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Voicemail is a way of keeping voice messages stored electronically for later listening by intended recipients. With top-class services ranging from mobile telephony, wireless communications, and internet services to broadband, Sprint services have all the utilities that customers need. Holding its own as one of the top-level mobile phone service providers in the industry, Sprint telephony is second to none. With access to the most popular phones on low-priced plans, the company remains the best choice for consumers across the country. When some tech troubles lead to a Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue, there are ways in which it can be taken care of with quick resolution.

With easy features and user-friendly functionalities, Sprint Voicemail can be easily accessed directly from your phone while you can also dial in from a separate phone. Messages in the form of voicemail media files are delivered directly to your hand-held device.

Plus, Sprint visual voicemail simply enables you to read and listen to messages in any order, update your contacts, and search/manage your inbox without dialing or entering any passwords. Easily manage your voicemails on the go with auto-forwarding. Send your voicemail transcripts directly to SMS, MMS, and email. All in all, Sprint Voicemail is an enhanced voicemail experience. Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue rarely happens and you can resolve it with easy troubleshooting steps.

Why did my sprint voicemail stop working?

There are many ways in which your Sprint Voicemail may not work. Some of these can be mentioned below:

  • Not able to call voicemail
  • Cannot download or find Sprint Visual Voicemail (VVM) messages
  • Sprint voicemail notifications not coming
  • Unanswered calls do not go to Sprint voicemail
  • The poor audio quality of Sprint Voicemails

These could be the various aspects of the Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue. In case, your Sprint voicemail doesn’t work as expected, you can use this document to get to the bottom of things to resolve the issue properly.

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Troubleshooting “no service” or no signal errors

  1. Check for Sprint service signal bars by restarting your device.
  2. Alter the Wi-Fi Calling preferences to Cellular Only or Cellular Preferred to help prevent Wi-Fi Calling problems from interfering with the signal.
  3. Next, you need to Turn the Wi-Fi off to ensure you’re using T-Mobile or Sprint network.
  4. Now,  you must set the device Network mode to Auto.
  5. You need to remove any covers or cases from the mobile device as a step to resolve Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue.
  6. Network settings should be reconfigured by tapping Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings and by checking if the “T-Mobile Carrier Settings” is updated. You can do these settings over Wi-Fi. Update the software application device to the current version.
  7. Next, you can perform a network selection by yourself to search for networks your device can link to. This will help to get rid of one aspect of the Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue.

Issue with Sprint when you Can’t Call Voicemail

  1. For this issue to resolve quickly, you need to attempt dialing into voicemail using a changed method.
  2. If you are:
  3. Using a non-T-Mobile or Sprint phone, you need to dial 1-805-MESSAGE. Avoid dialing voicemail by keying in the 1 key or an already programmed voicemail button.
  4. When you are on international roaming, you need to see how to call your voicemail on our International roaming checklist.
  5. When you hear a ringing sound, an error message, or a busy signal when voicemail starts, press 7. This will help with the issue when you can’t call voicemail to get rid of the Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue.

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Unanswered Calls Not Going To Voicemail

  1. Dial ##004# and tap Send to reconfigure call forwarding settings.
  2. Now, Turn Wi-Fi Calling off. For guidance, you can visit our Devices page, filter for your device, select Connections & Network, and then Wi-Fi Settings.
  3. Disable or Uninstall any apps you may have downloaded that can manage voicemail or make calls.
  4. Then you can arrange for a contact to call you and leave a message. If this call does not go to your Sprint voicemail service, you need to check your phone call forwarding configuration for “When unanswered” is forwarding to XXXX. This resolves the problem of calls not going to Voicemail as a way to resolve the Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue.

Visual Voicemails Do Not Download Or show up

  1. Here you need to restart your phone.
  2. Next, call your voicemail inbox.
  3. Now check if there is a message that has not come up in the Sprint voicemail app and save it.
  4. In case, no message has been received, as a test, leave yourself a new message. If that message does not show up, continue troubleshooting.
  5. Now, turn the Wi-Fi off to make sure you are using the T-Mobile network.
  6. For Android users, please ensure you have the most current T-Mobile Visual Voicemail application. If it is not current, you need to download it from the Google Play site to troubleshoot Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue better.
  7. Now, sync the inbox in the Sprint Visual Voicemail app.
  8. Clear the app data and app cache of the VVM app.
  9. Doing the clearing erases any message that is older than a month and messages that are there only in the VVM app.
  10. To send an email or save messages, see the Sprint Visual Voicemail app.
  11. Battery saver apps need to be uninstalled as some of them can cause conflict with voicemail. This is the next step in resolving the Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue.
  12. Try to start a voicemail. If the message does not start, you have to uninstall and download the Visual Voicemail app again.
  13. Now, download the phone software of the recent version. You can always do this over Wi-Fi. Next, go to the Devices page, filter for your device, and select Software Updates & Backup>Software updates to resolve this issue.

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Voicemails With Poor Audio Quality

If any of the messages have bad audio quality, the person calling might have problems. Tell the person to try again. If the quality still stands bad quality, suggest they contact their service provider.

If every voicemail from various contacts comes as poor quality, you need to store the messages and check for Audio issues on calls for Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue.

Visual Voicemail is not set up on your phone

One of the primary reasons why you may experience issues with your app is when the voicemail feature on your phone is not set properly.

This is mostly the case when have started using a new phone, or a new sim card. You can fix the problem by enabling the voicemail service on your app to resolve this Sprint Voicemail Not Working issue.

Now, to turn on the voicemail service on Sprint, you can follow the following steps:

  • First, go to the settings utility and move to apps on your phone
  • Now, open the Sprint app and tap on the “Voicemail” service icon
  • Choose the “Set Up Now” link to enable the feature
  • Now, choose a password for yourself
  • Select the default greeting or create your own.
  • Save settings and exit

How to check Sprint Voicemail?

The process varies depending on the phone, but checking voicemail on a Sprint cellphone is simple. You would open your phone app and touch on the Voicemail icon, for example, if you had an iPhone connected to the Sprint network. On the dial pad in the smartphone application, tap and hold “1” if you have an Android phone.

You will go through the process of accessing your messages after you reach out to your voice mailbox. Once you’ve entered your passcode, your voicemails will start to play. After listening to each message, you have the option of saving it or deleting it.

With the Voicemail feature now showing, you can be able to retrieve messages and receive notifications from your carrier. This effectively resolves the Sprint Voicemail Not Working problem. If the issue persists try contacting the sprint customer service team.

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