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Verizon Wireless Network connection helps in sharing the mobile hotspot for accessing the internet on various devices. It supports all types of devices. But, while using Verizon, the user may encounter an issue, such as, their Verizon Hotspot Not Working. It will put you in trouble with the mobile hotspot feature. There is a great requirement to resolve the issue so that the users can get their maximum benefits. This error occurs due to various problems like mobile data connections, mobile carriers, Wi-Fi issues, etc. These methods are:

Why is my Verizon hotspot not working? How to Fix it?

Certify Wireless Data on Device and Check that you the Data Left. 

While recharging the data plan with data providers, you must make sure to get the hotspot facilities with it. Hotspot data mainly comes up with the data services. For unlimited plans, the hotspot data comes up limited with the full speed. After consuming the high-speed data, you will be left only with the relatively low-speed data pack.

If you are encountering that your Verizon Hotspot Not Working, then firstly you have to check your data plan. How much you have used how much of it is left must always be coordinated by you.

If you have high-speed data, and your connection is not working, you can restart your device and connect again. Restarting helps in resolving the number of hotspot failures. It is better to re-start and check for your connection working before choosing any other method.

Turn Wi-Fi OFF, and then ON again.

There are chances that your network is stuck because of noise in it. So, this may lead to a bad Network and even not working conditions. This is due to the reason that your Wi-Fi is not able to receive the connection because of the noise. To solve this, you have to turn ‘OFF’ your Wi-Fi, and then wait for few seconds. Now, turn it ‘ON’ again. Now, check whether your Hotspot is working or not.

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Verifying Hotspot Services on the Device

Another way to deal with this problem is to check and verify your operating system. Your operating system must be compatible enough. You must always install the latest version of the Operating System on your phone. There are also chances that your inter plan is expired and you did not know about it. So setting a daily limit for your data plan keeps you bound under that limit and helps not to cross the limit. It will save your data plans and helps you go along with your network plans.

Try to resolve the problem by resetting the network settings. Follow these steps to reset:

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select ‘General’.
  • Then go to ‘Reset’.
  • Finally, click on ‘Reset Network Settings
  • Check if the issue pertains or not. If yes, then try to apply some other method.

Turn ON Hotspot if Verizon Hotspot Not Working

Before accessing the data over the Hotspot, make sure that you have Turn ON the hotspot. There are different procedures for turning the hotspot ON depending upon your device.

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Turning Wi-Fi ON on an Apple iPhone:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Then, navigate to ‘Cellular’
  • You will configure a slider next to the Cellular data. Tap this slider for a green colour.
  • Click on ‘Personal Hotspot’
  • Click the slider for ‘Allow’ and turn green so that the other users can join your network.
  • Always secure your Hotspot with a password.
  • Check if the bars are all full and you are not experiencing Verizon Hotspot Not Working.

Turn Wi-Fi ON on an Android Phone:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ then go to ‘Advanced’
  • Select ‘Network and Internet’
  • Navigate to ‘Personal Hotspot and Tethering’
  • Select Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Always secure your Hotspot with a name and password. These are the credentials that you must keep secure with you and always share with the authorized person.

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Checking Device’s Hotspot Availability and Tethering

In this step, we are checking that the issue, ‘Verizon Hotspot Not Working’ does not pertain to your mobile device. Follow the below steps for this:

  1. Check that your Verizon data plan is active and possess a good and reliable speed. It must also relate to your mobile network operator. Also, check that your data plan is correct and under Verizon Provider.
  2. Sometimes, Verizon Hotspot Not Working due to change in carriers and interconnections. To resolve the issue, you have to contact your previous data operator or provider.
  3. Next, check that your mobile data is ‘ON’ and the bars corresponding to the Wi-Fi shows high strength. Mobile data must be properly working on your phone for reliable Hotspot services.
  4. If all other methods do not work, then you can choose to reboot the mobile device.

Checking for Software Updates

Sometimes, you can face ‘Verizon Hotspot Not Working’ when your phone is pending some software update. The update can be related to the Wi-Fi network or the Hotspot. So, to resolve the issue, first try to check whether your device is showing any software updates or not. If yes, then update the program and restart your mobile device. After that, check if the issue still arises or not.

Software updates are always necessary for your device, and you must keep all its specification under control.

Turning OFF Power Saving Mode

Sometimes, due to the low battery, you may turn ON your Power saving mode. This mode does not allow internet services. So try to check the power saving mode first. Perform the steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Navigate to Battery Option.
  • Click on ‘Power Saving’ mode and slide the bar corresponding to it to turn it OFF.
  • Now check your Hotspot for connectivity. It may surely resolve Verizon Hotspot Not Working.

Checking Bandwidth

New smartphones are attaining a higher frequency than the old ones. The new frequency is 5GHz. Now, people play tricks to make their phone work on 5GHz frequency. But, if your phone is not compatible with it, your Hotspot will show an error, and it will not work with that frequency.

Fix Verizon Hotspot Not Working with these steps:

  • Get your phone within its original bandwidth, which might be 2.4GHz.
  • Go to the ‘settings’ option on your phone.
  • Navigate to the ‘Network and Internet’ Option.
  • Now, navigate to the ‘Hotspot and Tethering’ option.
  • Click on ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot’.
  • Go to ‘AP Band’. Now click on 2.4GHz frequency.
  • Re-start your phone and continue to connect your Hotspot.

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Factory Reset

You must use this option as the last one as it will wipe all of your phone data and give you the feel of a new phone. So save all the data of your phone before resetting it. For this, go to ‘Settings. Now, navigate to the ‘factory reset’ option and Click it. It will prompt you for the final step that you want to go for the factory reset or not. It will wipe all your data and will make your phone fresh. Now, again check your Wi-Fi connection. And, it is sure that after resetting, you may not configure Verizon Hotspot Not Working error.

If you need more help then you need to contact verizon customer service for help.

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