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Verizon Calfornia Inc. has built a website for customers searching for assistance with telecommunication services and products. Every time you call Verizon Customer Service, you will get efficient and satisfactory service irrespective of your location. The company deals with technical support 24 hours a day and seven days a week, whereas the Business Verizon Customer Service Hours are from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

You can get Verizon support for your mobile devices and home device, either wired or wireless communication devices. The company is not explicitly related to the size of the enterprise. It also serves all enterprises of any size, be it small, medium or large. For accessing the service, you can connect with it online or via Verizon App and get the necessary support and service for your product. You can also contact directly by calling the Customer Service number. Verizon’s professionals are always there to assist you with the wireless backing a swell as with Internet and wired communication.

Online Verizon Customer Service:

  • Visit the Official page of Verizon as “”
  • Now in the title bar, click on “Contact Us.”
  • The contact sales page will open up, which has listed its service details depending upon Small and Medium Enterprise, Public Sector and Partial Solutions. There are also the details related to Verizon Customer Service hours for your reference.
  • Now, for your type of organization, click on “Sign In” corresponding to it.
  • It will then navigate you to a page where you have to sign in, filling up your username and password. If you are not a listed member of Verizon, you also can register yourself. Click on “Register for an Account”.
  • A page will differentiate the registration depending upon the type of service you wish to get. Click on the register button corresponding to your desired service.
  • Now, follow the three steps for registration.
    • Enter your account information.
    • Enter and verify your email address.
    • Last, create your profile, filling up your details.
  • Now sign In with the registered username and password and apply for the service.
  • The customer executive will call you and help you with your service.

Verizon Chat Box

You can also enjoy Verizon Customer Service by following up a chat with them on the Chatbox present on their official website. Open the Chatbox and initiate a chat with the assistant by choosing one options from the list of popular topics mentioned. There are no specific Verizon Customer Service hours for using the Chatbox. An executive will always be there 24X7 to assist you on the Chatbox. It is quite an easy and fast method to connect to them as no busy routes correspond to Chatbox.

Verizon Social Media Platform

Verizon also assists you on Social media platform. You will have to go on to their Facebook Messenger, and there, you can message them for your assistance. The Verizon Customer Service Representative will always be there to assist you. If you cannot get connected on Facebook Messenger, you can refer to the website for the messenger link. Go to the home page of the official website. The open “Support” page and scroll down to the foot bar of that page. There you will find an option to “Connect with us on Messenger”. Click it, and the system will take you directly to the messenger account for a chat with the Verizon representative.

Verizon Customer Service via App

 Another option that Verizon provides for their customer support is through its Verizon app. You can download the app without any additional cost from the Google Play Store or App Store. After downloading the application, register yourself for Verizon Customer Service in the same way as it is to register on the website. Now sign in and get your assistance. The Verizon Customer Service hours for the help on the application are not limited, and you can get its assistance any time irrespective of your location. An executive will always be there to assist you. The application works in the same manner as the website, and there are no specific rules to be followed to get any assistance on the application. In this fast processing world, most people have smartphones with them, so this is an easy and reliable option for the customers to get their assistance on the phone through the app. You can get your service anywhere on the go saving your time and providing you with a reliable option for your service.    

The support system follows up with the telecommunication professionals who provide the customers with fully fledge assistance within a short period giving importance to the customer’s time. So for efficient and reliable services, you can help to depend upon Verizon Customer Service hours as per your support.

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