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Facing the issue with your hotspot is not an easy task to bear as your entire work suffers due to it. Cricket Hotspot is one of the reliable hotspots to date. Still then, you may come across an issue that Cricket Hotspot Not Working. This can be due to various reasons. But the main part is that it feels very frustrating when your work halts in between due to the internet issue. So, there is a need that you must take some of the preventive measures while using the hotspot to reduce the chances of the error. Still, if the error occurs you can follow up with the troubleshooting procedures to deal with it.

Cricket always focuses on providing an unlimited plan which is both cheap and reliable. You may also get free data with your pack. It maintains the high speed of the internet throughout the year. But there is also a downside. Sometimes, you may encounter an issue with the Cricket Hotspot. Here, we will be discussed to deal with this situation.

Preventive Measures to Avoid for Cricket Hotspot

Following are the measures you must consider to avoid the risk of Cricket Hotspot Not Working hotspot:

  • Create a password that is strong to maintain security over the network.
  • Maintain high speed of the Internet.
  • Do not allow too many users to connect to the same network.
  • Check weather conditions.
  • Maintain the minimum distance between the two devices. The distance must be a maximum of 15 feet.
  • Make sure that the bandwidth of the Cricket hotspot is high enough.
  • Choose the correct name and password of the hotspot
  • Refresh the signals if it is fluctuating continuously. Make sure that you must have at least 3 bars or more for a medium to high signal strength.  

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Troubleshooting and Resolving the Issue with Cricket Hotspot Not Working

You might be working on a very important project, or watching your favourite videos, or doing some other online work. But as a sudden, you experience that Cricket Hotspot Not Working. This might be a very disturbing situation for you and you may need a quick resolution for this. In such a case instead of calling the technician, and wasting too much time in it, you can follow up with these troubleshooting procedures. It may surely resolve your issue so that you can proceed with your work as soon as possible. Follow the points below and check your hotspot with the relative problem to troubleshoot it:

Ensure that Your Mobile Hotspot is Enable

To check this, follow the steps below:

If you are working on an Android device,

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option.
  1. Then select the option for ‘More Networks’.
  2. Navigate and select the option, ‘Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot’.
  3. Choose the name of your Cricket Hotspot.
  4. Enter the correct password corresponding to it.
  5. Hit the Enter Key.
  6. Now, check if there is a successful connection or not. For the successful connection, the screen will display ‘Connected’.
  7. Check if ’Cricket Hotspot Not Working’ still arises or not.  

If you are working on Windows,

  • Go to the Home Screen.
  • Search and open the Control Panel.
  • Now, locate and navigate to the ‘Internet Sharing’ option.
  • Now, press the option, ‘Turn Sharing ON’.
  • Select the name of your Cricket Hotspot, and enter its password.
  • Hit the Enter Key.
  • Now, check if there is a successful connection or not. For the successful connection, the screen will display ‘Connected’.
  • Check if ’Cricket Hotspot Not Working’ still arises or not. 

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Refresh the Signal / Turn the Signal OFF and ON Again

There are cases when your modem is unable to connect directly with the Cricket Internet Connection. This may lead to an issue in the network resulting in Cricket Hotspot Not Working.

To deal with this situation, it will be better if you refresh the signal once. If still, you are unable to connect, then you can check by turning OFF the Wi-Fi for few seconds. Then, turn it ON again. Now check the signal strength. If you are having three or more three bars, then you can successfully proceed with your work.

Check For the Correct Network Credentials

Maintain and check you have a connection that you have entered the correct name and password of the network. Not checking if the problem Cricket Hotspot Not Working persists or not.

If the issue persists try contacting cricket wireless customer service team.

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