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Dyson is a high-standard air purifier that works on sensors and provides reliable output. The sensor work and monitors the quality of the air that the device delivers. But, sometimes, the user may face some technical issues with the air purifier such that they are not getting good quality air. The users may face ‘Dyson Air Quality Not Improving’ issues when the sensors do not work accurately. It may also be due to the blocking of these sensors. So, the main fix of the issue is by cleaning the sensors thoroughly. It will surely help to resolve the problem.

How To Clean Dyson Sensors For Improving Air Quality

It is a very annoying situation when Dyson Air Quality Not Improving and you are in great need of an air purifier. In such a case, the very first step that you may is cleaning the sensors appropriately. Follow the steps below to clean the air:

Locating the Sensors In Dyson

Firstly, you need to check the exact location of the sensors on the device. You can check it on the left-hand side of the LCD. There will be two little holes in the body. These are the sensors. In some of the Dyson models, you can find these sensors at the back with two slits.

Turn OFF the device

After that, before cleaning the device you need to turn it OFF. Switch OFF the power button and unplug the purifier from the main power source.

Cleaning the sensors

Lastly, you need to clean the sensors thoroughly. To clean, you can use a dry dusting brush. Brush the holes properly without any damage. The brush must be of a considerable size which can adjust in the internal part of the holes as well.

You can also use a vacuum to clean the sensors. This way you can get rid of the entire dust particles on the sensors. Therefore, resolving the problem of Dyson Air Quality Not Improving.

Switch ON the Dyson Air Purifier

After cleaning completes, switch the purifier ON again.

How to Resolve Dyson Air Quality Not Improving – Improve Dyson Air Quality

Firstly, you can perform the above procedure for cleaning the sensors. Almost all the users may achieve successful results in the above process. If still, you are facing the same problem, then follow the steps below:

Test the Airflow of Purifier

The purifier may not likely to work accurately if it is not blowing enough air. The purifier will take the air present in the room and make it clean. The Airflow must be presently being there for the purifier to work. You can check the airflow by using its fan. If the fan is working smoothly, then it means there is a good flow of air. But, if the fan is working hard to blow the air, then it means that there is no proper airflow in the room.

Check the filters of the Air Purifier

Another reason for the Dyson Air Quality Not Improving can be dirty filters of the purifier. While cleaning the air, some of the dirt and dust may get trapped in the filter, making them hard to operate. There are also cases when the filters get clogged, and as a result, you have to replace them.

In some of the Dyson purifier models, there is a filter indicator. It tells and indicates the replacement of the filter. If your purifier does not tell about the replacement, then you can judge it by yourself. Normally, when the filters are all dirty and black, then it requires replacement.

Testing the Purifier

Another way to resolve Dyson Air Quality Not Improving is by testing the purifier using an air quality monitor. You can test it by a simple method. Firstly, switch OFF the purifier and test the air quality. After that, turn the purifier ON. Close all the doors and windows and then check the air quality again. Place the air quality monitor next to the vent of the Dyson. Check the status of the monitor after 30 minutes.

Performing Reset

Lastly, you can blow the air by performing the hard reset. Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, plug out the main power supply.
    • After that, re-insert the main power cord.
    • Now, hold the power button for a few seconds.
    • Finally, wait for some time.
    • Release the power button when you notice the light flashes on the screen.
    • Check for the solution to the problem.

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How Does Dyson Detect Air Quality? How can we improve it?

Dyson Air Purifier detects the quality of the air using the three sensors. These sensors monitor the quality of the air. This machine activates and helps to maintain the room air. The three sensors detect the air quality and improve it. It normally provides 77 gallons of fresh air in one second. It maintains the quality of air in a room and takes around forty-five minutes to clean the air. Dyson air Quality Not Improving can be a frustrating situation for many people who are in great need of fresh air. Therefore, you can apply the above procedures to clean the air and improve its quality. It can purify 99.97% of the polluted air and make it fresh to breathe. It can remove the pollutants and dust particles, and hence purify the entire air. If not, then you can either check the filter or the sensors to work and operate correctly. If there is replacement required for the filters, then you can replace them as soon as possible to avoid any further blockage. If the issue persists then try contacting dyson customer service team for help.

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