirements of the Northeast region in the US is Performance Pro Plus. This is an internet-only plan and is budget-friendly as well.

What do you get in Performance Pro Plus?

  • For just 40USD per month, you get access to an internet plan with a lightning-fast download speed of 200Mbps. 
  • This plan works for an individual as well as for an entire family.
  • With this cost-effective internet plan, you and your small family can stream Netflix all day without a dent in the internet performance.
  • So while your family is busy live streaming shows on various platforms you can peacefully play Xbox in your room. Do not worry there will no lagging or internet disruption.
  • After subscribing to the plan for 12 months the fee could rise up to 93USD per month. The amount is subject to change. Please contact Comcast Business Customer Service to learn more about Professional Pro Plus.

Best Comcast Plan for the Central region in the US

If you are a resident of the central region of the US and looking for a low-cost Internet plan, then Performance Starter is a heaven-sent plan for you. For larger Mbps go for Gigabit.

What do you get in Performance Starter?

  • The plan starts at 20USD per month and the internet speed that it provides is 25Mbps.
  • Since the internet speed is low in comparison to the above-mentioned plan, Performance Starter is perfect for individual use and not so much for a small family.
  • If you are looking for an internet-only plan that caters to your entire family and has better speed, we would suggest a Gigabit plan.
  • Gigabit will cost you around 7 cents per Mbps, which means you will get 1200 Mbps speed for a price of 70USD per month. We would suggest reaching out to Comcast Business Customer Service for in-depth details.

Best Comcast Plan for the Western Region in the US

For people living in the Western Region of the US, Performance Starter Plus is a great internet-only plan to subscribe to.

What do you get in Performance Starter Plus?

  • Performance Starter Plus can be yours for just 20USD per month. It provides a speed of 25Mbps which is not lightning-fast but works just fine for an individual.
  • For the dirt-cheap price of 20USD, it is a great plan for individual purposes. However, if you are looking for a family package, we would suggest researching a bit more.
  • Gigabit could be your first step in getting a plan that fits your family’s requirements.

Contact Comcast Business Customer Service to get prompt service

We hope this blog gave you a general idea of the Comcast plans for your particular region. If you still have any questions, Comcast representatives would love to help you with them.

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